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How To Remove Scratches From A Stainless Steel Sink

Stainless steel sinks are prone to scratches over time. Learn how to remove scratches from your stainless steel sink with our helpful tips.

by Ian Haynes

Knowing how to clean your sink, getting rid of bad odors or installing one are all things that we cover in our blog post. And when it comes to the most durable and modern additions to any kitchen, stainless steel sinks are it. However, they can be prone to small scratches over time. 

Generally, these scratches are easy to remove. If you are having trouble removing scratches from your stainless steel sink, check out our guide for helpful tips.

If your stainless steel sink is lacking its original luster from minor scratches, we recommend using a stainless steel cleaner or polisher to smooth over those fine scratches. Follow our guide for removing fine scratches from stainless steel sinks.

  1. 1
    Thoroughly clean your stainless steel sink using soap and water.
  2. 2
    Dry the surface of the sink with a cloth.
  3. 3
    Spray a generous amount of stainless steel liquid cleaner or polish onto the microfiber cloth you will use to wipe down the sink.
  4. 4
    Gently rub the microfiber cloth and cleaner back and forth on the minor scratch. Follow the original grain of the stainless steel to ensure you do not add any more scratches.
  5. 5
    You can repeat this process as needed. We recommend up to 3 times.
  6. 6
    Use a clean and damp microfiber cloth to clean the polish off the sink thoroughly.

How to Remove Severe Scratches From Your Stainless Steel Sink

For deep scratches, we recommend using a powder-based stainless steel cleaning compound.

  • Use a small amount of powder compound on the scratch you wish to remove.
  • Use a 400 to 600 grit piece of sandpaper to rub the cleaning solution into the scratch. Only rub in one direction to prevent further damage.
  • Buff the scratch out. Switch to a finer grit sandpaper block to continue the buffing process. Add water as needed.
  • Wipe down the sink with a microfiber cloth.

Stainless Steel Friendly Products to Use For Removing Scratches

  • Commercial Scratch Removers
    These products are ideal for large stainless steel surfaces with many minor scratches. We recommend them for commercial kitchens or at-home use. Commercial scratch removers come in a powdered or liquid form. They contain slightly abrasive compounds that can help remove scratches from stainless steel. A good example of a commercial scratch remover is Bar Keeper’s Friend.
  • Cleaning Products
    Stainless steel cleaning products were designed for home use. These cleaners typically come in a spray bottle. You spray the cleaner on the stainless steel sink and let it sit for a few minutes. Then, you take a clean cloth and wipe down the surface. These products can remove very minor scratches, but they are better suited for polishing and cleaning.
  • Sandpaper
    This method is ideal for deep scratches in your stainless steel sink. We recommend using sandpaper only after you have tried other cleaning solutions. You can use a fine grit, between 400 and 600, sandpaper to sand down the scratches. It would be best if you moved the sanding block with the grain.

stainless sink

Bonus Tips: Removing Scratches From Other Sink Types

  • How to Remove Scratches From Porcelain Kitchen
    You can use baking soda to remove fine scratches from porcelain sinks. You can also use a pumice stone to remove deep scratches. We recommend using a porcelain sink cleaner to remove minor scratches. You can often use the same bathroom products you would use on your tub since it is porcelain.
  • How to Remove Scratches From Corian Kitchen
    You can use powdered cleaner and sandpaper to gently remove minor scratches from a Corian sink. We recommend wetting and cleaning the surface before using sandpaper. You should use fine-grit sandpaper such as 400 to 600 grit.


Is it normal for a stainless steel sink to scratch?

Yes, it is normal for your stainless steel sink to get scratches over time. We recommend using a stainless steel protectant to minimize the damage.

Can Bar Keepers Friend remove scratches from stainless steel sinks?

Yes, Bar Keeper’s Friend is one of the best commercial stainless steel scratch removers available.

Does WD40 remove scratches from stainless steel sinks?

WD40 is a great product to help restore stainless steel sinks. It can remove scratches when used in small portions. It can also restore the sheen on stainless steel sinks.

Can you use steel wool on stainless steel sinks?

We do not recommend using steel wool or wire brushes on a stainless steel sink. It can cause abrasive damage to the surface.

Is there a stainless steel sink brand that doesn’t scratch?

Some stainless steel sinks have a protective coating that can minimize scratches. However, over time most stainless steel sinks will develop small scratches.


We have armed you with the information you need to take care of those pesky scratches in your stainless steel sink.

Also try to think of the things you can avoid doing to prevent scratches in the future. With our helpful guide, you can restore the shine and luster to your kitchen sink easily.

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