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InSinkErator Evolution Essential: Garbage Disposal Review

by Holly Curell

When it comes to garbage disposals, InSinkErator is among the most popular choices for homeowners. Their latest model in their Evolution series, the InSinkErator Evolution Essential XTR, is becoming a sensation for every household because it's durable, rugged, simple to install, extremely quiet during grinding, and highly efficient. 

Interested? Read our thorough InSinkErator Evolution Essential review to learn more! 

The latest Evolution Essential XTR by InSinkErator is the perfect garbage disposal for homeowners looking for something extra. It provides the ideal blend of quiet yet powerful operation.  

So, here are a few pros and cons of the InSinkErator Evolution Essential XTR!

The Good 

  • Exceptionally quiet due to SoundSeal technology 
  • It comes with a multi-grind tech system that helps you remove or minimize jam/clog in the piping system.  
  • The unit has a power cable as well as SinkTop-Switch for easy installation  
  • Easy to set up with its mounting hardware  
  • Fast, effective, and powerful ¾ horsepower "Dura-Drive" motor for chucking out food scraps  
  • It comes with stainless-steel grinding parts, ensuring better performance and a longer lifespan.  
  • The unit has a unique nickel design 

The Bad 

  • Compared to most other InSinkErator models, it's relatively bulky   
  • Some consumers complained the unit is rather slow at draining food waste 
  • A few users complained about the unit's noise level 

Unique Features Of The Evolution Essential XTR   

InSinkErator's latest addition, "Evolution Essential XTR," comes with all the essential features premium waste disposals need to be the perfect unit for your home.  

Here are some unique features of the Evolution Essential XTR:  

Dura-Drive Technology 

This latest InSinkErator model has ¾ HP, ensuring unsurpassed performance. In addition, the unit has relatively higher grinding power, which means clogging or jamming won't occur while it operates.  

In addition to that, its motor is economical and uses 110 or 120 volts. It also comes with a sophisticated DuraDrive tech system, making the unit sturdy and dependable. Moreover, the motor runs quietly, and lifespan increases substantially as a result.  

SoundSeal Technology 

SoundSeal technology makes XTR amongst the quietest garbage disposers on the market. Thanks to this advanced technology, you won't hear much noise while the waste is grinding. 

In addition, the unit has a unique rubber cushion, also known as the "Anti-Vibration" mounting system, which scales between the sinks' opening and the bracket. This helps to minimize shaking by securing the sink during the entire grinding process. 

Evolution Essential XTR multi grind

Multi-Grind Technology 

InSinkErator's latest model has an innovative multi-grind technology that offers two phases of grinding. 

It cuts down food waste into tiny parts and prevents any jamming or clogging in the drainage pipes.  

Within the first phase, the scrap is chopped by moveable lugs, and in the next stage, the shreds of waste are moved through the holes and cut down into the tiniest particles by shearing movement.  

SinkTop Switch 

Unlike many garbage disposals that come with a wall switch, the InSinkErator Evolution Essential XTR garbage disposal has a SinkTop Switch, which is a substitute. It employs air pressure to switch your garbage disposer off and on.  

Quick-Lock Sink Mount 

InSinkErator's Quick-Lock sink mount makes the installation process a lot easier. All you've got to do is remove your existing appliance from underneath the sink and twist in your new one.  

Stainless Steel Grind Chamber 

The InSinkErator Evolution Essential XTR comes with a premium stainless-steel grind chamber, ensuring durability and attractiveness. Compared to galvanized steel, stainless steel is more reliable and durable. 

Evolution Essential XTR quick lock

Moreover, it's more resistant to corrosion caused by minerals and water. So, if you're purchasing this model, longevity is guaranteed.   

Warranty Period 

The unit offers a generous 6-year warranty. The warranty includes both in-home labor as well as mechanical costs. In case there's a breakdown, InSinkErator sends their professionals to fix or replace it.  


The Evolution Essential XTR comes with a handy rubber splash that keeps waste within the unit while it operates. Plus, you can use the stainless-steel plug to cover the sink opening, so kids can't insert toys or their fingers in it.  

Jam Buster Wrench 

The Jam Buster Wrench is a practical, quick metal tool explicitly used to free simple clogs or jams in garbage disposals. 

So, if you face any clog or jam, use the wrench to free your XTR. Remember, this tool only works on InSinkErator garbage disposals.  

InSinkErator Evolution Essential XTR Garbage Disposal Reviewed 

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The InSinkErator Evolution Essential XTR is a premium garbage disposal that is both super quiet and powerful. In addition, homeowners love that this unit has many additional accessories along with it, such as a power cable, SinkTop Switch, to name a few.  

Interestingly, InSinkErator has introduced its sophisticated multi-grind technology in this unit, which effectively cuts the hardest food scraps. In terms of noise level, it's much better than most other similar models on the market, thanks to the SoundSeal technology that provides quieter performance.   

Want to know more about how I found this Evolution Essential XTR disposer in terms of installation, cleaning, troubleshooting, and usage? Then read on! 

InSinkErator Evolution Essential XTR Installation 

Installing this InSinkErator model is relatively quick and easy because of its Quick-Lock sink mount. The unit is compatible with three-bolt mounting hardware. You can easily install it on your own. 

Usage Expectation 

The new InSinkErator XTR garbage disposal is explicitly meant for home usage. With its ¾ horsepower induction motor, the unit performs exceptionally well. .   

Evolution Essential XTR installation

Thanks to its strong blades, it can chop up almost any leftovers. Further, like most other InSinkErator models, it also comes with high-quality stainless-steel components and chamber grinding, ensuring durability

Cleaning And Troubleshooting 

You can use the XTR for several food wastes like fruit rinds, chicken bones, coffee grounds, etc. It chops these up effortlessly, guaranteeing risk-free flow via drain pipes. So if you like to keep your kitchen clean when preparing a meal, the InSinkErator Essential XTR is the way to go! 


