Product Review

Waste King Legend Series L 3200 Garbage Disposal Review

by Andy

Product Review

Waste King Legend Series L 3200 Garbage Disposal Review

by Andy

by Andy

Are you looking for a grinder with less noise production? Are you looking for that grinder that crushes a variety of food scraps without any form of inconvenience? If you are looking for that not-so-big grinder, the waste king legend series L3200 review could be the right one for you.

​This product has gotten so many positive customer responses, stating its high efficiency and excellent job performance in grinding food waste. If you are thinking about the price tag, do not worry, because it is affordable.

For the sake of this article I will be bringing to your understanding all you need to know about the L-3200 series of the waste king legend garbage disposal unit . The important subjects of focus ranges from the features, through the product benefits, pros and cons, customer review, warranty, to the a probable buying link.

Waste King Legend Series L 3200 Review and Features

36 Inch Power Cord

The L-3200 Waste King garbage disposal series comes with a 36-inch power cord and therefore saves time and cost. This feature is important because without a cord, all sorts of electrical problems could be encountered when you try to hardware the device especially if your connections are done incorrectly.

Most times when the garbage disposal stops functioning and you just can’t figure out why, this is actually the problem. The likelihood of electrical problems decreases with the availability of a power cord. At the end of the day you don’t have to spend any extra bucks on a power cord.

Sound Shell

The sound shell offers a reasonable sound level reduction. Even with the 3/4 horsepower motor, the waste king disposal machine still operates quietly with little or negligible sound. The feature responsible for this is the insulation system.

On the Legend 3200 EZ Mount are rubber dampers designed to reduce noise and vibrations. The reason why most people are switching from some other grinding options to the waste king legend series, is the fact that they have weaker motors and no insulation, and as a result are very noisy.

Power 3/4 HP Permanent Magnetic Motor

​This evolutionary series of waste grinder comes with a powerful and high-speed 2700 r.p.m. permanent magnet motor disposer that can efficiently dispose and get rid of your food scraps. The Powerful 3/4 HP permanent magnet motor provides you with a long lasting fast and efficient grinding process. For example, difficult vegetable scraps such as carrots can be easily crushed and disposed off

​High Resistivity to Corrosion and Rust

​Grinding components are made of stainless steel materials that are resistant to rust. It makes its grinding performance uninterrupted in any way. The corrosion proof grinding chamber which can be attributed to the glass filled polyester, ensures that you can acquire for yourself an efficient kitchen disposer machine. This features makes the waste king legend 3200 very durable. It also provides you with an effective and long lasting performance. In addition, the long term usage may be cost effective in the future.

​Compatibility with Dishwasher, Accessibility, Installation and Warranty

​The device is compatible with a dishwasher. You can easily connect it with your dishwater if the need arises. The EZ mounting system also ensure that you don’t have to go through all the stress when installing the unit for the first time, as it provides a comprehensive and clear step-by-step guide for installation. The manufacturers included a removable splash guard so that cleaning would not be an issue to be worried about. It can also be taken out for inspection of the internal grinding components. This product also comes with an 8-year in-home and lifetime corrosion warranty.


  • Fast and easy to install.
  • Good sound insulation to keep noise level down.
  • ​Powerful and fast grinding process.
  • ​Rust free grinding chambers ensure you a long term usage that may save you cost in the future.
  • ​Offers excellent value on the product warranties. Instead of one you have two. That is, Lifetime Corrosion Warranty and 8 Year In-Home warranty.
  • A very good product with an affordable price.


  • The waste king L-3200 is less durable.

​However, do not be worried because it can last a lifetime, and also offer a powerful performance. Therefore going for these based on durability would be solely based on preference. For now there are no major issues.

Highlighted Features

  • 3/4 horsepower motor.
  • Stainless steel grind components.
  • ​Continuous feed units.
  • ​Garbage disposer.
  • ​Safe for properly sized septic tanks.
  • ​EZ sink mount system that provides an easy installation that features strong steel mounting components.
  • ​Removable splash guard.
  • ​36-inch power cord included.
  • ​8-year in-home service warranty. Waste King Warranties are the longest in the industry.
  • Lifetime corrosion warranty.


Can difficult food waste such as potatoes’ pills, carrots be grinded conveniently?

The answer is yes.

Does it work with 220 volts?

Its minimum voltage requirement is 115 volts. So I guess it can operate under that condition.

What are its dimensions so I know if it can be used with the under mount sink?

It has a Width of 7 ¾ inches, Height of 13 5/8 inches and item weight of 9 pounds and yes it can be used with the under mount sink.

Final Verdict

​Should you get the Waste King L-3200? This garbage disposal unit is a reliable product. It has my minimum recommendation of a 3/4 HP motor and is not too big. It has just enough insulating capability to reduce noise and vibrations. And if peradventure you experience any material defect such as rust or corrosion you can act on the 8-year and lifetime warranty for replacements or free service. From customer’s feedback, we have had a reasonable number of testimonies on this particular product. So in essence, I would recommend you go buy yours for quick installation before those difficult food scraps becomes problematic to you.

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