Informational Guide

How To Pack Bathroom Items & Toiletries For Moving

by Andrew

Have you ever looked in awe at all the bottles, vials, palettes, and other containers that hold your personal care products, beauty products, and other similar essentials you can’t live without?  

At, we know that as glamorous as they may seem, it's hard to believe that one owns (and uses!) many toiletries and cosmetics. Especially when you have to move to a new home! 

The sight of all the tiny containers, sensitive products, and easy-to-spill liquids that need safe packing to survive a hefty relocation is certain to cause a headache and make you want to toss everything into a box and hope it arrives in one piece.  

This, however, is not a suitable option, so to keep your bathroom items intact during transport, you need to ensure proper wrapping and protection! 

In this guide, we share a few helpful tips to ease what it takes to pack bathroom belongings for a successful relocation. 

You’re probably so fixated on your overall move, that the toiletry bathroom items are the last thing on your mind, unlike moving the toilet itself or maybe even planning a brand-new toilet, shower head, bathroom faucet, or even bathtub. 

brown cardboard box

After all, bathrooms typically contain fewer objects compared to other rooms, thus the process should be a piece of cake, right?  

Moreover, the room’s size may trick you into thinking it will be easy to prepare the bathroom items for moving. Well, think twice! 

You’ll find soon enough that packing your bathroom stuff can quickly become a thorn in your side. Why?  

Packing & Perfect Timing  

Bathrooms are a high-traffic area because you and everyone else in the home will need to use the room right up until the day of the move. This is exactly why you’ll need to calculate the perfect time to pack and move your luggage and suitcases. If you do it too early, you won’t have access to the bathroom items in the days leading up to the relocation itself.  

On the other hand, if you take the risk to pack the bathroom at the last minute, you may do an insufficient job due to the lack of time. 

A Plethora Of Breakable Items  

Most bathroom items are delicate and easy to break, thus their proper packing and moving is a genuine challenge. Large and small glass bottles, flasks, vials, hair and body care products, toiletries, make-up - you choose!  

A few common toiletries to mention: 

  • Toiletry Bag; 
  • Pocket-Sized Lotion; 
  • Deodorant Towelettes; 
  • Natural and Gentle Solid Sunscreen; 
  • Solid Facial Cleanser; 
  • Folding Toothbrush and Toothpaste Combo; 
  • Itsy Bitsy Razor; 
  • Lux Organix Travel Shampoo and Conditioner; 
  • Dry Shampoo; 
  • Travel Bottles; 
  • Awesome Makeup Case; 
  • Hand Sanitizer Spray; 
  • Makeup Removing Cleanser; 
  • Organic Rosewater Spray; 
  • Leave-in Conditioner; 
  • Solid Shampoo. 

But worry not! That's why we gathered the handful of easy-to-implement tips that will make your relocation smoother. 

Potential Leakage Risks 

Most toiletries are liquids, so there’s a genuine risk of spills and leaks during the move. To avoid little disasters, you should learn packing techniques to make your moving process way easier.  

Prep Packing Supplies 

Like most rooms, packing your bathroom starts with gathering proper supplies, comments packing professional Ryan Banks. All you need for your move, the removalist pros list below:

  • Small and medium moving boxes; 
  • Packaging materials (packing paper/plastic wraps); 
  • Tape and scissors; 
  • Bathroom towels/cloths/robes; 
  • Black markers or stickers; 
  • Cushion foam pouches. 

Pack Bathroom Bags 

To begin with, ask each family member in your home to pack an essential bathroom bag to get them through the last day or days in your old place. Do this shortly before “Moving Day” comes.  As mentioned above, timing is key! 

After all, it is not the best idea to put off that task until the last second, note home experts MyHome. But you also don’t want to do it too early in your moving preparations because you’re going to need to use the bathroom daily up until the “Big Day”,  

What to put in the bathroom bag? 

It is pretty straightforward: a toothbrush, toothpaste, a bottle of shampoo, soap or shower gel, essential make-up (if you need any), deodorant, shaving accessories, etc.  

Think of any bathroom items you would pack for a short vacation. 

Line & Pad Your Boxes 

  • The next step in preparing your toiletries for transportation is to line the bottom of the moving boxes with packing paper as the first layer of protection.  
  • Then, put a bathroom towel on top in order to create an extra layer of protection.  

Safeguard Fragile Breakables 

  • Cover all glass and fragile possessions with thick layers of packing paper and bubble wrap. Use cardboard pieces over large flat surfaces to protect them during transportation.  
  • Wrap the bathroom mirror (should you decide to take it with you) with soft packing paper, then position custom-cut cardboard pieces on top and tape them over the item in question.  
  • Wrap the entire mirror in bubble wrap and tape it up to prevent any damage.  

Pack Bathroom Liquids With Care 

Packing a bathroom for a move can become difficult due to the ample amount of half-empty (or half-full!) bottles containing liquids. It’s essential to avoid bad spills and leaks during transportation, and the best way to do it is to use zippered plastic bags or plastic wrap. 

  • Lift the cap/lid of a half-empty bottle,  
  • Tape the opening,  
  • Tighten back the cap or lid.  
  • For extra protection, place each bottle into a zip-bag.  

No spills, no problems! 

Pack Your Toiletries Tight 

white ceramic bathtub

The easiest thing to do is to:  

  • Pack your breakables in their respective bags.  
  • In case you don’t have the latter, wrap each toiletry piece in clean packing paper.  
  • Put on a layer of plastic wrap for additional protection.  
  • Finally, place each bathroom item inside a small cardboard box and label it.  

Get Creative With Towels & Washcloths 

You’re going to have to pack your bath towels, washcloths, and shower curtains anyway, right?  

So work smart like you're packing a tight caravan and use them to pad the cardboard boxes that contain fragile items. Towels serve as perfect padding without adding too much weight, so instead of packing a few boxes ONLY with your towels, washcloths, and robes, use them to transport your other belongings safely. 

Note: Ensure the towels, washcloths, and shower curtains are 100% dry before you pack them to avoid mold build-up! 

Keep Medicine Close By 

Similar to essential bathroom bags, it is vital to pack your prescription medication and first aid supplies and keep them nearby. This medication box should stay with you - don’t make the rookie mistake of handing it over to your movers, as it may get lost.  

Label, Label, Label! 

It seems obvious, but in the eye of the storm, so to speak, people often forget to label the moving boxes, comment UK storage experts at Henfield. This part of the relocation process is essential, as it will help you identify your bathroom belongings faster and set up the new bathroom quickly. Remember that your bedroom and bathroom boxes are the first to unpack when you reach your new home. 

Don’t forget to tag the boxes with delicate items in them!  

fragile sign board

Write the word FRAGILE on the said boxes or place a special sticker on them (check for them in office and supply stores). This way, whoever’s carrying the containers will exercise more care. 

Essential Oils Can Play a Big Part in Moving  

Oils can be a messy nightmare to clean, and trusting a sturdy zip-bag is your best choice. 

They can also create a warm and welcoming space when showing your home to potential buyers or pleasing your landlord, comments oils manufacturer Galen-N. They can also help you relax after all of your packing/ unpacking. Use these oils by themselves, or mix them together to make the space feel warmer.  

From cleaning to enticement, essential oils have you covered.  

Packing Bathroom & Toiletries - Wrap-Up 

Moving homes is a rarely stress-free, especially long-distance shipment and change. You are never perfectly prepared to pack up. We hope the bathroom packing tips comprised above will help you sort, purge, and recycle what possessions you can not pack during the move, so no trash goes to landfill.

Have a smooth relocation of your favorite bathroom items and toiletries!