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Can You Sell Your House With a Broken Boiler?

by Dmitri Kara

Boilers are an integral element of modern-day homes and lifestyle commodities. From hot water for your tea to heating during cold weather, you cannot overlook any problems.  

  • So what happens when you sell your house, but find out that the boiler does not work?  
  • You panic. Then wonder if you can sell a property with a dodgy, broken boiler?  
  • Is this just another plumbing hoax and scam 
  • Should you service and repair a damaged boiler, or sell the property as-is?  

These are all pressing questions that need a quick answer.  

In this guide, sheds light on the matter and makes the process of selling your house easier.  

So, can you sell your house with a broken boiler? 

Just as with damaged shower parts with names you don’t know, shower headsbathtubs, and  toilets in need of updates, you can sell your property with a faulty boiler. It is not against the law to sell a house with a broken boiler (or water heater, for that matter). However, it will reflect heavily on the selling price.  

As long as your house has other redeeming features, though, it will not stop you from making a sale altogether. However, this is only possible if you are ready to compromise.  

How to Sell a House with a Faulty Boiler 

If your boiler does not function properly, then you have the following few options to sell it fast. 

Sell Your Property As-Is And Reduce Your Sale Price 

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Sell Your Property As-Is And Reduce Your Sale Price 

If you can’t afford to repair your broken boiler, then your next best option is to sell your property as-is. However, expect cheeky offers and excessive bargaining.  

Selling your house with a malfunctioning central heating system or boiler will be hard, as the faulty unit causes suspicion among buyers who may be worried about other problems that may lurk in the unknown condition of the rest of the property.  

The optimal strategy is to be straightforward, explain the issue, and further negotiate with your prospective buyer before the lengthy process of moving starts. Propose an agreement where you lower the price, allowing the new property owner to fix or replace the unit. 

Fix The Boiler Before Selling 

An alternative to reducing your house's sale price is to handle the repair yourself prior to putting the property for sale. This may set back your finances, but it can make the sale process quicker and seamless.  

Depending on the reasons for your faulty boiler and its type, a repair can cost from $150 to ten times this amount. In some cases, the repair price is as much as replacing it altogether and with others, it can be as simple as finding a plumber to help. 

A new boiler, depending on its type, costs between $2000 to $3000.  

And if you want to take things a step further, consider installing smart control technology, notes a spokesperson from Vivint. Having detectors set will allow you to raise the price. 

Who Buys A House With A Broken Boiler? 

“Prospects willing to acquire your property may not care much about hot water. This is the case with property developers, house flippers, or people who don’t have a choice. You must be mindful of how you market the property and get an optimal price, comment property buyers Housebuyers4u.  


Sell To Property Flippers 

Flippers look at properties through rose-colored glasses. They analyze what they can work in the future and what possibilities the property has.  

So, make sure to underline your house’s assets and score a fair price.  

  • Do you have decent natural light?  
  • What is the quality of water in the area?  
  • Is there a garden or a patio?  
  • Do you have original hardwood floors?  

While your property information sale sheet covers all these features, it will never set the scenes well as you would, by sharing your personal experience.  

While faulty central heating shouldn’t prevent a sale, it will open many possibilities for bargains and extra negotiation. Even if you reduce the price down to the boiler repair cost, fixers will try to bring the price even lower.  

However, with a bit of work and a decent amount of “bragging” about your house’s features, you should be able to strike a proper deal. 

Have Property Developers Buy Your House 

The next best move is to market your house to property developers. If they plan to demolish your property, your faulty boiler shouldn’t make them sweat, comments demolition waste professionals Bin There Dump That. 

Keep in mind, though, property developers, much like flippers, are particularly interested in assets that are profitable. If your property is in an excellent location and has the right square footage and other features, then you are likely to sell your house along with your faulty water heating unit.  

Should You Tell Buyers of a Broken Boiler? 

We get it, it must be so tempting to leave it be and hope everything goes well.  

  • You may wonder, should you even mention the broken boiler?  
  • How detailed should the information on a property be prior to a sale?  
  • Can’t the buyer shoulder repair or replace the boiler?  

Sellers often struggle with these questions and find it hard to achieve a favorable solution for both sides.  

It is truly an ethical conundrum. The best way to answer these questions is by stepping into the shoes of the buyer.  

  • Would a faulty central heating system be a deal-breaker for you?  
  • Would you want to pay for repairs or buy a new boiler on top of the original investment for the house?  

It is up to you to decide whether to come clean or face the consequences of selling a property that does not match the information in the contract. 

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Grey Areas To Look Out For 

There are several cases where both sides toss the responsibility back and forth.  

A common issue is when the boiler leaks, has issues with pressure, and eventually breaks right after the deal is closed, but before the buyers had the time to settle.  

“If the breakdown looks suspiciously close to the sale, it can be as clear as day to find who is responsible for the faulty central heating system, especially when revealed after the contract has been signed,” comment bathroom experts from Soak.  

In this case, the responsibility falls onto the seller, and anything after the deal is closed falls on the shoulders of the buyer.  

“However, if you knew the boiler wasn’t functioning and signed the contract regardless, then prepare for trouble,” note real estate experts Engel & Völkers. “Sellers must always point out relevant details about the property, including the problems,” realtors add.  

When you omit the truth deliberately, be ready for consequences such as angry emails and phone calls and, in the worst-case scenario – a lawsuit.  

Selling a Property with a Broken Boiler, Conclusion 

The real answer to the question, “Can you sell your house with a broken boiler?” is “it depends”.  

You can technically sell your property with a faulty central heating system, but would you want to? If you feel uneasy about walking the ethical gray line, then it is best to address the issue directly.  

Contact a Gas-Safe engineer for a proper inspection. Professionals have the know-how, gear, and etiquette to get the job done. However, if you don’t have the budget for a repair or replacement, consider selling your house as-is. 

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Remember, whether you are selling your home to a landlord, a flipper, first-time homeowners, or property developers, it is important to market your property with their niches in mind. By doing so, you are sure to make a deal at a fair price.  

We hope this guide sheds light on the matter and helps you sell a house with a broken boiler. In case of questions, please leave us a comment below. 

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