Product Review

InSinkErator Evolution Excel: Garbage Disposal Review

by Andy

Product Review

InSinkErator Evolution Excel: Garbage Disposal Review

by Andy

by Andy

Are you fed up with the old garbage disposal unit in your home because of the problem of jamming up and the delay in the water going down the drain? If so, then it is time you try InSinkErator Evolution Excel review.

This is the garbage disposal system. It contains important features that facilitate waste disposal. It is more efficient and it works in such a way that it continues to feed the disposer with food wastes. It uses 1 horsepower motor, and this possesses a lot of grinding power.

Because of that, you are not going to find it hard to pulverize that garbage that you want to do away with. It is meant to serve its users for a long time and it makes less noise when you use it. Most importantly, it can pulverize different kinds of food wastes.

Features of the InSinkErator Evolution Excel 

This waste disposal unit is unique because of the fantastic features. Here are some of the features that make the system great:


The design is unique because it is a bit larger than many alternatives on the market today. The weight is put at twenty-six pounds and the finishing was perfect as the body was composed of stainless steel finishing.

It was equally designed in such a way that it can be easily mounted and removed. Before you begin to mount, you have to read the instructions carefully. When it is in operation, it does not make any noise and that is because it is fitted with sink baffle.

Size and power

The product is fitted with 1.0 horsepower motor and this is completely insulated. The insulation is to ensure that the disposal does not make noise while it is in operation. It is such powerful that it can squeeze wastes at a fast speed. Because of the power, it can vibrate at a superior speed. It does not contain any power cord, this means that you can buy one if you want it. Everything about the disposer is great and that is why it enjoys seven years guarantee. It is a very powerful machine.


When you are looking for a disposer, one of the most important factors to consider is the noise level. InSinkErator makes the least noise and that is because of the feature. The disposer is produced with the state of the art Sound Seal technology. Because of this, the machine delivers an ultra quiet sound. This means that you can hardly hear the sound when it is working. Moreover, it has a sink baffle; this reduces the noise level as well. It is a user-friendly disposer.

Feed and grinding

This is regarded as evolution excels because of the perfect way it grinds waste. It is fitted with a tri action impeller system. This is great because it makes for three different levels of grinding. This ensures total grinding of the wastes. When the wastes are grinded, it would be liquefied before it would be allowed through the drain to the septic waste system in the home. Because of the three levels grinding levels, you would discover that it is going to grind different kinds of wastes food no matter how tough such food wastes may be.

Seven-years warranty

If you get the InSinkErator Evolution Excel in your home, you are going to like it because it is durable and that means that it is produced with the highest quality stainless steel material. Because of that, you are sure to use the product for many years. Moreover, you are going to enjoy seven years warranty from the makers of the waste disposer. The body as well as the grind chamber is composed of stainless steel material. This ensures that the grinding components are strong enough to withstand constant grinding pressure it would be subjected to.


There are several benefits that you can derive from using this waste disposer in your home and here are the most important among them.

  • It has an impressive grinding power.
  • The installation is easy and simple to do
  • It does make noise when it is in operation.
  • It is durable and enjoys up to seven years warranty.


  • It is very expensive when compared to the size.
  • You need to be familiar with plumbing before you can install the unit in your home.

Extra Features

  • Sound seal technology.
  • Multi grind technology.
  • Stainless steel grinding chamber.
  • 1 horse engine.
  • Seven-years warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the accessories required to install the waste disposer?

You require a power cord, a dishwasher connector, a switch to turn it on and off and it would be connected through 110V.

​Where can I mount it, can it be mounted with an existing mount assemble of previous disposer or should I do it with a new unit?

It can be mounted in the existing line it should fit perfectly well. If you want to replace the existing connection, you can do that. Before you begin, read the installations manuals.


​The InSinkErator Evolution Excel is the most powerful waste disposer grinder you can lay your hands on the market today. It is fitted with superior grinding features and that is why you can achieve a perfect waste disposal through the unit.

The sound seal technology makes it the most user-friendly disposer. Moreover, when you get the brand, you are going to enjoy seven years warranty. It is highly recommended for those who want the best.

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