How to Deal with Dust in Your Car’s Interior

by Andy

How to Deal with Dust in Your Car’s Interior

by Andy

by Andy
How to Deal with Dust in Your Car’s Interior

Dust is one of the most dangerous enemies of our car. It can slowly kill the life of the vehicle. You can wash the dust and grime of the outside easily by doing a super water wash. A pressure washer can clean the external parts of the car quickly and without any damage. But, cleaning the interior is not an easy task and if no step is taken from the beginning, the vehicle will lose its good look.

However, staying free from dust inside the car is quite difficult. Here, find few outstanding tips to deal with the dust perfectly.

Keep a Vacuum Cleaner

Whatever you do, it is impossible to keep all the dust off the vehicle. Whenever you will open the door and enter or exit the car, some dust will obviously enter inside. Hence, keeping a vacuum cleaner is a very clever idea. It doesn’t cost too much to have your own car vacuum cleaner. Spending few bucks does really worth. It is a handy product and lightweight, but useful to keep the dust away. Make sure the vacuum has the 12V power option so that you can keep it all the time in your car and use whenever needed.

Always Use Air Conditioner

In winter, we often don’t want to use the air conditioner but its wrong idea. Winter is the dustiest time in a year. As no rainfall during winter, dust roams around and enters inside the car frequently. Hence, it is good to use the air conditioner with low volume to keep the car interior free from any dust.

Don’t forget to change the air conditioner filter regularly. Fresh and good quality filter will help you keep the air dust free.

Cover Your Car When Parked

Covering the car when parked is always great. The cover not only protects the car from dust but also from sun and rain. If the car is parked without a cover, dust accumulates on the exterior and when you open the door, some of them enter inside easily. So, a cover can give you the protection from external dust quite well.

Clean Floor Mats Regularly

Floor mats always get dirty when you enter inside the car. If you don’t clean the floor mats regularly, the dust from the mats will spread around the interior of the vehicle. After long time, you will find that there are many dusts around the car. Hence, it is good to do the work first and always keep the mats clean.

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Be Organized

Don’t let the tools and accessories to move around. Use boxes or tools holder to keep them in an organized way. Specially, the tire changing tools are quite dirty; hence, you should take extra care of them. Whenever, you put the spare tire inside the car, make sure it is clean. Don’t make the car full of unnecessary staffs; remember the more items you carry the more times it take to clean. If you bring any item, at the end of the day take it back. This will help to hold the good look of the interior.


Hope the above tips will help you to get a cleaner car. We often neglect about going for a professional cleaning but the cost actually worth. You should also consider interior polish by professionals at least once a year. However, keeping the car clean is completely a personal choice. If you follow everything properly, obviously you will be able to keep the interior look like new, forever.

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