Product Review

Kitchen Aid KCDB250G Review

by Holly Curell

​Do you like convenience? Do you want an easier way to clean your dishes and make your kitchen spotless? If so, then you probably know how important it is to have a garbage disposal in your sink. This handy device can not only make washing the dishes more convenient, but it can also help you save time and money in the long run. Read Kitchen Aid KCDB250G Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal Review here...

​When it comes to comparing garbage disposals, one brand easily stands out from the rest. Kitchen Aid has a long history of making appliances that can improve the functionality of your home, and the KCDB250G Garbage Disposal continues that tradition today.

​If you want the best in your kitchen, then this is the garbage disposal for you. With a super easy installation process and components that are built to last, this is a machine that will make your life much easier. Read on to find out more.

Features of the Kitchen Aid KCDB250G 

½ Horsepower Motor

If you want to get the best performance out of your garbage disposal, then you need a motor that can handle almost anything. A great way to measure the speed and efficiency of your disposal is to look at the size of your motor. In this case, the Kitchen Aid Disposal comes with a one-half horsepower motor, which is more than enough for any household.

With this level of performance, you don’t have to worry about large food particles getting jammed into your sink. While it still won’t be able to process bones and fruit peels, you can still toss most food into the unit, and it will chew them up with fast efficiency.

​Continuous Feed

​When looking at garbage disposals, there are two primary models from which you can choose. They are continuous and batch feed units. Batch feed is when you load the disposal with food, seal it, and turn it on to send the food down the drain. This method is only suitable for homes that don’t have a lot of food waste and don’t mind taking the extra step of sealing the unit before turning it on.

Continuous feed, on the other hand, operates exactly as it sounds. You can turn the unit on, and it will process anything that you put inside it until you switch it off. As long as you run water into it, you should be able to keep in on continuously for as long as necessary. This model is much more efficient and user-friendly. The only thing you have to watch out for is accidentally tossing something hard into the unit (like silverware or bones).

Easy Installation

​Have you ever installed a garbage disposal before? If not, then you may think that the whole process is complicated and requires specialized training. Fortunately, though, it’s much easier than you might think.

​Because the disposal is self-contained, all you have to do is mount it to your sink and then hook it up to your electrical outlet and your water line. Simply put, if you can manage a screwdriver and a wrench, then you are more than qualified to install a garbage disposal. The Kitchen Aid Disposal is designed to be as easy as possible, which means that you can swap out your old unit and be up and running in less than an hour.

​Overload Protection

​Even though using a garbage disposal is really easy, there can be times where we put in more than it can handle. In those situations, you don’t want your motor to burn out, which is why this particular model comes with overload protection. That way, if something does get stuck inside the machine, it won’t overheat or break on you. This keeps your device operating much smoother and prevents any bad accidents.

​If you do happen to overload the system, all you have to do is remove the obstruction, run water into the unit, and then hit the reset switch. To make sure that everything is working correctly, run the disposal (with water) for about a minute or so. That will ensure that all food particles are removed, and the system is back online.


  • Easy installation.
  • ​Powerful motor.
  • ​Handles most jobs.
  • Fast and convenient.
  • ​Added safety features.
  • Durable construction.


  • Can be louder than other models.
  • In rare cases, the motor may stop working suddenly.
  • If you don’t install it correctly, the machine won’t turn on.

​Highlighted Features

  • ½ horsepower motor.
  • Operates at 1725 rpm.
  • ​Quick and easy installation
  • ​Stainless steel components
  • Overload protection
  • Reset switch on the side
  • Continuous feed model
  • Can chew up most food particles

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this disposal come with its own power cord?

No, it does not. You will have to use the one that came with your previous unit.

What is the power requirement for this device?

It needs 120 volts and 373 watts of power to operate. You should have no problem with your home’s electrical outlets.

How long will this disposal last?

If you take care of it and don’t run fibrous or hard food material through it, the machine should easily last more than ten years or longer.

​Final Verdict

​If you want to upgrade your current garbage disposal system, then we highly recommend getting the Kitchen Aid KCDB250G Garbage Disposal. With its powerful motor and ease of use, you don’t have to worry about replacing this unit for years to come.

This disposal has high-quality stainless steel parts, meaning that it is built to survive. With a high-speed motor, you should be able to use this unit for years, if not decades.

Holly Curell is the editor extraordinaire for Plumbing Lab. Having grown up in Michigan, Holly has spent time living in New York, Virginia, & currently North Carolina, where she lives with her husband & family. Holly loves DIY & has years of experience with at-home plumbing problems that arise from having 3 kids & living in colder climates. When she's not writing about her plumbing knowledge, Holly enjoys reading, hiking & relaxing with family.