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How Do I Reset My LG Refrigerator Ice Maker

by Ian Haynes

LG refrigerators feature some of the industry's top-of-the-line built-in ice makers. However, even though they guarantee exceptional quality, they can malfunction!

And despite there being multiple reasons behind this, sometimes a normal reset will fix the issue at hand.

So if you are thinking, "how do I reset my LG Refrigerator Ice Maker," then you came to the right place; follow this guide to learn more: 

You can find the reset button on the left side of the ice maker. In addition, your refrigerator will be displaying an ice off/ice on icon.  

At the front tray's base, you will find a fill/test button. Press and hold it until your ice maker starts whirring and starting its cycle.  

However, if the machine does not start functioning, you will have to eject the ice container. According to recommendations from LG, give your ice maker gentle, but firm shakes sporadically before you replace the bin [1]. 

Then power off the unit for half a minute before turning it back on.  

How do I reset my LG refrigerator ice maker

How To Reset An LG Ice Maker (Step-By-Step Guide)

There are two ways you can reset your ice maker; the first one is via a twist or flexible tray. 

You have to make sure the ice maker is turned on. For this, look for the power button on the left side of the unit. Turn it on if it is off and then wait for 24 hours for your ice maker to start producing ice. 


  • You must make sure of uninterrupted water supply  
  • Once you've checked the water supply, press and hold the test button. You will hear the cycle start  
  • The ice molds will then begin to fill with water 
  • To find out whether your unit is making ice cubes, wait a minimum of 24 hours 

Alternative Reset Method

  • Make sure your LG ice maker is turned on. The button is on the left side, so turn it on if it's off.  
  • Wait 24 hours for your machine to start producing ice 
  • You will need to reset your unit if it is still on, but nothing is happening 
  • However, if your model doesn't have a simple reset button, there will be a small hole on the left side of the unit. Place a pin inside the hole and hold it for a minimum of three seconds.  
  • Your cycle will start immediately. 
  • When you install your ice maker initially, it will take around two hours. To reset your ice maker, unplug for thirty minutes and then again plug it in. 
  • Your ice maker will start to make frosty cubes once it resets. 

Watch this step-by-step guide if you're still unsure of how to reset your LG ice maker! 

Why Reset An LG Ice Maker? 

Do not worry too much if your LG ice maker is not dispensing ice. This problem is quite common, and it can happen for various reasons.  

When you reset your ice maker, you bring all its features to factory default settings. Therefore, it is better to reset it when you cannot understand why your ice maker is not making ice.  

Let us look at the common problems people go through when using ice makers: 

No Ice 

If your ice maker is not making ice, it is not that uncommon. After installing the machine, it will take around 24 to 30 hours to reach optimum temperature.  

When the temperature gets below 4°F, water starts turning to ice.

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Not Enough Ice 

This problem can be related to the former problem we mentioned. If you haven't let your ice maker sit for a suitable amount of time, you will find yourself with very little ice.

Due to this, it will take longer to make a single batch of ice. However, LG fridges do not have this issue; because they carry an Express Freeze and Ice Plus features.  

Ice Not Dispensing 

If your ice maker is creating ice but cannot dispense it, the problem may be how the fridge is positioned. Often, the wrong position might cause it to malfunction.  

Additionally, this could also be down to a heating element problem. So when you try to dispense ice, your ice maker's heating element will warm up the tube that dumps the ice.  

Strange Smell/Odor 

If your LG ice maker is smelling strange and not working, it is due to a lack of maintenance. If you do not clean the ice maker regularly, smelly, funky, and yellowish ice is what you will get.

If you reside in a location that has hard water, you will have to clean your ice maker frequently.

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Dispensing The Wrong Ice Type 

When there is some problem with the chute, it changes the water pressure and dispenses the wrong type of ice.

Therefore, if you're looking for cubes, you may get crushed ice instead. Usually, this happens when something is clogging the chute. You can solve this problem by regularly cleaning your ice maker.

how to reset lg ice maker

LG Ice Maker Not Work After Pressing Reset Button?

If your ice maker is still not working even after pressing the reset button, you may have to reset it manually.  

It is only a matter of resetting power to the ice maker. But, first, flip the power switch off and on again; this will reset functionality, so it starts to dispense ice again.  

If this still does not solve the problem, then it might be a hardware problem; it is better to call a certified technician to look at it.  

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How Long Does It Take For An LG Ice Maker To Reset?

Resetting an LG ice maker is a straightforward process, as discussed above. You first find the power switch on your refrigerator, which is typically on the left side of your ice maker.  

Then you have to push the ice icon to run the cycle, and if it does not start, you must remove the unit's bin. 

Replace your ice maker's bin and then turn off the breaker for thirty seconds. Then, turn it back on and let your ice maker sit for six to eight hours before it starts making ice.  

This is it; it is that simple. It only takes a minimum of eight hours for your ice maker to start making ice. 

However, if it does not, then there might be a problem with the hardware. If that happens, you will have to replace that part.  

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how to reset lg refrigerator ice maker

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Does resetting fix the ice makers that are jammed? 

Yes, in most cases, it does. However, if it is a hardware problem, you might have to contact a professional. This will help protect your device and save money on future repairs.

Does resetting fix the ice makers from functioning slowly? 

Yes, it does, since resetting your ice maker restarts the system entirely, and any related causes for delay are negligible. And if that doesn't fix the issue, call a professional. 

Why is my ice maker not getting water? 

Your ice maker might not be getting water because of a missing filter, closed supply valve, or a frozen line. First, try to make sure all of these parts are in place. 

Why is my ice maker making white ice? 

Ice becomes white when it has trapped minerals and air bubbles. Most of the common impurities in water include minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and sediments. 

As these impurities freeze, they release gases, create air bubbles and cause ice to shrink and melt faster.  


If your LG ice maker isn't working correctly, resetting it might be the best course of action. The process is quite simple, and your ice maker will function like it's new in a matter of hours.

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