Over time, leftover food may pile up in the grinding chamber. Smells emanating from the unit are typically an indication of food buildup and grease caused by inadequate water flow during usage.  

To clean the disposer, follow these simple steps: 

  • Switch off your unit and disconnect the power supply 
  • Put a stopper in the opening 
  • Fill the sink with hot water. Fill it only through halfway 
  • Blend water with baking soda. Then, turn the unit on and take out the stopper so that loose particles wash away 
  • Take out the Quiet-Collar Sink Baffle. Carefully wash it up either in the dishwasher or by hand 

The InSinkErator XTR waste disposal is armed with a unique Jam-Sensor circuit, preventing jamming/clogging during grinding. However, it may still clog up, in which case: 

  • Turn the garbage disposal and water off 
  • Insert the jam-busting wrench that comes with the unit carefully into the center hole of the device. Work it back-and-forth 
  • Now, reach into the disposal with pliers and pry out the object clogging it. Leave it for 4-6 minutes so that the motor cools down, and then press the reset button.  


¾ HP 




12-1/4 Inches 

Grind Chamber Capacity 

34.6 Oz 

Average Water Usage 

1 Gal Per Day 

Average Electrical Usage 

3-4 KW Per Year 

Drain Connection 

1-1/2 Inches 

Dishwasher Drain Connection 



6 years  

Comparing Different InSinkErator Garbage Disposal Models 

Evolution Essential XTR Vs Essential  

Both Essential XTR and Essential are two leading waste disposals from the InSinkErator's exclusive series. Interestingly, both of these products have a lot in common.  

For example, they have relatively the same design. Additionally, both use a multi-grind tech system with two-stage grinding. Also, both these units come with a ¾ horsepower induction motor featuring a 1725 RPM.  

However, the most striking distinction between the two is their size. While XTR has a height of about 12-1/4 inches, the Essential has around 12-inch.  

Evolution Essential XTR Vs Compact  

Essential XTR and Evolution Compact are two of the most widely popular waste disposals crafted by InSinkErator. Both have similar sizes and chamber capacity as well. In addition to that, both Compact and XTR come with high-end features such as SoundSeal, multi-grind technology, etc.  

On the other hand, they have some vast differences as well. For instance, one significant difference is that XTR garbage disposal includes a SinkTop Switch and power cable, whereas Compact doesn't.  

Evolution Essential XTR Vs Select 

Both Evolution Select and Essential XTR are part of InSinkErator's Evolution series. Thus, there are quite a few similarities, such as having the same two-stage grinding technology and chamber capacity. 

However, there are some distinctions as well. Like both differ in terms of power. The Evolution XTR has a ¾ HP motor, while the Evolution Select comes with a 5/8 horsepower motor.  

Evolution Essential XTR Vs Pro 750 

Both XTR and Pro 750 belong to the InSinkErator's high-end Evolution series. As a result, these units are incredibly similar in terms of features and construction.  

For example, both Pro 750 and Essential XTR appliances have a ¾ horsepower Dura-Drive induction motor. Furthermore, they also have multi-grind and SoundSeal technology systems. However, the two main distinctions are that they differ in size and warranty periods.  

Comparing InSinkErator Evolution With Other Brands 

InSinkErator Essential XTR Vs L8000 

Both Evolution Essential XTR and Waste King L-8000 are premium garbage disposals with quite a few similarities and differences.  

They have stainless-steel construction that is meant to last long. Though they have different noise reduction techs, both are very quiet when grinding. However, compared to Essential XTR, L-8000 has more power. It comes with a 1 HP motor.  

InSinkErator Essential XTR Vs Moen GXS75C 

GXS75C from Moen and Evolution XTR from InSinkErator are two of the most commonly used garbage disposals in the US. Both have a ¾ horsepower motor that can grind any food scraps easily. However, unlike Essential XTR, which is made with premium stainless steel, the GXS75C is constructed using galvanized steel. 

People Also Ask (FAQs)

How long does Evolution Essential XTR last? 

Most garbage disposers by InSinkErator, including Evolution Essential XTR, have a lifespan of approx. 10-12 years. After that, they start jamming or clogging more frequently. However, with proper care and maintenance, they can last even longer.  

How do you install the Evolution Essential XTR?  
  • Disconnect the horizontal and p-trap pipe 
  • Detach the down drain pipe 
  • Unfasten the nut  
  • Remove the snap ring 
  • Clean the plumber's putty 
  • Set up the new flange  
  • Install gasket as well flanges 
  • Put on the snap and mounting rings  
  • Take out the dishwasher plug 
  • Attach the electric cover plate 
  • Inject the discharge tube and align it with the drainage pipe 
  • Lock it up and test it 
What to do if my Evolution Essential XTR is not working? 

If your Evolution Essential XTR garbage disposal does not switch on, check if it has any power at the push-button plug. However, if your unit stops all of a sudden, use your jam-buster wrench to spin the motor backward to unclog it. 


InSinkErator disposals are among the most widely used waste disposers in the US. Their Evolution series has some of the best models, including InSinkErator Evolution Essential XTR. It's a high-end device that offers powerful performance, quiet operation, multi-grind technology, and a lot more.  

Holly Curell is the editor extraordinaire for Plumbing Lab. Having grown up in Michigan, Holly has spent time living in New York, Virginia, & currently North Carolina, where she lives with her husband & family. Holly loves DIY & has years of experience with at-home plumbing problems that arise from having 3 kids & living in colder climates. When she's not writing about her plumbing knowledge, Holly enjoys reading, hiking & relaxing with family.