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How To Defrost A Samsung Ice Maker (Step-By-Step Guide)

All the tips and tricks required to defrost your Samsung ice maker efficiently and safely

by Holly Curell

Samsung refrigerators are often the star of the kitchen, but these appliances are known for freezing over, which might be the reason you’re here.

Simply defrosting your Samsung ice maker is usually the answer. Use this guide to DIY troubleshoot and get back to making ice in no time.

If you notice your ice maker beginning to frost up, there are a few steps to take before you panic. Samsung recommends first trying to reset your ice maker, as this might propel the appliance into action to defrost itself.

When resetting doesn’t work, the next step is to empty your freezer of its contents and to gather a bunch of towels. Very carefully, use a hairdryer to melt the ice enough so that your appliance can resume normal function.

Some people opt to put pans of steamy/boiling water in their freezer to aid in this process, but we would advise against this, as the condensation can attach to your heating coils and make the situation even worse.

We hope that these ice maker defrosting tips resolve your problem, but if ice continues to build despite your efforts, the next step is a forced defrost, which we outline below.

Forced Defrost Mode on a Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker

Your refrigerator and freezer combo runs through cycles of defrosting and maintaining itself, usually without us ever even realizing it—one of the luxuries of modern technologies.

Sometimes though, these appliances can have a hard time keeping up with demand, and you’ll notice frost begin to build up and "freeze over" inside your ice maker.

For these instances, a manual or forced defrost is the answer and can be accomplished with the push of a few buttons, as shown in this video.

Common Samsung Ice Maker Issues

What causes Samsung ice makers to freeze up? Unfortunately, it appears not even Samsung knows, because hundreds of customers are faced with this problem and are having to defrost monthly to avoid further issues. Thankfully the process is relatively simple, as we outline below.

Other common problems you might encounter with Samsung ice makers include:

  • Ice maker not making ice
  • Ice smaller than usual
  • Ice maker won’t stop making ice
  • The good news is that most of these problems can be fixed at home with a simple cleaning and reset.            

How to Reset an Ice Maker?

Some ice makers have a built-in reset switch, and others (like portable ice makers) have to be unplugged for a few minutes. We have outlined the various ways to reset your ice maker by style and brand in this guide.

How to Clean an Ice Maker?

Maintaining your ice maker by keeping it clean will go a long way towards its usable lifespan.

However, you can’t just bleach it like you would a bathtub or laundry.

Because ice is consumable, you must carefully clean your ice maker not only to protect the appliance but to protect your health. Check out our detailed guide on how to clean your ice maker.



If defrosting my ice maker doesn’t solve the issue, what else can I do?

The next step would be to do a hard reset on your ice maker. Our guide to resetting your ice maker can help you achieve this easy fix in under 10 minutes.

When should I call for professional help regarding the repair of my ice maker?

If you’ve already tried to defrost your Samsung ice maker, and have subsequently checked all the water lines for clogs and done a reset, and you still can’t figure out why your ice machine isn’t working, then it might be time to call in a professional.  If you’re willing to give it one more go, Samsung customer service may be able to walk you through additional DIY troubleshooting steps.

How much will it cost to have a Samsung ice maker repaired?

On average, you could pay anywhere from $90 to $300 to repair your Samsung ice maker, depending on whether you need a small fix or a full replacement.

How do I get my Samsung refrigerator out of defrost mode?

During defrost mode, press any other button on the ready mode panel to resume regular operation. If this doesn’t work, unplug your refrigerator for a few seconds and plug it back in.

Where is the defrost drain located in my Samsung refrigerator ice maker?

The defrost drain in at the back of a concealed compartment within your freezer. You will need a screwdriver to access it. Follow the instructions on this video.

Is there a recall on Samsung refrigerator Ice makers?

While there are currently no recalls, a class-action lawsuit was filed against Samsung in 2017. In some cases, the company may help to cover the cost of repair.

Where is the reset button on a Samsung Ice Maker?

This guide from Samsung will show you where to locate your reset button, depending on what type of fridge style you have.


While having to defrost your Samsung ice maker is undoubtedly an inconvenience, it's usually an easy fix that can be done with an hour or so of your time. We hope this article helps you get your machine back up and working properly in no time!

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