waste king L 2600 review

by Andy

waste king L 2600 review

by Andy

by Andy
waste king L 2600 review

If you after responsible disposal of waste from your compound, installing a garbage disposal machine for your kitchen waste is the way to go. It is simple to install in your kitchen, specifically, under the sink in between the drain and waste pipe, to shred down food into tiny particles, and then drain out into the plumbing to your septic plant. It saves on time, when it comes to converting this waste into renewable energy or fertilizer products, using a much greener approach. Although garbage disposals look similar, Waste King L 2600 Review stands out from the rest. Apart from having two impeller arms fitted on a round disc to spin, shred and force food scraps, using an energy saving motor, this garbage disposal machine offers a lifetime service to any household.

Waste King L 2600 Review - Features

Sturdy Cons​truction

L-2600 disposal unit has an ultra-compact, space-saving design. It is a perfect machine for that tight area below the kitchen sink. You may need some additional space to mount the disposal unit and for future maintenance works if need be. The compact exterior conceals some super sturdy stainless steel grinders, which are ready to shred down waste.

Additionally, its steady construction allows for a fast and easy mount, almost like plug and play suing simple plumbing skills using the necessary hardware for no-hassle installation. You only have to connect it to the sink or the dishwasher and direct the waste pipe to the septic tank.

High Speed Motor

L-2600 features a powerful 1/2 horsepower motor running at the speeds of 2600 rotations per minute. Such high-speed rotations guarantee customers of efficiency hence deal with their kitchen waste quickly. The powerful motor will liquefy the tough fibres in foods, draining the organic waste through the water pipes then down to your septic tank for further processing.

The motor’s efficiency regarding low energy consumptions comes about from using only 115 volts, 60 Hz. and 4.5 current-amps to operate. Through this, the powerful Vortex magnetic motor ensures your utility bill is as low as possible, saving you the need to use plastic garbage bags that are bot eco-friendly in the first place.

Stainless Steel Components

Waste King builds products meant to last a lifetime. L-2600 is not an exception since most of its parts are made from stainless steel. Stainless steel material saves the disposal unit from rusting and wearing out from corrosion when grinding waste.

Anti-corrosion technology is applied when coming up with this garbage disposal, so households need not worry about the eventualities mentioned above since they contribute to breaking down of machines. As for the components, they have an unlimited warranty should they corrode. As for the disposal unit, households are assured of a whopping 5-year in-home warranty.

Anti-Jamming Features

L-2600 is a continuous-feed garbage disposer, meaning that you need not turn the machine off and on when adding waste for shredding. The features of this powerful function are the two stainless steel impellers that work hand in hand with the removable splashguard, to keep the machine clean in the interior.

Additionally, L-2600 has a front-mounted reset button, offering simple operation of this powerful machine. It also has an auto-reverse feature, which can directly increase or decrease torque to break down tough foods in any direction. Through this, friction between parts is minimised, preventing cases of clogged internal parts.

Power Cord

The 36” power cord used in this garbage disposal unit comes with a plug on one end. You may replace it with a hard-wired connection if you wish. If you intend to use a direct connection from your power source, you have the following options;

Use Existing Hardwired Connection- Start by disconnecting the power cord from the garbage disposal. Proceed to connect the unit to its original power source cable. Ensure the existing cable is safe to use with the wiring complying with your country’s code and regulations.


Use Supply Power Cord- Simply installing an electrical outlet below the kitchen sink or next to the dishwasher, then plug in the cord.


  • The 36” power cord with a plug at one ending eliminates the hassle of an extra power cable to power the disposal unit.
  • Removable splash guard allows easy interior cleaning and maintenance.
  • Stainless steel grinding parts which do not corrode easily hence a longer lifespan.
  • A dishwasher connection option reduces the need for major plumbing works.
  • Study construction means it can fit in small or tight spaces around your kitchen.


  • Easiest way to dispose off food waste, with the overall price of the unit being small for the pocket.
  • Eco-friendly as it reduces the overall waste heading to landfills.
  • Straightforward and fast installation, only plug and use, requiring only fastening tools and less plumbing skills.
  • Sound insulation offers quieter operation when shredding food.
  • Works with the home’s sewer tank, hence no special septic required for ground waste.
  • Continuous feed disposer saves time in crushing waste.


  • Plastic external cover, rather than metal.
  • The impellers’ unique design may cause excessive vibration at times.
  • More water in the unit when in use, the greater the vibration when shredding food.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Is the case body made of plastic?

Answer: The hopper is plastic making it very light to install. Additionally, the plastic body reduces the tendency to corrode and leak after years of use.

Question: How easy is the installation of this disposal unit?

Answer: Waste King L-2600 requires some basic plumbing skills. You will have to check for the parts it comes with to ensure that it is compatible with your dishwasher or sink and the drainpipe.

Final Verdict

As for the overall design and durable construction, Waste King L-2600 is way ahead of the rest. Moreover, the simple installation and operation again places L-2600 on top of the disposal units list. The sound insulation, high horsepower motor and continuous feed capability ensures that food waste is ground and shred in no time and an eco-friendly manner. The Waste King L-2600 is durable enough, assuring households of longevity thanks to the lifetime warranty offered by its components. Investing in this machine, will not be a regret.

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