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7 Most Essential Plumbing Tools

by Andy

Tips & Tricks

7 Most Essential Plumbing Tools

by Andy

by Andy

A plumber’s job basically relies on plumbing tools. A plumber or someone who wants to do some plumbing task must always ensure to have the best tools. Especially when it comes to handling emergencies, there are certain indispensable tools in plumbing.

7 Most Essential Plumbing Tools Reviewed

1. Drill machine

Drill machine though less thought of and not very famous, to plumbers drill is an essential tool too. Its main function is to make holes, through metal and plastic pipes. They come in various types with the most common being pistol grips. But in plumbing, the often used is the right angle drill. This drill machine main function is to access tight, confined areas, that aren’t easily reached. This makes it invaluable in pipe installation.

2. Hand Auger

Also known as plumber’s snake. It is a hand powered crank tool with a long cable. Its main role is in clearing barriers from sinks, tubs, drain lines and even toilets. Usually it serves as an alternative for plunger. Bayside plumbing states that just because it fits down the toilet that doesn't mean it should be flushed.

It serves the same function as the plunger, but the fact that the plumber might have the plunger does not mean, it should be left out. It is also essential, since the plunger might not work well or in case of damage.

3. Tubing Cutter

This is a C-clamp tool, used to cut pipes. It does produce a clean, nice cut within a short time as compared to hacksaw. There are two types of this tool. One for plastics and another for copper pipes. The one for copper pipes works by being rotated round the pipe while being tightened until it cuts the pipe. Though, it is limited in the type of metal it is to cut and on the nature of the cut.

4. Plunger

To a plumber, this tool is indispensable and this has earned it the name, a plumber’s friend. It is made up of a suction cup, made from rubber that is attached on a stick, the stick can either be made from wood or plastic. The cup of the plunger looks like a ball halved with a hole at the bottom. The tools main function is to help in clearing blockages in pipes and drainage system.

It is simple to use, just by pressing down, this creates a tight seal on the drain, then pull upward. The process works by vacuuming the clog outward and not by pushing. For best results there ought to be water in the pipe. Due to the compression, water does the transmission better than air.

5. Tongue-and-Groove Pliers

It is commonly known as channel locks and to some as water pump pliers. It is slip joint with notched jaws. It works by moving the lower jaws just by sliding down a section below the upper jaw.

It has a long handle which enables proper holding. Whenever plumbers think of holding nuts, pulling, grabbing twisting or even loosening, they are to use this tool. For best result, they are used in pairs, one is used for stabilizing as the other for loosening or tightening.

6. Hacksaw

It has a thin tooth blade with a frame. The frame can be adjusted to allow fixing of different size blades. Originally it was meant for cutting metals. But in plumbing, it is used to cut metal pipe, plastic pipes, bolts and even nuts. The blade must always be tense, especially for tough cuts.

 Keeping Extra blades is advised to avoid inconvenience. Frame is not allow adjustable but also allows easy replacing of over used blade. Hacksaw is very essential in cutting strong metals and over larger size that pipe cutter cannot handle.

7. Pipe Wrench

Also referred to as a plumber wrench. This adjustable spanner can be adjusted to different diameters, depending with the pipe, this is done by rotating a ring. The pipe wrench is used when there is the need to rotate pipes, especially threaded things like coated steel pipes.

For a plumber to unscrew certain fittings such as pressure regulators or heater nipples pipe wrenches is to be used. It is recommended that, two pipe wrenches are needed, that is one for fitting and another for holding.


Even though the list above, has not included all the plumbing tools. The above discussed are a must have for all plumbers, or for any one who is about to perform any plumbing duty. Among others a plumber cannot afford to live them out of the tool box.

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