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Hoshizaki Ice Machine Troubleshooting

by Ian Haynes

Hoshizaki makes one of the best ice machines in the food industry, and you can make crescent cubes, cubelets, and more with these machines. Hoshizaki Ice Machine Troubleshooting is not commonly needed, but all foodservice machines can experience a breakdown once in a while or choose not to work when you need them most. 

If you own a Hoshizaki Ice Machine and need some help figuring out common issues that can crop up with one of these units, this guide is for you! This guide can help you troubleshoot common problems and issues that might crop up and get your machine back to running perfectly in no time! 

ice cube

Ice Machine is Not Cooling or Making Ice 

This can be a bit of a shock when it happens, but there are some common and simple to identify issues that can lead to this outcome. The most common reasons for this issue are: 

  • Bad Power Supply
    This can happen if the power supply cord has gone bad or been knocked loose. You might also check for a bad fuse in the area where you use the machine.
  • Gear Motor Issue
    This can happen when the thermal protection has been tripped and needs time to cool off. The gear motor winding can sometimes also be opened up, which means you will need a replacement part.
  • Bad Door Switch
    Having a bad switch in the front panel door assembly on your machine will cause the machine to switch off for safety. The contacts in the switch can go bad, or the door might not be sitting correctly.
  • Faulty Float Switch
    The float switch can be stopped from moving due to dirt or grime. You can clean this area, but it might also need a new part to replace the float switch if it has gone bad.
  • Bin Control Thermostat Problems
    The thermostat assembly in the bin can become disconnected, or it might not be adjusted properly. You might have to replace the whole assembly if the contacts have gone bad or other parts have failed within the assembly.

Reduced Ice Production 

  • Refrigerant Line Problems
    Refrigerant lines can get clogged, leak, or break. You will not be able to make ice with your machine if this part has broken. Remember that you will need a certified technician to work on this, and you cannot fix this for yourself.
  • Water Problems
    If your machine has gone through a long freeze cycle or there are problems with temperature or water pressure or water supply, you could have an issue with reduced ice production. Sometimes all you need to do is clean your machine and add a new filter, but there can be other more significant issues with the water supply.
  • High-Side Pressure Too High
    This can happen because the air filter in your machine or the condenser has not been cleaned in a long time. You will want to be sure that nothing is blocking the vents as well. The temperature around the machine can become too hot, which can cause a risk for high pressure.
  • Low-Side Pressure Issues
    You will want to be sure that you look at the expansion valve to see if the low-side pressure is too low or too high. When it is low, you will almost always have to replace the valve. When too high, you might need to check that the bulb is mounted correctly, and you can replace this if necessary.

Abnormal Ice Size or Thin Ice 

  • Water Supply Issues Or Water System Issues
    If your machine is not getting enough water or there are any clogs in the water valve, the plate, or the supply line, you will probably see thin ice or ice of the wrong size. Scale buildup and contaminants can cause these issues as well.
  • Pump Motor Worn Out
    If your pump has started to fail or is making loud noises, you might see ice that does not appear to be the same size or quality as usual.
  • Dirty Air Filter/ Dirty Condenser
    If your air filter or your condenser have become clogged or dirty, you might start to see ice that does not appear to be correct. You can clean these parts or you might have to replace them.
  • Defective Thermistor/ Controller Board
    This issue can impact the main controller board, and you might have to replace it if it has stopped working right.

Ice Machine is Noisy 

  • Bad Gear Motor/Head
    This problem can cause your machine to make a louder noise than the normal low humming sound. You will probably have to replace this item. In some cases, you can clean or oil the parts that are making the noise.
  • Mechanism
    Poor settings or poor alignment of the sprocket can cause a loud noise. You might be able to oil or readjust these parts, or there could be something caught in the agitator.
  • Solenoid
    This part can be overloaded due to screws that have become loose. You might need to reapply sealant when you tighten them back up. If there is dirt or grime of any kind in this area, you should clean that up as well
  • Fan Motor
    The fan blade can split, and this can make a lot of noise. You can replace the fan motor or the fan blade itself if adjusting the fan does not help.
  • Compressor
    If your compressor’s mounting pad is out of position, this can cause a loud noise. You will also want to look at the bearings in this part of the machine.

