Waste King Legend 8000 review

by Andy

Waste King Legend 8000 review

by Andy

by Andy
 waste king legend 8000 review

Do you like using home appliances from the most trusted source? Would you like to use a garbage disposal which keeps a tight grip on quality control? Are you looking for a garbage disposal with a comprehensive lifetime warranty, steel components, and a 1-HP motor? When we use a well-featured waste disposal, we create a more hygiene surrounding in our homes. The waste king legend 8000 review article is for you.

Waste King Legend 8000 is the garbage disposal that would serve you right. It is the best garbage disposal as the name suggests. It indeed rules out other garbage disposals because of its unique features. This model comes with a reasonable price and satisfactory performance. The installation of the waste disposal has been made easy and most users claim to have had an easy time.

Waste king legend 8000 review and Features

Lifetime Comprehensive Warranty

When buying any product, the warranty period is one thing we must be sure of. Unlike most other garbage disposals Waste King Legend 8000 comes with a life time corrosion and mechanical warranty. The warranty is only valid for the original purchaser and is not transferable. This warranty is the best and the longest in the industries as others offer 1-5 years warranty. Life in-home service warranty allows the manufacturer to repair or replace any mechanical failure or material defects free of charge in your home. Life warranty against corrosion, on the other hand, enables you to get parts of the disposer to repair or replace those that defaulted due to corrosion but the fixing cost is borne by the owner. This builds the customer’s confidence as it is an indication that the company is willing to produce high-quality disposals and is willing to offer and fulfill such warranties.

Functional Grinding Operation

While buying a garbage disposal, we are most interested in its grinding ability in terms of its speed and efficiency. Waste King Legend 8000 is a continuous feed waste disposal that allows you to feed waste into the grinding chamber while grinding is still taking place. This saves on time. The garbage disposal uses a permanent magnet motor which is usually used in small appliances and runs at a higher speed. The unit consumes less energy while grinding and its motor is very efficient therefore saving on electricity. The disposal grinds small particles which are easier to wash away and keep the draining pipe cleaner. Since the grinding system is faster, the process uses less water. The high speed also creates a high profile for your start up and this has proved to be an anti-jamming feature.

Reasonable Noise Level

Noise is inevitable for most garbage disposals. In fact, for some, you would be tempted to think it is an inbuilt industry and everybody visiting would feel the disposal’s presence. Waste King Legend 8000 is different. You won’t wake up your entire neighborhood while grinding. All the grinding parts have insulation and this reduces noise output. The outside cover resembles a shell and this reduces noise level while grinding. The 1 horsepower motor produces less noise. In fact, most customers do not seem to be bothered by the noise as they term it reasonable because of the disposal’s speed.

Painless Installation

Every user wants a disposal that is easy to install. Mounting Waste King Legend 8000 garbage disposal installation is simple using the EZ mounting system or the 3 bolt design. You just need to twist and lock it safe. If you need to remove it, apply the same motion but in a reverse manner. You do not need any tools for the whole process. Helpful installation videos in on Waste King Website as well as the manual help the first time and inexperienced users. This enables you to do the installation and save the cost of hiring a plumber.

Might Outlive You

When a manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty, you should be sure that the product is not a toy. Waste King Legend 8000 is not only a powerful appliance in your kitchen but also the longest to live. This could be the reason why the manufacturer limits the warranty to the original user as they know most people would resell the disposals when they overstay. Most of its components are rust-free and the grinding chamber is made up of glass-filled nylon that survives at maximum capacity even after being used continuously.


  • High speed thus saves time and electricity.
  • The swivel impellers are constructed from high-quality stainless steel to prevent jamming.
  • ​The grinding chamber is made from quality stainless steel which helps to keep noise level down during the grinding process.
  • ​Comes with all the necessary accessories thus a painless installation.
  • A lifetime warranty on major mechanical parts and against corrosion.


  • Since it’s a continuous feed you must be cautious to ensure that your babies do not play around it.
  • Slightly larger hence taking more space.

Highlighted Features

  • Removable splash guard.
  • 36 inches power cord.
  • ​Dishwasher hookup.
  • ​Front mounted reset button.
  • ​Can work with your septic tank.
  • ​Powerful engine of 2800 rotations per minute.
  • ​Insulated grinding components.
  • Lifetime in-home service warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

My Waste King Legend 8000 garbage disposal smells. is there anything I can do other than buying a new one?

Ans: Use waste king disposer freshener.

My Waste King Legend 8000 disposer is about 20 years old. Will your parts fit?

Ans: This parts were designed to fit disposers manufactured since 1995 so they will.

Final Verdict

This review has it right, the outlined benefits and features are so real. I recommend you to buy the Waste King Legend 8000 continuous feed garbage disposal. It will not only help in light duties but also some heavy duties in your homestead or industry. It is a quality piece of equipment that you can use every day and is worth every penny when you pay for it. This is a lifetime investment that ensures you home hygiene.

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