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How To Unclog A Toilet With Poop In It

Fortunately, fixing a toilet clogged with poop in it is not that difficult. We run through a plumbers top 10 tips for getting things moving.

by Ian Haynes

We have all been there before. You just finished your business in the bathroom and press the switch to flush the bowl. To your horror, the water starts rising instead of falling. You panic for a bit, and some water spills over onto your floor.

Now you have to wonder how to unclog the toilet that still has waste in it. Read on to figure out how to solve this annoying yet common problem.

Here are some common reasons why poop is clogging your toilet:

  • Flushing the wrong items.
    If you commonly flush anything besides waste and toilet paper down your drain, like hygiene products or paper towels, that can cause a clog in the -bend and further pipes.
  • Low flush toilet.
    Low flush toilets use less water than normal and so might have a difficult time clearing large amounts of waste.
  • Poor drainage system.
    A poorly designed drainage system will be inefficient and not have the water pressure to clear waste from the bowl.
  • Insufficient water.
    It could also be the case that there is a problem with your water line, so your toilet is just not getting enough water to flush properly.
  • Broken pipes.
    Broken pipes in your water line and drainage system can prevent your toilet from flushing properly and back it up
  • Cistern valve is too low or too high.
    If the cistern valve is too low or too high, that could negatively affect your toilet's flushing power. As could a constantly running toilet.
  • Clogged toilet vent.
    Toilets have vents used to draw air to help move water through the system. If your toilet is clogging from waste, your toilet vents could be blocked.
  • Too much poo.
    It is also possible that there is just too much poop in the toilet at once. You can try adding some fiber to your diet to fix this problem if it is recurring.

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10 Tips to Unclog a Toilet with Poop in it

Fortunately, fixing a toilet clogged with poo is not that difficult. There are a ton of DIY techniques you can use to fix a clogged toilet.

  1. 1
    Plunger - The plunger is the classic method of unclogging a toilet. Simply place the plunger directly over the hole in the bottom of the hole, push down, and then pull up. The suction should draw anything out of the u-bend so the toilet can drain properly.
  2. 2
    Toilet auger - A toilet auger is basically a long wire with ridges you can spin around. You insert the wire into the hole of your toilet bowl, find the clog and twist the auger until it breaks up the clog.
  3. 3
    Metal cloth hanger - if you do not have a toilet auger, then you can often accomplish the same sort of function with a simple metal coat hanger. Unbend the coat hanger and stick it into the hole, wriggling it around to break up any clogs.
  4. 4
    Baking soda and plastic wrap - You can also use baking soda to clean clogs. The baking soda eats away at organic clogs, and the plastic wrap keeps the gasses in, which eventually pushes the clog out.
  5. 5
    Baking soda and vinegar - Baking soda and vinegar mixed together to create a solution that can dissolve clogs in your pipes. You can then flush the drain with hot water to clear everything out.
  6. 6
    Hot water and dish soap - Hot water and dish soap can also be a solution. The combination of the two will de-grease the pipes and let any clogged waste slide through the drain. You can also just use hot water to clear out clogged u-bends.
  7. 7
    Use Coca-Cola and plastic foil - Coca-cola can also be used to unclog a toilet. Coca-Cola has carbonic acid in it, which can eat away at clogs and grease in your toilet. Add some coke, put foil wrap over the toilet seat, and let it sit for a few hours.
  8. 8
    Use shampoo - It might surprise you, but shampoo can be used to clear a clogged toilet. Shampoo has ingredients that break up organic residue and clumps, and they will work on waste. I guess it's called shamPOO for a reason, right?
  9. 9
    Bleach - As always, bleach is very effective for stubborn clogs and build-up. Bleach will cut through any organic solids and clear grime off the inside of pipes. Don’t use concentrated bleach, though, as that can damage your pipes. Make a mixture of 2 parts water to 1 part bleach.
  10. 10
    Conventional chemicals - You can also always opt to use conventional substances for clearing drains like Draino. Just make sure that whatever you are buying will not be harmful to your pipes. Metal and plastic pipes handle different chemicals differently.

If you cant solve this problem then we suggest contacting a local plumber and getting a free quote through our form below.

How to Prevent the Toilet from Clogging

Here are some quick tips on how to prevent the toilet from clogging.

  • Don’t flush anything that shouldn’t be going down the toilet, like paper towels or hygiene products.
  • Don't use too much toilet paper, or else that will clog up your pipes.
  • When you are finished, put the toilet seat lid all the way down to prevent anything from falling in.
  • Try to flush midway between taking care of your business. Breaking waste into multiple flushes can keep things from getting clogged.
  • Regularly clean your toilet to remove any build-up or objects that could cause future clogs.

People also Ask (FAQs)

What happens if you flush a clogged toilet?

If you flush a clogged toilet, then water will probably overflow because the drain at the bottom is blocked.

What won’t my toilet unclog with a plunger?

If a plunger doesn’t work, then it’s probably because the clog is further into the pipe than the plunger can reach. Switch to an auger or coat hanger to really get in there.

Will poop dissolve in a clogged toilet?

Typically yes, poop stuck in a toilet will dissolve over time and unclog itself. But it might take a while, and in the meantime, it will smell and look gross.

Does bleach help unclog a toilet?

Yes, bleach can unclog a poopy toilet, but concentrated bleach can also hurt your pipes and toilet bowl. Water down the bleach first before pouring it in.


Poop in a toilet is annoying but not an emergency. However, you still want to clear that clog as quickly as possible before it develops into a more serious issue.

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