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9 Best Grohe Faucets: Reviews & Ratings For 2024

We have thoroughly reviewed the Grohe faucet range for kitchens, bathrooms, and showers. Find the best-rated models below.

by Holly Curell

Those with experience in sourcing homeware will probably have heard of Grohe. Grohe make all kinds of solutions for your bathroom and kitchen. The origins of the company date back to the late 1800s when they designed and manufactured faucets for the home. In 1956 they formally became the company we know today, and they have continued to diversify their product range.

Grohe is based in Germany, a country that prides itself on their manufacturing quality. Despite some of their products now being produced overseas, that same quality is still prevalent, and Grohe is proud of their craftsmanship.

When it comes to Grohe faucets, the Grohe 30295DC0 Essence steals the show as the best option for the kitchen, while the Grohe 26017000 BauLoop Tub Shower takes the crown for the shower. The Grohe 30295DC0 Essence brings elegance and functionality to your kitchen with its sleek design and advanced features. Meanwhile, the Grohe 26017000 BauLoop Tub Shower offers unparalleled comfort and style for your shower experience. 

Grohe Faucet Types

One Handle Gooseneck Kitchen Faucets

Gooseneck kitchen faucets are designed with a smooth, curved spout, similar to that of a goose’s neck. It’s a popular design that works well with traditional or more modern kitchens.

The high curve allows for greater room underneath the faucet and allows for better use of your sink. This type of faucet is generally used for large sinks, and while it is seen more in the home, some commercial businesses also use them.

Grohe Faucet

One Handle Traditional Kitchen Faucets

The traditional kitchen faucet often has a classic design which makes them better suited for a less modern kitchen. You’ll often find the designs mirror classic architectural forms, with curves that bring attention to the faucet. Traditional faucets are less likely to feature pull-down features, and you're more likely to see them over sinks that don't see as much use.

Commercial Kitchen Faucets

Commercial faucets are for those with a more professional kitchen, or in some cases for homes with sinks that see heavy use. Generally, these faucets are more expensive and built with more robust features that make them suitable for prolonged use. They may also have higher flow rates to allow for easier cleaning. If the sink is at the center of your kitchen, then this is the type for you.

9 Best Grohe Faucets Reviewed

For the Kitchen

1. Grohe 30295DC0 Essence

GROHE 30295DC0 Essence Semi-Pro Kitchen...
  • COLORFUL HOSE OPTIONS: Flexible hose is...
  • SECURE DOCKING: When not in use, the spray...

The Grohe Essence faucet is one of the best choices for a kitchen that sees a medium or high amount of use. Striking style is combined with manufacturing quality, and this Grohe faucet is attractive and useful. Innovative features also help it stand out in a crowded market place.

This faucet is built with unique features that Grohe has incorporated to make life easier. It features the Grohe starlight finish, giving that extra layer of protection around the outside against scratching or denting. Grohe speed-clean technology also makes it resistant to limescale and much easier to clean. The dual spray features let you alternate between the spray and regular water flow.

"Filling pots, cleaning the basin or the entire working surface has never been easier: the high swivel spout facilitates a quick and efficient workflow in your kitchen, allowing you to fill pots of any size without any hassle. The professional spray swivels in a 360° range to maximize your operating radius – this way you'll have the entire working surface cleaned in the blink of an eye while doing your cooking." - Grohe 

In terms of practicality, you won't find a much easier to use faucet. The high spout makes it hassle-free to fill even large pots and pans, plus there's 360-degree rotation to adjust the faucet as you see fit. The patented Grohe silk move technology is built in, giving you complete control of the flow and temperature of the water throughout the life of the product. A flexible spray hose is included on the end of the faucet for adaptable use.

The Grohe Essence Semi-Pro kitchen faucet is competitively priced, and you would typically expect to pay between $400-600 depending on which specific features you opt for. There are a lot of positive reviews for this product, which detail just how much it can add to your kitchen. All in all, it's a great product, well designed, well made, and good value.

Our full guide to the very best kitchen faucets on the market can be found here.

