How To Guide

How to Increase Plasma Cutting Performance

Safely implement these tips & techniques to increase your plasma cutting performance!

by Andy

How To Guide

How to Increase Plasma Cutting Performance

Safely implement these tips & techniques to increase your plasma cutting performance!

by Andy

by Andy

These plasma cutting are utilized as a part of the businesses to cut the metals. It is a perfect cutting machine which is acquired to use as an essential device in the business of metal manufacture. Before discussing the ways to increase the plasma cutting capacity, you should look at its working strategies.

Its effectiveness in drawing out the spotless cuts, better execution, high exactness and working with awesome cutting edge causes the industrialists to give better items to their focused on clients. This welding machine utilizes the gas called plasma and this gas plasma has the ability to soften the metal with its high temperature. Plasma cutting is done by taking help of high voltage which ionizes the air. With this basic working information and plasma cutter using skills everyone needs to make their task done as quickly as possible.

This article on plasma cutter reviews will definitely help you to learn more about how to increase plasma cutting performance. Being in beat with daily manufacturing objective is truly an obstacle for organizations who bargain in metal manufacture business. There are both more quick witted and speedier approaches to influence your plasma for quick machine work. Read the below-mentioned procedures to know unique information about improving the performance of plasma machine.

Understand the precise cut width and depth

No matter, for which kind of metal sheets you are using your plasma cutter. You just have to gather the data about the width and depth of cutting sheets.

• You have to know the width of object which you are cutting then you can set your plasma cutter efficiency according to it for best results.

• With exact width cuts, you can make exact cuts at every point of interest without any hesitation. It can not only save power consumption but also give the splendid cutting results.

Replace worn parts after right time professionally

Too much use of plasma cutter can damage its parts. Therefore, you have to replace old parts with new ones to continue your cutting work. In this regard, you can consider the following points.

• Check the o-rings, whether they are in good condition or less/more lubricated.

• Always have a look at consumables of plasma cutter. Replace these after right interval of time.

• Nozzle and the electrode are important parts and work in sequence. Never forget to replace both parts together.

Ensure the feed rates are fast

If you are working with plasma cutter to cut hard metals, you should know feed rate for every single object. If you don't have any appropriate thought regarding feed rates, you may seek expert advice for the first time.

•    Feed is the rate or measuring proportion where the cutter is moved into part or part into the cutter device.

•    While cutting the delicate materials that have enormous chip loads, you may encounter the issue of varying feed rates. At the point when the feed rates show accordance with statutory point, you can make the revolutions per minute back off on the shaft.

•     You can also lessen the flute number on your cutter according to particular needs. If you want to achieve the fastest feed rates then you should decrease the quantity of cutters from many to only one. This technique can work for you and can improve the cutting quality of plasma cutters.

Set torch distance at proper height

  • While cutting using the plasma cutter, ensure that torch to work distance is adjusted properly for every new cutting case.
  • It will provide guarantee of easy cutting without using full cutting capacity of cutter.
  • On the other hand, if torch to work is not according to required distance, it may create disturbance in cutting process and can damage the final output.
  • Ensure the gas delivery system is working fine

    • One most important thing which should be mentioned in this section is that you can never compromise at the quality of gas. As more the gas will pure, the finest quality work it will deliver.

    • When it comes to delivery of required amount of gas, the user has to check few things. Be sure that there is no leakage or barriers in the gas supply paths.

    • You should use the supply lines which are appropriate in width and can deliver right amount of gas continuously. For this, you can replace these parts with time to time.

    Adjust correct size of tip 

    • Utilize the correct tip for setting up the amperage appropriately.

    • The amperage which comes with a lower tip can keep running by keeping up a little hole.

    •     It is suitable for keeping up a demanded plasma stream at lower setting stage.

    Other Techniques for Increasing Plasma Cutter Speed

    There are some different procedures accessible for making your plasma machine as a rapid and sharp cutter. In below, many useful points are given.

    • The cutting width must be five to fifteen percent of hardware width as it will give the machine more opportunity to work in precise and easy cool way.

    • Utilizing small sized tooling in plasma cutter is a splendid choice as these tooling have less weight and fast turn over so as a result, it runs quicker.

    • Utilizing the toolpath system methodology is useful for keeping away from the loss of profitability that cutting corners can cause.

    • Drag shield is utilized as a part of plasma cutting machines. Utilizing the drag shield will make your plasma cutter run quicker and perfectly.

    • It is always recommended to first cut all same materials. So, you don’t need to change the cutter settings again and again which can badly affect the quality of plasma cutter.


    As final lines, it can be said that you first have to choose a plasma cutter which is suitable for your needs. Once chosen wisely, you can use it anywhere for any cutting purposes. The only need is that after regular time intervals, you must replace old damaged parts with new excellent quality parts. Also, you can follow and get benefits from above mentioned golden points. These significant factors and precautions can do much more in your favor. These techniques undoubtedly increase the life span and cutting quality of your plasma cutter.

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