Waste King L 111 Review

by Andy

Waste King L 111 Review

by Andy

by Andy
Waste King L 111 Review

When it comes to disposing of your food or food waste properly, you want to make sure that you have a garbage disposal that can stand up to a variety of waste, and hold its value over the test of time. We have heard a lot of great things recently about one model in particular, The Waste King L 111 Review.

​This compact garbage disposal has a high speed motor, a soundproof design, and highly corrosion resistant housing, so that you can get great use out of your garbage disposal for years without having to repair or replace it.

​In this review, we are going to give you an honest breakdown of the new Waste King Legend Series 111 garbage disposal, which will include.

  • A review of some of the key features that this garbage disposal offers.
  • The key benefits of using this particular garbage disposal when matched up against other garbage disposal units.
  • ​Some of the things that we didn’t particularly like about this model.
  • Some of the highlighted features that waste king uses to separate themselves from their competition.
  • Some of the frequently asked questions that we and customers had about this unit.
  • Our final verdict on what we thought of the Waste King Legend Series 111.

Waste King L 111 Review and Features

High Speed Motor

​The Waste King L 111 features a high speed motor that has 0.9 horsepower, and can work at 1900 rotations per minute.

Corrosion Proof Housing and Rust Resistant Grinders

​One of the top features that you need to have when you get a new garbage disposal system is that it is resilient to water, wear, and tear. The Waste King L 111 features a stainless steel housing and grinders, which are both extremely rust resistant. That gives this garbage disposal 

 a significantly longer lifespan before you need to repair or replace it.

Soundproofing Technology

Something that we all need in a good garbage disposal is anything that will reduce the loud noise that they make. The Waste King L 111 has soundproofing technology that will make your garbage disposal significantly quieter.

Removable Splash Guard for Easy Cleaning

​Not all garbage disposals have removable splash guards. The good news about this particular Waste King model has a removable splash guard that you can take of and clean separately, without having to take apart or remove the entire unit.

2 Year Warranty

​The Waste King boasts that they have a 2 year warranty, which is the longest warranty in the industry, for this grade of garbage disposal.


  • Powerful and high speed motor.
  • Soundproofing that makes this particular garbage disposal super quiet.
  • Corrosion proof, stainless steel components that make this garbage disposal really resistant to wear and tear.
  • A two year warranty, which makes this one of the longest warranties in this particular industry.
  • Really easy to install.
  • Easy to remove the splash guard to clean out the interior of your garbage disposal.


  • It seems like you have to change out the sink collar on this particular model, whereas some other models that are competitive to the L 111, you don’t need to change the sink collar.

​Highlighted Features

  • High speed motor.
  • Sound proofing technology.
  • Corrosion proof design and rust resistant components.
  • Removable splash guard.
  • Two year warranty.

​FAQ on the Waste King 111

Can this unit be directly wired? Or is it just for plugging in?

This unit can be directly wired in if you don’t have an available AC plug.

Is the septic tank safe?

The septic tank on this model is totally safe, the company just doesn’t recommend using large amounts of vegetation on it all at once.

Is the power cord included?

Yes, the power cord is included with this garbage disposal.

Where is the Waste King L 111 Made?

It seems that this model is designed by the Anaheim Manufacturing Company, but the parts are made in China.

Final Verdict

For a reasonable price, it is really hard to beat this product. The Waste King L 111 comes with everything that you need in a reliable garbage disposal, including a sound, rust resistant design, a removable splash guard, soundproofing for quieter disposal, and a two year warranty in case anything would happen to your garbage disposal. All around, we would give this particular model 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Customers seemed to be very pleased with the reliability and durability of this garbage disposal, and the Waste King certainly seems to holds its value and merit over the test of time.

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