2. Concetto High Arc

Grohe 32665DC1 Concetto Single-Handle...
  • Grohe SilkMove for a lifetime of smooth...
  • Grohe Starlight finish for scratch and...
  • Speed clean anti lime system: Removes lime...
  • 15-1/16 Inch Faucet height

The Concetto single-handle kitchen faucet is one of the simpler models, with a minimalist, elegant design. It's well suited for a modern kitchen and is perfect for more massive sinks due to the high arc and spray radius. The faucet is constructed with a single handle, making it easier to control the temperature and water flow with ease.

The stand out feature for this faucet is the high arc spout. Grohe has put a lot of time and energy into the design, making it an excellent asset for the kitchen with a large sink. The spout is over 15 inches high, allowing you to clean and fill even the largest pans. Do make sure you don't have any low furniture right above your sink or this may not fit.

Grohe Starlight chrome finish has been used to give a layer of protection to the faucet. The innovative application creates a uniquely robust finish around the faucet, making it resistant to dents, scratches, and corrosion.

Grohe have also made this faucet economical by controlling the water flow. The aerator built into the product help keeps the flow of the water constant despite only using 1.75 gpm. This makes it one of the most efficient on the market.

The Grohe pull-down kitchen faucet is one of the highest rated by users. It's been highly praised for its features, but the solid brass and quality construction values are what make it one of the best out there.

This is an ergonomic faucet which adds value to any kitchen and offers good value at a competitive price.

On, one reviews says, "My husband purchased this faucet and I installed it. Easy to do. Fabulous to use. Great to look at. We have had lots of complements on it and when we remodeled our kitchen this past summer, we kept this for the new kitchen, it's that great of a faucet."

3. Concetto Pull-down 31479DC1 

GROHE 31479DC1 Concetto Pull-down Bar Kitchen...
  • PULL-DOWN BAR FAUCET: Features dual-function...
  • DRIP-FREE: German engineered kitchen faucet...
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Fits single-hole sinks and...
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Kitchen faucet sprayer...

Upgrade your kitchen with the ultimate convenience and functionality of the Pull-Down Bar Faucet. Engineered with German precision, this faucet boasts a dual-function spray head for seamless switching between a regular stream and a powerful spray.

Say goodbye to leaks with its quality ceramic disc valve, ensuring drip-free performance for years to come. Installation is a breeze with its single-hole design, perfect for sinks and countertops.

Cleaning is effortless thanks to GROHE SpeedClean rubber nozzles that swiftly remove limescale with a simple fingertip wipe.

Enhancing flexibility, the faucet swivels 360°, providing island-friendly use and easy access to every corner of your kitchen sink.

4. Grohe 31518DC0 Concetto

Grohe 31518DC0 Concetto Single-Handle Kitchen...
  • GROHE SilkMove quality ceramic disc cartridge...
  • GROHE StarLight finish ensures a...
  • Versatile 360° swivel provides water access...
  • Solid brass body ensures superior quality,...

The Grohe Concetto bar faucet is a popular choice because of the simple design, and simplicity when it comes to installation. Made entirely from solid brass, and covered in a stainless-steel finish, this faucet has all the qualities that you would expect from a Grohe product.

The Grohe bar faucet features a toggle which allows you to switch between the standard aerated spray and spray function with ease. You can lock this in place, meaning you don't need to be using both hands to use the spray regularly. This makes rinsing plates or filling pots/pans a lot simpler. 

This faucet can swivel a full 360 degrees allowing you to use the space entirely and at over 14 inches tall, the water radius should easily cover most sinks. This sink is quite powerful, so be careful about splashback when using it.

While it isn't touch activated, this faucet features Grohe's patented silk move cartridge. This allows the handle to move effortlessly and you keep complete control of the flow and temperature of the water running through the faucet. It's a simple, but effective product, that Grohe have designed well. 

It's one of the most affordable models. There's no massive bells or whistles, only good old-fashioned quality that makes this a solid choice for any kitchen.

