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How Many AMPs Does A Well Pump Use? (Pump Type & Size)

Wondering how many AMPs a well pump uses? Use our draw chart and guide on how to check your own models AMP usage.

by Ian Haynes

You might be wondering how many amps does a well pump useThese devices come in a variety of styles, and they can use different amounts of watts to run optimally.  

As a rule, the bigger the pump, the more electricity that it will need to both run and start.[1]

Smaller pumps might only need about 10-35 watts while running, and larger or more powerful pumps might need as much as 25 watts and up. 

Well pumps can use different amounts of amperage to function and take care of your needs. You can buy all kinds of well pumps for different well arrangements, and these different types will often use different amounts of amps to run.

1. Submersible Pump 

A submersible pump that is 230 v with a 1.5 HP motor will meter out at about 11.4 amps per leg. This is an average size pump, but you might find that your unique pump carries more or less amperage based on the arrangement of the motor. 

2. Jet Pump 

Jet pump style well pumps can vary in size from ½ HP to 1 ½ HP.[2] This style of well pump will usually need anywhere from 10.8-21.04 max amps to run. The lower end of the run amps will be lower for this style at 5.4-10.7 amps. 

3. Centrifugal Pump 

This is a common pump style for well pumps, and it is often 240 volts and 1 HP. This means that it will draw 10 amps of current, but when started, it might draw as much as 35 amps. The higher draw will only last for 5-10 seconds in most cases. 

A shallow well pump might need a lot of wattage, and they can be quite loud. These well pumps draw about 750 watts running and 15-1800 when starting.  

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How To Check AMP Draw On A Well Pump

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You might be wondering, how do I know what AMP my well pump is? This is an important thing to know so that you can be sure that you have the right setup for the wattage needs of your well pump. It can be hard to be sure about this information without testing for yourself. 

If you have been having performance issues with your well pump, the wattage that it is drawing might be a reason for its poor performance. 

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To test the amp draw on a well pump, you need a multimeter. This tool will read the amps for you so that you can be sure that you are aware of the wattage being drawn by your well pump.  

You will need to know the voltage and wattage of your unit. This should be 110 or 220. Set the multimeter to auto-ranging if you are not sure. 

Attach the red end to the positive side of the pump and the black to the negative. The display will tell you the voltage amount. 

Use the formula: watts/volts=Amps. For so 2,000 watts, at a voltage of 110 you get 18.18 amps.

Well Pump Amperage Draw Chart

There are many different sizes, requirements and lifespans of well pumps. The chart below will show the average wattage and amps for each size pump.

Many locations will not need anything more than a .5 or 1 HP well pump to service their needs. However, there are applications where a much bigger HP motor might be needed. 

Submersible and above ground pumps have a label on them that will tell how many horsepower or kilowatts the motor is rated for.

This will tell you how many amps the motor can be expected to use to run properly. When the submersible pump is in use, however, it might be many hundreds of feet below ground! 

You might be wondering, how many amps does a submersible well pump draw? This is why it is useful to know the information about your well pump so that you can refer to the chart to see what the watts and amps of each HP well pump will be.

It is not always possible to go and look at the actual equipment to see what amperage is being drawn when it is in use.

This is not a concern with above-ground units, but that is rarely where these pumps are located (especially if the well pump is running continuously

Knowing the average amperage and HP of a well pump can give you the necessary information to know the number of amps that it will need to run correctly. 

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Size of Well Pump (In HP) 

Amp Breaker 



0.5 HP 




0.75 HP 




1 HP 




1.5-2 HP 




3 HP 




5 HP 





What voltage are deep well pumps? 

These pumps are usually 230 volts. Small pumps might use 120 volts in some phases, and larger installations might need 208-480 volts in a single phase. There is some variability due to the arrangement of the pumping system in question. 

What size breaker do I need for a 1 hp motor? 

You will need a breaker that is double the amps that correspond to the HP of your motor. This means that a 1HP pump will need an 18 amp breaker to be used safely.[3] 

Will a 3000 watt generator run a well pump?  

You cannot plug a well pump into a generator. The well pumps amp load will be too high for a generator which necessitates that your well pump be wired into your home’s electrical circuits. If you are able to use the generator to power your well pump via your home’s wiring, you will need at least a 3,000 watt generator for this job. 


Well pumps come in many styles and sizes for different needs. The right wattage and HP of your well pump can depend on many factors related to your location and the requirements that your well pump needs to provide for your well.

You will find that the charts and other information in this article will help you get the perfect well pump for your needs. 





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