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Best Garbage Disposals Under $100 in 2019 Reviewed

If you’re on a budget and looking for a garbage disposal under $100, here is a complete guide to finding the right one for you!

by Andy

Buyers Guide & Information

Best Garbage Disposals Under $100 in 2019 Reviewed

If you’re on a budget and looking for a garbage disposal under $100, here is a complete guide to finding the right one for you!

by Andy

by Andy

Adding a best garbage disposal under $100 to your home will save you both time and frustration in dealing with the food waste that your family produces. A garbage disposal is a handy kitchen appliance that connects under your sink to eliminate food waste by grinding it into very small pieces and sending it away.

When you install a garbage disposal, it hooks right into your home’s main waste water disposal line to take food scraps out of your kitchen and to your proper waste distribution location (sewer or septic tank). Your garbage disposal will also handle food waste from the dishwasher to keep your entire kitchen free from waste.

Not only are garbage disposals handy, they’re good for the environment. Families that use garbage disposals throw away less solid food waste, which is much harder to process and dispose of.

If you’re on a budget, you can still enjoy the benefits that a garbage disposal can bring to your kitchen, and I’ve got some recommendations for you to consider. Browse through this guide to learn more about the considerations to make when looking for a garbage disposal.

After the guide, I’ve included reviews of my top picks for the best garbage disposal under $100 .That’s right, for less than a hundred dollars, you can make your kitchen cleaner and greener with a garbage disposal.

Let’s get started!

Best Garbage Disposal Under $100 Comparison Chart

Choosing the Right Garbage Disposal Under $100

Before you decide the garbage disposal that is best suited to your home, there are some important considerations to keep in mind.

How Much Power Do You Want?

Garbage disposals come in multiple motor sizes, from 1/4 HP to 1 HP, with multiple sizes between. Depending on your use level and price point, you will need to think about the power you need from your disposal.

For the purpose of this guide, because we are trying to keep things within a $100 budget, we will be looking at garbage disposals on the lower end of the power spectrum. Higher powered disposals come with higher price tags.

However, that certainly doesn’t mean you’ll be missing out. Even lower powered units provide ample support for the average kitchen.

How Big is Your Family?

The size of your family and how often you cook at home can help you to narrow your focus for the type of garbage disposal that you’ll need. You will want a unit that is high powered enough to work through the amount of food waste that you anticipate your family will generate in a week.

Typically, larger families that cook at home more often generate more food waste than smaller families or those who don’t cook at home regularly

Prior to deciding which disposal you need, use some simple tracking to monitor how many times a week you cook at home and how much waste is generated during the week. Writing out how much you anticipate to use your disposal will help you to know what type of load you’ll need your appliance to handle.

Can You Take The Noise?

Garbage disposals generate a certain amount of noise as they operate. The grinding action that pulverizes your food waste is necessarily noisy, but can be a bother to some homeowners.

Some garbage disposal units are noisier than others, for a variety of reasons. Chamber composition can contribute to the noise level, as can insulation of different pieces within the chamber.

If noise is a particular concern of yours, look for a disposal unit that offers quieter operation through an insulated grind chamber and/or blades.

How Easy Should Your Disposal Be To Install?

Some garbage disposal units come out of the box with all of the pieces and tools that you need to install the unit and use it immediately. Other garbage disposals require a little more finessing to help achieve a perfect installation.

Here are some things to think about when determining how your garbage disposal installation may work:

     ● Are you hiring a plumber? A plumber can help you to get the right installation on the first try. If you’re not comfortable with DIY plumbing projects, consider getting some professional help with installation.

     ● Do you have a pre-existing garbage disposal? Generally, installing a garbage disposal as a replacement is simpler than installing one as a brand new addition to the home.

     ● Does your home have a dishwasher? If your kitchen has a dishwasher installed, you need to connect its output to the garbage disposal. This adds an extra step to the installation process.

What is Your Budget?

For the purpose of this guide, we are going to work with a $100 budget and show you the best units that you can purchase at or below this price point.

However, you may not be limited to a $100 budget, so while the information here is useful, you may be thinking that a lower powered or more basic disposal isn’t the best for you.

A garbage disposal is an investment in your home. And while it’s not as critical or expensive as choosing your oven or countertops, you want to get your best return for investment nonetheless.

If there are factors that are really important to you - like noise level - factor these into your garbage disposal budget and get the unit that is the very best for your home.

Other Considerations

Aside from the above factors, there are a few other things to bear in mind before you purchase a garbage disposal:

     ● Is a garbage disposal allowed where you live? Some municipalities do not allow garbage disposals because of the deposit of additional waste to the sewer system. Double check that you are legally allowed to install and use a garbage disposal where you live.

     ● Does your home have a septic system? Historically, garbage disposals and septic systems didn’t play well together. However, modern garbage disposals are often rated as safe for use with septic systems. Even if the model that you like is not rated, you can purchase chemicals to add to your system to dissolve food waste and avoid a problem.

Best Garbage Disposal Under $100 - Top Picks

You know what you’re looking for in a garbage disposal purchase. Now, let’s take a look at of the best disposal units available for under $100.

1. InSinkErator Badger 5 Garbage Disposal

The InSinkErator Badger 5 is a 1/2-HP unit is that fits most kitchens and families’ needs. It has a powerful motor to plow through kitchen cleanup duty.

Fits Your Budget and Your Home

Badger 5’s simple design and attractive price tag makes it the most popular garbage disposal in the country. Whether you’re building a new home or need to replace an older machine, the Badger 5 is an industry standard for home garbage disposing.

Strong and Sturdy

Made from galvanized steel, the Badger 5 doesn’t offer the quietest operation on the market but it more than capable of handling your kitchen needs. Stainless steel grind components also help to pulverize food particles as they move through.