For the Bathroom

5. Allure 

Allure Single-Handle 2-Hole Wall Mount Vessel...
  • GROHE SilkMove for a lifetime of smooth...
  • GROHE StarLight finish for scratch and...
  • GROHE EcoJoy reduces water consumption by up...
  • 6-3/4 in. Spout reach

This wall mounted Grohe faucet is one of the most popular bathroom faucets because of the durability of the model. Made from chrome, and featuring the patented Grohe starlight chrome finish, this faucet is extremely resistant to scratches or corrosion. It also makes cleaning and maintaining the faucet much more manageable.

This faucet is a mixer, meaning there is one tap for both hot and cold water. This is by far the most common model these days because it allows you to control the temperature of the water better.

Grohe's Ecojoy technology is a useful feature that has been incorporated into this model. By regulating the water flow but keeping it consistent, the faucet limits how much water you need to use. This can lead to a reduction of water usage by over 50% and means you can make a saving in your utility bills.

German engineering and manufacturing quality are apparent with this faucet. This model has a very modern look, and feel, accentuated by the silver chrome. It works well in a contemporary bathroom but may look slightly out of place in a traditional setup.

The shape, design, and materials used make this faucet easy to maintain. It's resistant to limescale and corrosion, meaning you can wipe to clean. Keeping your bathroom clean and tidy can be a struggle, especially if you only have limited time. Small features like this make life that bit more comfortable and enhance the value of the product.

The user feedback about this faucet is more one-sided than most I've seen before. Those who own the model praise the simple nature of the product, how well it functions, and how it seamlessly works with a modern bathroom. It may be expensive but offers excellent long-term value for your home.

6. Eurostyle Cosmopolitan

Grohe Eurostyle Cosmopolitan S-Size...
  • Grohe SilkMove for a lifetime of smooth...
  • Grohe Starlight finishes for scratch and...
  • Grohe EcoJoy reduces water consumption by up...
  • Grohe QuickFix installation system requires...

The Grohe Eurostyle Cosmopolitan faucet has a style and design that works in most classic bathrooms. Grohe has put a lot beneath the surface with this model, and it's the features that make it stand out.

Part of the reason Grohe faucets are so reliable is the patented technology they put into their products. The Eurostyle bathroom faucet has the Grohe starlight finish with a layer of chrome wrapped around the outside. The way this is applied means the tap is difficult to damage and won't be scratched easily.

On top of this, Grohe has incorporated their patented silk move technology. This allows for a full range of movement in the level handle, and it can be fixed in place if needed. This is also an efficient faucet with the Grohe ecojoy system. This can reduce water usage by over 50% in your bathroom.

Grohe has designed this faucet to be easy to fix or remove if needed. The quick fix installation means you shouldn't require professional assistance, which will ultimately save you time and money. The faucet is stripped down, with far fewer parts than other models making installation much more straightforward.

This is a popular product with a large amount of positive customer feedback all over the web. The only criticism of this faucet seems to be that the drain plunger is slightly large so be sure you have room.

Overall, however, this product is getting over 90% customer satisfaction, which highlights the benefits it brings. It's one of the most affordable, and best designed models on the list.

"This was purchased for rebuilding our home lost in the 2017 wildfires. We were looking to replace with the same Grohe quality we originally had. This model updates in a sleek way that which was not originally available. We especially like the soft elegant curvature design. Top it off with a lovely stroke to turn on or change the temperature of the water." - Grohe customer KJ66

7. Grohe 20572001

Currently On Sale
GROHE 20572001 Concetto, 8-inch Widespread...
  • INCLUDES: Nylon braided flex hoses and drain...
  • THREE-HOLE FAUCET: Two-handle bathroom faucet...
  • DRIP-FREE: German engineered bathroom faucet...
  • BRASS BODY: Durable brass spout and sturdy...

The Grohe Concetto bathroom faucet is one of the best value on the market. It offers a stylish design, with the same build quality as other Grohe faucets. Compared to similar models, it comes in at a much lower price, so it's suitable for those without a huge budget. On top of this it’s got easy installation so you can get everything set up yourself quickly.