Evaporator Has Frozen Up 

  • Incomplete Defrost Process
    If your ice machine evaporator does not defrost properly, it can lead to this issue. You will want to make sure that the defrost thermistor is in place and adjusted correctly before you try to defrost again.
  • Control Module Issues
    If the compressor or the evaporator fan stays on during the defrosting process, this can be a sign that there is a control module problem. You will want to make sure that you contact a service technician about this problem.

Why Is My Hoshizaki Machine Beeping? 

Your Hoshizaki will beep to alarm you about things that need attention. This is why you should not ignore beeping noises from your machine or consider them to indicate normal operating conditions.

There are various beeps that can indicate issues that you should be aware of before they escalate into broken parts or a mechanical failure. 

You can usually look up all the beeping codes in your manual for your machine, but there are some beeping tones that are the most commonly heard that you should be aware of. 

hoshizaki ice maker-min

Part of Hoshizaki ice machine troubleshooting has to do with counting beeps and then referring to this Hoshizaki ice maker troubleshooting guide. 

  • 1 Beep: High temperature has been registered in the evaporator outlet 
  • 2 Beeps: Long harvest cycle has occurred 
  • 3 Beeps: Long Freeze Cycle has occurred 
  • 4 Beeps: Short Circuit on the Mechanical Bin Sensor 
  • 5 Beeps: Open Circuit on Mechanical Bin Sensor 
  • 6 Beeps: Low voltage being supplied to the machine 
  • 7 Beeps: High voltage is being supplied to the machine 

How To Reset A Hoshizaki Ice Machine 

You might need to reset your machine if you have serviced one of the conditions mentioned above and the beeping alarm has not cleared. You will want to make sure that you are following the steps of this process in order so that your machine will properly reset. Remember that there are a few reasons that the machine should need to be reset and consider other issues first before going through the reset process when it is not needed. 

  1. 1
    Unplug the machine.
  2. 2
    Loosen the screws on the front cover and remove it.
  3. 3
    Look for the small, white reset button that is located on one of the four corners of the control board.
  4. 4
    Plug the machine back in.
  5. 5
    Press and release the button. Make sure to wear gloves or use a non-metallic item to press the button.
  6. 6
    You should hear water start running to the machine.
  7. 7
    Replace the cover that you removed and tighten the screws again.

People also Ask (FAQs)

Where is the float switch located on a Hoshizaki ice machine? 

The float switch is usually located just behind the front cover of your machine and should be near the bottom left corner in most models. You will be able to identify it readily since it is usually white in color and is round. It is an easy part to identify in this space even if it is not located where you were expecting it. 

How long does a Hoshizaki ice machine take to make ice? 

Assuming full operation without issues, it should take no more than 24 hours for your Hoshizaki machine to make a full bin of ice. The machine will replenish continually when the bin is emptied out so that you are not waiting for a full production cycle as you use the ice up. 

Where can I find the model number of my Hoshizaki ice machine? 

This information is located on the back of the ice machine, and you will want to look for a number that has a letter, five digits, and then a final letter. This is the typical arrangement of the serial numbers for the full line of these products. 

How do you drain a Hoshizaki ice machine? 

There is usually a drain or suction hose that is located in the bin portion of the machine. You will be able to pull the hose out, and gravity will drain the machine. You might also have to use the overflow pipe in some models. 


Having a Hoshizaki ice machine is an excellent investment for your business, and you will want to be sure that it is operating perfectly on a daily basis. When your ice machine is not working correctly, you might be unable to make products or service clients properly.  

Avoiding this kind of frustrating slow down is important, and you will be able to use this guide to help you care for your ice machine and troubleshoot potential problems that could crop up. 

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