Informational Guide

Scotsman Ice Machine Troubleshooting

by Ian Haynes

One of the leading ice maker brands in the US, Scotsman ice makers are usually reliable. However, like with all technology, sometimes their models can run into technical difficulties. Keeping your ice maker in top condition is important as it prolongs the life of the machine and minimizes any potential issue or damage.  

Read this guide for help with Scotsman ice machines troubleshooting.  

Scotsman Ice Machine

Ice Machine Not Turning On 

  • Power Switch Is Off Or The Cord Is Unplugged 
    Find out where your power switch and plug are from the machine’s manual. Check them carefully to ensure that the machine is securely plugged in, that the plug works, and that the switch is on. 
  • Blown Fuse Or Tripped Circuit 
    If your plug and switch are in order, check your machine’s manual for where the fuse is located. Change the fuse in the machine and plug according to manual instruction and test if that works. If not, inspect your fusebox for any broken or tripped fuses and contact an electrician if there is an issue. 
  • The Machine Transformer Could Be Open 
    If your Scotsman ice machine is not working after all of the above, locate your machine transformer and inspect it carefully for damage and contact a professional if necessary. 

Ice Machine Not Making Ice 

  • Low Room Temperature  
    If the temperature of the room with the ice machine is at or below 55 F, your ice machine may not work. Increase the temperature of the room and wait a few hours to see if that helps. 
  • Water Leak  
    Inspect your machine for any leaks and fix and clean them accordingly. If the leak cannot be fixed, we recommend calling a professional. 
  • Filter Or Condenser Is Dirty  
    Try cleaning your filter or condenser to see if removing debris helps the machine make ice. 
  • Low Refrigerant Charge  
    Inspect your machine’s refrigerant level and call a professional in if necessary. Only professionals can refill the refrigerant for safety reasons. 
  • Ice Bin Is Full  
    If you still need Scotsman home ice machine troubleshooting help at this stage, try clearing out your ice bin completely to see if that helps it make ice. 
  • Check the water supply is open  
    Inspect your water supply valve to ensure that it is open, secure, and undamaged. If it is damaged, replace it according to manual instruction or contact a professional. 
  • Check the water curtain  
    Sometimes ice falls into the water curtain and needs to be removed. If ice falls and gets stuck here, your machine may consider the ice bucket to be full. 
  • Reset the machine  
    Reset your machine by pressing and holding the right button according to your manual. 

Too Much Ice Production 

  • Faulty Thermistor  
    If you have too much ice, test your thermistor with a multimeter. If the resistance reading increases steadily, it is working perfectly. If not, you will need to replace the thermistor. 

Ice Machine Is Noisy  

  • Rattling Sound   
    Some noise is normal, and you will gradually learn what sounds your machine makes when it is healthy. However, if you want to be safe, we recommend doing the following according to your manual: 
  • Check and clean your condenser 
  • Check the reservoir and replace the pump if necessary 
  • Check and clean the evaporator plate 
  • Check the cutter grid for blockages and remove them 
  • Check the motor bearings and lubricate if necessary 
  • Replace the motor if broken or damaged. 
  • Check that there is ample airspace on all sides 
  • Check that the machine is secure and sat firmly on the floor 
  • Tighten any loose screws on the back panel 

If none of the above works, contact a professional for help. 

The Ice Is Melted Or Not Fully Formed 

  • Excess Water    
    Check the bin for wet ice or water and check the drain and drain line are clear. 
  • Insufficient/Dirty Water Supply    
    Inspect your water supply for blockages and clean according to manual instruction.  

If neither of these work, you may have a leaking internal hose that needs to be fixed by a professional. 

Troubleshooting Popular Scotsman Ice Machine Models  

Scotsman DCE33  

For Scotsman DCE33 ice machine troubleshooting, it is worth checking customer reviews. Some customers that own the DCE33 find that they may experience the machine not operating, partially formed ice cubes that are incorrectly sized, or that the device operates despite no ice being in the bin or forming internally 

Scotsman CU1526  

More customer reviews or guides can reveal common Scotsman ice machine CU1526 troubleshooting issues. Some customers report that their machine shuts down on maximum freeze time or that it randomly loses power while in use. These are potential issues to look out for when using the CU1526 ice machine. 

Scotsman Prodigy Series 

For Scotsman Prodigy ice machine troubleshooting, sometimes these issues can only be resolved by a professional. Some that are regularly reported include solenoid failure and compressor failure. While not every customer experiences these issues, it is worth being prepared and performing regular inspections and maintenance to avoid issues in the future.  

Scotsman Prodigy Series

Why Is My Scotsman Ice Machine Beeping? 

When your ice machine is beeping, there is a message it is trying to relay to you, which can be understood by how many beeps you hear and whether or not the light is flashing. Here’s our quick guide: 

  • Long freeze time. The ice maker is shutting down.
  • (Flashing)The ice machine is reattempting the long freeze cycle. 
  • Your ice maker is shutting down while doing the long harvest time.
  • (Flashing)Your ice machine is retrying the long harvest cycle.
  • The ice maker is releasing water into the system before it is made into ice.
  • Your ice maker machine has a high discharging temperature.
  • Your ice maker has a failed sump temperature sensor
  • The ice maker has a failed discharge temperature sensor. 
  • Your ice maker has thin ice from the short freeze cycle.
  • (Flashing)The ice maker is retrying the short freeze cycle before continuing.  It is vital to consult with your machine’s manual when troubleshooting a Scotsman ice machine as these indicators may not be the same on all models. 

How To Reset Scotsman Ice Machine 

If your Scotsman ice maker is not working, it is recommended to try resetting it before attempting any other repairs in case it is a technical issue. To reset it, consult with your manual and follow its instructions carefully. While we cannot give specific advice for each model, here is a general idea of what to expect: 

  • Locate the control panel 
  • Press and release the red button to turn it off 
  • List ElaPress and hold the green button for one second ement

Resetting your machine should solve most issues. If not, try some of our tips above or contact a local professional. 

People Also Ask (FAQs)

How do you unclog a Scotsman ice maker? 

Try cleaning it and spreading warm to hot water over the blockage to remove it. To prevent blockages, we recommend cleaning and inspecting your machine regularly according to your manual. 

How long do Scotsman Ice Machines usually last? 

Various factors contribute to the lifespan of a Scotsman ice maker; how well it is maintained, how much it is used, and the home's location all play a factor. A well-cared-for machine can typically last between 5-8 years. 

How long does it take a Scotsman Ice Machine to make ice? 

The length of time it takes to make ice can vary from ice maker model to ice maker brand. However, most Scotsman ice makers take around 20 minutes to make ice and fill the bucket. 


If you are having issues with your ice maker, we hope that this Scotsman ice machine troubleshooting guide helps you find the solution. While it is easy to fix some problems alone, sometimes it will be necessary to contact a local professional to help you get the job done. 

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