This faucet features Grohe's silk move technology. This means the handles and spouts all move with minimal effort and will stay in place if needed. Over time other models may see a decline in performance, but Grohe has made their faucets with the long game in mind.

A starlight chrome finish is applied to this faucet giving it a shiny silver look. As well as the aesthetic benefit, the finish offers a flawless protective layer which is resistant to scratching, dirt, and limescale.

Grohe has also designed this faucet to be super-efficient. It can use up to 60% less water than alternatives and reduce the bills for those with a large family. Tight control of the flow is supported by an aerator which ensures consistency of flow despite lower water usage.

All of these features mean that this faucet is an even better value because it's designed to last. 

User reviews found of this faucet are overall very positive, and over 90% of customers are satisfied with the product. Users praise the versatility of the product and how easy it is to install, clean, and maintain. Overall a well-made, sturdy faucet that should last you a long time.

User Big Mike on the Ferguson Showrooms Website says, "Great value with this Grohe bathroom faucet. For the price of much lesser brands and cheaper made brands, you can enjoy the smooth quite reliable function of this faucet."

8. Grohe 34270001 Concetto

Grohe 34270001 Concetto Single-Handle...
  • Grohe SilkMove - Smoothest handling for...
  • Grohe EcoJoy - Save precious resources and...
  • QuickFix installation for easy installation
  • Stainless steel flex lines

The Grohe lavatory faucet is probably the most basic on the list in terms of design and technology, but it still offers a lot of value. It's smaller than other models and well suited for a compact bathroom with a small sink. Despite the small stature, it still has all the quality you would expect from a Grohe faucet, and it's priced well, making it suitable for those with tighter budgets.

At just 1.5gpm this faucet is extremely efficient. Grohe has incorporated their ecojoy technology, which regulates the flow of water but keeps the pressure consistent, so you won't even realize it's using less. The internal components are resistant to damage and blockages, so you shouldn't see any impact on the water flow even as the product ages.

This faucet is a center set made to sit in the middle of your sink. It's a single hole, which is the easiest to fit and comes with all the materials you need to install hassle-free. Bear in mind that you may need to look for further guidance if you fit this faucet in a sink which already has multiple holes, as the spare ones will need to be covered. 

The faucet is made from solid brass, coated with the unique Grohe starlight chrome finish. This protects the faucet and adds to the look and feel of the model. The simple, minimalist design works well in a range of bathrooms but is best suited for modern or transitional styles.

Given this is one of the simpler models, it's surprising that customer feedback and reviews are so positive about the look of the product. It's another Grohe faucet that is proven to last, and users are impressed with the longevity of the model. 

This Grohe Concetto faucet is a bargain and one the cheapest on our list. It matches most styles, and it's perfect for small bathrooms with a small sink.

For the Shower

9. Grohe 26017000 BauLoop

Grohe 26017000 BauLoop Tub Shower Combo in...
  • Single lever valve
  • For use with GrohSafe Rough-In Valve (35 015...
  • Without concealed body
  • Automatic diverter: bath/shower

Grohe is specialists in all faucets and have an impressive range suitable for the bath and shower. The Grohe BauLoop combination faucet is designed to be simple, with a toggle feature allows you to switch between the shower and bathtub functions easily. The faucet has a single handle, giving smooth control of both temperature and pressure.

Grohe knows how to make a solid faucet, and it certainly shines through with this product. The whole model is made from solid brass but coated in their starlight chrome finish. This is applied using modern techniques with eliminate the risk of it peeling, and helps prevent external damage to the product.

Both the shower and tap are designed to give maximum efficiency. Grohe has made water conservation one of the core features of their products, and this model is regarded as one of the best in that regard. Despite using less water, the flow will remain consistent even if you’re toggling between the shower and bath.

The Grohe BauLoop tub shower combo is easily adjusted, allowing it to be flexible to the user needs. Each aspect of the product is customizable and can be moved as needed. The Grohe silk move technology is built into the faucet and keeps everything working as it should.