Installation with Quick-Lock

If you’re replacing an existing InSinkErator model, and there’s a good chance that you are, installation is incredible easy. All you need to do is pull the old model out and pop the new one in, using the Quick-Lock sink mount.


  • Steel construction makes the Badger 5 extremely durable
  • Most popular model on the market so it’s easy to replace using Quick-Lock installation
  • 1/2 HP motor works through food easily


  • No power cord included
  • Noisy operation
  • Inexpensive but high powered, so housing can experience cracks and leaks

2. Waste King L 2600 Garbage Disposal

At 1/2-HP The Waste King L 2600 garbage disposal gives you plenty of bang for your buck. It’s small, but mighty and fits easily into even small under sink areas, making it ideal for a variety of home settings.

Mighty Motor

The L 2600 is named for its powerful 2600 RPM 'Vortex' motor that handles any type of mess you send its way. The Vortex motor offers more power per pound than its industry competitors.

Well-Built and Ready to Go

The L 2600 is made from high quality materials to give you a good run every time you need it.

The grinds chamber features a mix of components to resist corrosion and rust during the life of the unit. Additionally, an integrated splash shield and insulation keep your sink clean and system operation fairly quiet.


  • Vortex motor is powerful enough to keep up with the demands of a high-use kitchen
  • Quality components extend unit life
  • Compact and easy to fit into a variety of homes


  • Lightweight components combined with a powerful motor may crack over time
  • Some users report that a narrow opening makes the unit difficult to clean
  • Installation may require professional support from a plumber

3. Waste King L 111 Garbage Disposal

The Waste King L 111 garbage disposal is an incredibly affordable model that offers 1/3 HP of grinding power.

High Powered, Low Cost

Even though it has a motor on the smaller end of the spectrum, the L 111 has 1900 RPM to keep waste moving through at a quick pace to effectively reduce large food scraps. Even with a smaller budget, you don’t need to sacrifice quality or grinding power.

Quality and Quiet

Every component of the L 111 has been well thought out to add quality to your kitchen

cleanup routine. The grind chamber is made to be 

corrosion- and rust-resistant and is insulated to cut down on noise during operation.

Included Accessories

The L 111 comes out of the box with some important components for installation and operation. In addition to the garbage disposal, it includes:

  • 36-inch power cable​
  • Removable splash guard


  • Very affordable for lower budgets
  • 1900 RPM keep the motor running smoothly for improved function
  • Insulated chamber offers quiet operation


  • 1/3 HP motor may be underpowered for some situations
  • May be difficult to install without the help of a plumber

4. Waste King L-1001 Garbage Disposal

The Waste King L-1000 garbage disposal is a powerful garbage disposal unit for those on a budget. With a 1/2 HP motor with 2600 RPM, this unit is a good fit for most kitchens and families.

Compact and Well Designed

The L 1001 is a small unit among its competition so it fits into a good number of home situations - including apartments. It features a jam- and corrosion-free grind chamber that powers through food scraps in record time.

Simple to Install

With an included easy-to-install mounting system, the Waste King L-1000 is a good

weekend project for the ambitious DIY-er. Getting the mount fitted well in the sink may take a bit of finesse, but the manual provides helpful tips for getting through this project successfully.


  • Inexpensive and offers powerful function for a variety of settings
  • Grind chamber features thoughtfully designed components to resist wear and tear over the life of the machine
  • Easy to install with help of the manual


  • Not insulated and loud to operate
  • Blades are not designed to withstand rust
  • A powerful motor combined with an inexpensive chamber can lead to cracks and leaks over time

5. General Electric GFC520V Garbage Disposal

The General Electric GFC520V garbage disposal is well-designed and high powered for a low budget.

Powerful Permanent Magnet Motor

With 1/2 HP of power and over 2800 RPM of grinding action, the GFC520V works through food waste scraps from kitchens of all sizes. This is one of the best motors that you can get your hands on under $100.

Chamber Designed for Function

Components are made from stainless steel to resist rust and corrosion. It also includes swiveling jamless grind blades to keep waste moving through the chamber quickly.

Included Accessories

In addition to the garbage disposal unit itself, the GFC520V comes with:

  • Removable splash guard
  • Removable stopper
  • Direct power wire connection​


  • Very powerful for its price point
  • 2800 RPM work through food waste in no time
  • Well-designed grind chamber and included components make use very simple and intuitive


  • Installation may not be straightforward to the average user
  • Not insulated so operation is noisy

Who Needs a Garbage Disposal?

Everyone can benefit from use of a garbage disposal. Home cooks and families can particularly benefit from using one for cleanup around the kitchen.

Garbage disposals are good for families and good for the environment because they provide:

  • Ease of disposal for food waste scraps
  • Environmentally-friendly removal of food waste for processing
  • Safe disposal for expired or otherwise contaminated food items
  • Simple cleanup
  • Reduction of solid waste production per family​

Whether you’re disposing of vegetable remnants from cooking dinner or old leftovers that have seen better days, a garbage disposal comes in handy. Simply load the unit straight from the sink, run it, and say goodbye to old food bits you can’t use.

Final Verdict

After reading through this guide you should have a better idea of what you need when it comes to a garbage disposal unit. Even with a budgetary constraint of $100, it’s possible to find a garbage disposal to fit your home and use needs.

The units I’ve reviewed above both fit the $100 budget and will transform your kitchen experience. A good garbage disposal will help you to better allocate your waste disposal and keep your kitchen tidy.

I recommend any of the units I’ve discussed above. All are of decent quality and should last for a while in the average kitchen setting, with proper use. Most fit into a wide range of home settings and all are affordable for even small kitchen renovation budgets.

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