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How To Turn Off Ice Maker

by Ian Haynes

The ice maker is an important part of your fridge, allowing you to have some tasty ice all of the time.

While most homeowners will leave it on all the time, there are situations where you will need to turn it off. Knowing how to turn off the ice maker on your fridge will make a big difference.  

How To Turn Off Your Refrigerator's Ice Maker: A General Guide

There are different types of ice makers that you can use in your home. Knowing which one you have will help ensure that the ice maker will turn off and be easy to use.

The simple steps you can use to help turn off your ice maker includes: 

Ice Makers With Switches 

When your freezer has a switch ice maker, you will need to look right at the front of the machine to see if it is there.

Just flip that switch over to the off position, and it is done. In some fridge models, like the GO, the switch will have an I and an O. O is for off, and I is for on, so you can push the switch in the right direction.  

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how to turn off ice maker

Ice Makers Without Switches 

In some cases, there are no switches present for the ice maker. You may notice that there is a metal bar that you will need to lift, known as the fill bar.

You will often see that this is found right on the side of the ice maker, located in the up position. Just lift this up to turn off the unit. You will hear it locking into place when it is ready.  

Ice Makers With Touch Controls 

Newer models of fridges will not have either of the two options above. You will just need to use a few buttons on the touchscreen on the front of the fridge to turn off that unit.

These are often easy to figure out, but you can look at the owner’s manual to help. Most of these often have a secondary switch to help turn off the unit when needed. But the buttons are usually pretty simple to use.  

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Guide To Turning Off Ice Makers For All Major Brands

Turning Off Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker 

To turn off a Samsung refrigerator ice maker, just: 

  1. 1
    Press and hold the button for ice maker off for three seconds 

Check whether the off indicator is showing up on the display or not. There is an ON and OFF indicator. If it is still ON, the button was not held in long enough. [1]

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Turning Off GE Refrigerator Ice Maker 

To turn off the GE refrigerator ice maker [2]: 

  1. 1
    To turn off with the feeler arm, just raise the metal rod until you hear it click.  
  2. 2
    To turn off with the toggle switch, just flip the switch to the down position. 
  3. 3
    To turn off with the slid switch, check the on and off label and slide to off.  

Turning Off Whirlpool Ice Maker 

To turn the ice maker off for your Whirlpool Ice Maker, just look for the slide controller on the front.

There is an ON and OFF position. Just turn the ice maker slider to the OFF position, and the ice maker is off. Turn it back to ON if you want to use the ice maker again.  

Turning Off Electrolux Ice Maker 

Your Electrolux ice maker has two ways to turn it off. Look on the side of the ice maker for the on/off switch and turn it off. You can also use the metal arm on the side and move it to the up position to get the ice maker off.  

Turning Off Bosch Ice Maker 

If you have a Bosch ice maker, you can turn the ice maker off by switching the power to O for off. If it is on a slide switch, just slide it over to OFF and watch for the paddle to go under the ice maker. If there is no switch, just lift the metal feeler arm up.  

Turning Off Frigidaire Ice Maker 

The Frigidaire ice maker has a simple switch on the front of the ice maker. If you see it, you can just slide it over to the off position. Some models do not have the switch. Just lift the metal feeler arm on the side to turn off the unit. [3] 

Turning Off Kenmore Ice Maker 

The Kenmore ice maker also has an on and off switch for consumers to use. Just slide the switch to the OFF position when you are done using it to ensure that the ice maker will stop running when you do not want it to. [4]

how to turn off kenmore refrigerator ice maker

Most Common Reasons For Turning Off An Ice Maker

Homeowners may decide that it is a good idea to turn off the ice maker for a number of reasons. Some of these include: 

  • 1
    Defrost The Fridge
    This helps the fridge to function well by removing any of the ice from around the freezer and fridge. 
  • 2
    To Clean The Water Filters
    Homeowners need to clean the water filter on occasion. This helps to make sure that the water is clean and healthy to use. You will need to turn the ice maker off for that. 
  • 3
    Clean The Ice Maker
    The ice maker can get yucky and dirty over time. Turning the ice maker off and removing the ice will make cleanup easier
  • 4
    Too Much Ice
    There may be a problem with the ice maker if you see too much ice. Take the time to turn off the ice maker to remove the ice and see what is going on. 
  • 5
    Ice Maker Keeps Making Noise
    Your ice maker should be quiet. If it makes a lot of noise, you need to turn the machine off and have a look. 
  • 6
    The Rest Of The Fridge Is Too Cold
    If you do not use the ice maker often and the rest of the fridge is too cold, it is time to turn it off to keep your food safe. 
how to turn ice maker off

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Is it bad to turn off an ice maker? 

It is not bad to turn off the ice maker. Just make sure to remove all of the ice and clean out the water so nothing freezes inside.  

When should I turn off my ice maker? 

It is best to turn off the ice maker right after it drops ice. This will make sure no ice gets stuck in the system and causes any damage.  

Does turning off the refrigerator’s ice maker use less electricity? 

Turning off the ice maker to your refrigerator will use less electricity. It takes power and water to the ice maker to help get the ice created, so turning it off will help.

Turning off the ice maker will save you a little money due to less water and power going to the fridge. If you do not use the ice often, it is best to turn it off.  


Turning off your ice maker is a good idea if you need to clean the ice maker or you are worried that something is not working well. Most refrigerators make this easy to do, but take a look at which option is best for your fridge.  

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