Customers praise the dependability of the product and the consistency of water flow. This shower and tub combination faucet offers some impressive quality at a low price. Factor in the money you can save on water bills, and this might be one of the best value faucets on the market.

Also visit this link for more shower faucet options. 

Special Features of Grohe Faucets

Grohe StarLight/ SuperSteel Infinity Finish

Grohe uses a unique finish on their faucets called StarLight or SuperSteel. 

This involves a thin layer of stainless steel being applied around the product, which improves the look of the faucet, but most importantly, it gives an extra layer of protection. This limits the risk of your faucet getting scratched, dented, or corroding. 

Grohe SilkMove Ceramic Cartridge

The Grohe SilkMove cartridge has been designed to give you full control of the flow of water in your faucet. The handle will move effortlessly and stay in place until moved back by the user. This lets you control the water pressure and temperature from the tap more accurately.

SpeedClean Anti-Lime System

To make their faucets more user-friendly, Grohe incorporated an easy clean feature into their faucets which protects against limescale. This makes the nozzles easy to clean and limescale can be wiped away with a cloth. This helps the faucet and adds to the longevity of the product.

Extractable Integrated Trigger Spray

Grohe faucets are built with an integrated extractable trigger spray feature. This allows you to greater increase the radius and area of spray, a handy feature for large sinks.

Locking Dual Spray Control Pull- Out Sprayer

Dual spouts make Grohe faucets even more versatile. The pull-out sprayer is perfect for rinsing plates or washing vegetables without having to empty the sink and adds another level of usefulness to the faucet.

Grohe Real Steel Stainless Steel Construction

Grohe manufacturing is second to none in this price range. They use stainless steel in the majority of products, which gives better protection from scratching or denting. Advanced assembly techniques have been adopted to keep the quality in their products consistent.

Adjustable Flow Rate Limiter

Grohe includes adjustable flow rate limiters in their faucets. This allows you to control the flow rate of the water based on your needs and will enable you to be much more efficient in your home.

Faucet Buyers Guide

Not all faucets are created equal, and the quality of a product can vary massively. If you don't have a lot of experience, it can be difficult to work out exactly what is and isn't good and see through the industry jargon. When selecting your faucet, these are the factors you should consider:

Style & Finish

Grohe Eurostyle Cosmopolitan

Style often becomes the most crucial factors in any purchase for your home.

Faucets are available in a range of different styles, from modern to transitional, or more traditional. The design, materials and finish will dictate what works with your home, so it's essential to take a step back and consider the room the faucet will be sitting in.

Grohe is specialists when it comes to faucets, so their range of styles is pretty much unmatched on the market. 

Size (Spout Height and Reach)

When considering which faucet to choose, you also need to consider the practical aspects. This means selecting a faucet which can perform exactly how you need it to. The height of the spout will determine how far the spray of the water can reach so the bigger the sink, the greater the height will need to be. Faucets between 10 and 18 inches are trendy right now, but Grohe offers almost all of their products in a range of different sizes to make it easier to choose.


How a faucet operates is also a crucial factor, but will largely be determined by your personal preference. Grohe faucets are varied, and unlike other brands, they don't just specialize in a single type. A single handle is generally the most popular, but pull-down features make cleaning a lot easier. Grohe offers some high-tech choices that combine different functions in one product.

Flow Rate

The flow rate of a faucet is often one of the most underappreciated factors because people tend not to understand what it means. By selecting a flow rate of 0.5-1.5 GPM (gallons per minute), you can significantly reduce your water output, which ultimate means long term savings on water costs. Grohe use aerators in their faucets to help compensate for fluctuations in water pressure and given consistency. This means even low gpm rates can deliver significant water pressure.


The durability of faucets is ultimately where you see the long-term value in the product. The materials used may be shaped partly by the design, but generally, you want to be looking for stainless steel products. Stainless steel faucets are more resistant than alternatives, but in recent years bronze or nickel plate has grown in popularity because of the distinctive look.

Materials are always going to be necessary, but the construction quality is paramount. Grohe uses innovative manufacturing techniques and deliver German build quality. This means that their products are more durable and much longer lasting than some alternatives.

Mounting Style/Installation

There are generally three main types of mounting style for your faucets. The most common is where a faucet is fitted directly onto your sink. This puts some dependency on the number of holes your sink has currently, but generally, it's the easiest option if you’re looking to update or replace an existing faucet.

Another option is for a deck mounted faucet. This is where the faucet and handles are fitted directly into the surface top and over the sink. This is typically used with undermount sinks in more modern homes.

Finally, you can choose to wall mount your faucet. This involves placing the faucet directly into the wall above the sink and gives a different a stylish look to the room. It frees up space on the countertop but can be pretty tricky to install yourself so you may need to get a plumber round to help.

The mounting of your faucet may be predetermined by the space you have available and the existing layout. Be aware of what you can and can’t do before you start searching.

Number of Holes Required

Before you start looking for faucets, count how many holes you have in your sink. Most sinks have three holes, one for the hot handle, one for the cold handle and one for the spout.

This means if you're going for a single handle faucet, you'll have a hole going spare. Usually this isn't an issue because faucets will come with a plate to cover the extra hole, but this isn't always the case. Take a close look at what you're buying beforehand to avoid issues down the line.

Grohe Single Handle Pull Down Kitchen Faucet


A warranty is a guarantee the manufacturer gives a product against any malfunction or issues that aren't caused the user. This can give you a level of reassurance in what you're buying and help protect you from a faulty product.

A standard warranty for faucets should last at least a couple of years and cover all aspects of the product. Grohe offers a lifetime warranty on almost all of their products; however, do be aware this doesn't include standard wear and tear.

Why Choose Grohe?

Grohe has been one of my go-to brands for faucets for a few years now. The company itself has a long history, and the German manufacturing quality gives me a level of confidence in the product that I don't have in some other comparable brands.

Grohe faucets stand out in particular because of the materials used. The detail and care they put into sourcing, and constructing their products shows. While this means they aren't the cheapest on the market, it also highlights the level of consistency and quality you can expect.

Grohe faucets are also made to be particularly resilient. Their faucets are dent and scratch resistant, generally making them longer lasting and better value. Their faucets are suitable not only for home use but commercially where the level of consumption is much higher.

On top of this, Grohe incorporates a lot of innovation into their products. They're continually developing their faucets and incorporating features that make life easier for the user. Consistently I find them to be at the forefront of the industry in terms of technology.

This combination of technology, utility, and style makes them an excellent choice for all kitchen and bathroom products, but especially for faucets.

Installation of Grohe Faucets

Grohe offers full installation guides for all of their products, making the whole installation process reasonably straight forward. The level of complexity will depend mostly on the type of fitting, and the existing set up of your bathroom or kitchen.

If you need to fit a brand-new faucet and it's not something you have much experience with, then you should look to get some professional help. An experienced plumber should have no problem with any of these faucets, but you should be prepared to spend between $150-250 depending on your area.

Alternatively, there is a lot of guidance out there to help you do it yourself. Handy how-to videos are all over YouTube, and if you're not scared to get your hands dirty, it's worth giving it a go before you call the professionals.

Grohe Faucet Maintenance

Once you have your faucet installed, you need to make sure you're taking proper care of it. Grohe products come with some innovative features that make this easier, but you’ll still need to stay on top of cleaning and maintaining the faucet to ensure its longevity.

As a minimum, you should be cleaning your faucet once a week, but every day is better if possible. When cleaning, you should be using warm water and dish soap. Baking soda is excellent for removing any stains that might have built up over time. Always make sure you thoroughly dry your faucet after cleaning. The Grohe stainless steel finish will protect the product, but water can cause rust to build up over time.

Within the faucet itself, you need to maintain the aerator, and you should aim to do this at least once every few months. The aerator mixes water and air to maintain a steady flow of water, which is crucial to having a faucet that works effectively. The aerator should be reasonably easy to maintain, but you have to disassemble the faucet to access it partly.

When taking the faucet apart, you should make sure you keep the pieces in order or putting it back together can be a challenge. Grohe instruction manuals are useful for this, so it's worth keeping them somewhere safe. Once you have the aerator out, then use an old toothbrush to remove any potential blockages or dirt that can build up.

Generally, all this maintenance can be done yourself, however, if you're worried or your faucet isn't as accessible, then you can get a professional round to do it relatively cheaply. 

Common Faucet Issues & Problems

However good the product and however well you maintain it, you have to be prepared for problems to arise. Based on my experience and speaking to others, there are a couple of critical issues that come up regularly, but there are some easy fixes.

Low water pressure can happen for several reasons, but most commonly, it's a problem with the aerator. Grohe has made their aerators pretty sturdy, but if you do encounter this problem, you should remove it and scrub it clean. If there are stubborn blockages, you can use vinegar to dissolve them. Once blockages are removed, the water pressure should go back to normal.

Leaks are common with faucets, and there can be several issues that cause them. Most commonly the leaks will come from the handle so you should start by tightening the packing nut underneath. If this doesn't work, you should consider replacing the O ring by switching off the water supply, taking apart the faucet and putting a new O ring in the base. If the problem persists, or if you don’t do DIY, then you should call a plumber as early as possible.

A stiff faucet handle is another common problem in faucets. This generally happens when there is a build-up of sediment internally that damages the seal within the cartridge. This will need to be replaced, and you can do that by taking the faucet apart and putting a new one in. Alternatively, you can try applying a lubricant to the handle, but be careful not to use a petroleum-based lubricant as this could damage the finish of the faucet.


How do I contact Grohe for assistance?

On top of their user guides, Grohe offers support seven days a week. You can contact them via phone or email them, and they should respond within 24 hours. 

How do I make a warranty claim for my Grohe faucet?

To make a warranty claim for your Grohe faucet, you'll need to contact their customer services team. You will need to attach proof of purchase via email to advance any claim. 

How do I request faucet parts under warranty?

To make a claim for faucet parts, you will need to contact the Grohe customer services team. You will find details of what's covered by your warranty in their terms and conditions.

How do I determine if I have a Grohe faucet?

To determine if you have a Grohe faucet, you will need to examine the product piece by piece and look for the brand name. This may involve taking the faucet apart. If you find it is Grohe, but you can’t find the model number, you can then contact their customer services team and provide an image to identify the model and details.

How can I connect a portable dishwasher or water filter to my Grohe kitchen faucet?

To attach other accessories to your Grohe faucet, you will need to adapt the aerator to accommodate it. This may mean replacing it or converting it. Guidance on fitting a portable dishwasher can be found here, but please note that pull down hoses are not designed to be compatible.

What is the price range of these models on our list?

There is a range of differently priced faucets on the list which are suitable for a variety of budgets. The lowest price is around the $100 mark, but the more premium units are closer to $1000.

Where is a good place to buy new Grohe faucets and older parts?

Once you know the product and model number, Amazon has the widest selection of Grohe faucets and parts. The extensive marketplace allows for increased competition and more competitive prices on products.


Grohe knows how to create a faucet that combines the visual style and raw utility you want in your home or business. The construction techniques and materials used make all of their faucets stand out and offers the user a superior level of quality. The innovation incorporated, and their patented technology, means their faucets add a lot to your home and should make life a lot easier.

Their whole range is impressive, but the Grohe 30295DC0 Essence is the stand out best choice for me. The battery-powered touch technology is not just useful; it feels futuristic and makes using the sink just that bit simpler. Combine this with the other features, and you've got a fantastic faucet at a great value price — definitely, one to consider if you're after a new kitchen faucet.

Holly Curell is the editor extraordinaire for Plumbing Lab. Having grown up in Michigan, Holly has spent time living in New York, Virginia, & currently North Carolina, where she lives with her husband & family. Holly loves DIY & has years of experience with at-home plumbing problems that arise from having 3 kids & living in colder climates. When she's not writing about her plumbing knowledge, Holly enjoys reading, hiking & relaxing with family.