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What Is A Dual Ice Maker?

by Ian Haynes

Ice makers are a major component of refrigerators. They offer convenience and can be very cost-effective depending on the amount of ice your family consumes.

When it comes time to purchase a new refrigerator, you will come across two ice maker options: a dual ice maker and a single ice maker. But, what is a dual ice maker and how does it compare to the single?  

With all the different products out there, it may seem like a daunting task to figure out just what you need. We've broken down the basics for you to make this an easy and smooth process. Use this guide to figure out exactly what you need! 

In essence, a dual ice maker means more ice! Specifically, there are two dispensers where ice accumulates. In a refrigerator with a dual ice maker, you will find an ice dispenser in the door and an ice bucket in the freezer drawer that accumulates ice.  

Knowing how an ice maker works is important. The two ice makers work independently of each other.

However, the dual ice maker works in the same way as a single ice maker. It uses a dedicated water line to filter and freeze ice in your freezer.  

The dual ice maker will work continuously until the amount of ice is reached that triggers a bail arm to stop the production.

The door dispenser makes enough ice for a single cup, whereas the bucket makes a larger amount of ice that’s good for coolers or sports bottles. A dual ice maker can make about 6 pounds of ice per day before the bail arm is triggered.

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what is a dual ice maker

Pros & Cons Of Dual Ice Makers 

Many people get a refrigerator with a dual ice maker because they want more ice!

Although this seems like a great reason, you should always consider the good and the bad when it comes to getting a refrigerator with a dual ice maker.  

The Good  
  • In-door ice dispenser  
  • Bulk ice for coolers or large place settings 
  • Components work independently, so if one breaks, you still have the other 
  • No making ice in ice trays 
  • It’s convenient 
The Bad 
  • Higher cost for a refrigerator with a dual ice maker 
  • Two areas that run a risk of malfunction 
  • More water consumption

Dual Vs Single Ice Makers: Which Home Fridge Option Is Best?

Having an ice maker in your refrigerator is so convenient, but you may not know if you need a single ice maker or a dual ice maker.

When deciding between the two, there are a few things you should consider: 


Where the ice maker is located in your refrigerator is the primary difference between a dual ice maker and a single ice maker.  

A single ice maker is just one individual ice maker that dispenses ice. The ice maker in these models is located on your refrigerator door.

It allows you a recessed space where you can put a glass and get ice without having to open your freezer. This is a great option if you want quick ice with your refreshments.  

A dual ice maker, on the other hand, has both an ice maker on the door and a compartment to collect ice in your freezer.  

While both provide you access to ice from the door of your refrigerator, there is an added convenience in terms of location to collect ice from your freezer as well. 

dual ice maker vs single ice maker


Another factor to consider when comparing a dual ice maker vs a single ice maker is the amount of ice you will get. If you have a bigger family, this may be a high priority for you.

The average single ice maker will produce about 3 pounds of ice per day. In comparison, the average dual ice maker will produce about 6 pounds of ice per day.

So, if you know that you will need a lot of ice each day, the dual ice maker would be the best option for you.  

Time to Make Ice 

Knowing how long it takes to make ice is also essential. Both the dual and single ice makers go through a cycle to get you ice. Here's how it works: 

  1. 1
    The icemaker module fills the tray with water 
  2. 2
    Then, the water freezes 
  3. 3
    Once the water has frozen, the ice maker dumps ice cubes into the holding bin 
  4. 4
    Ice dispenser shoots ice into your glass 

Typically, a standard refrigerator ice maker will take about 90 minutes to make 8-10 cubes of ice. However, the amount of time it takes to make the ice depends on the refrigerator you get.  

With a dual ice maker, you do have two places to get ice, so if you are waiting on one cycle, the other cycle has most likely already been completed. If you don't like waiting on ice, it may be beneficial to get a dual ice maker.  

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If you are going to be dishing out money for a refrigerator with an ice maker, it’s also important to think about maintenance issues. On average, it costs about $370 to replace or repair an ice maker.  

Obviously, a dual ice maker has more components since it makes ice in two different places. With that being said, there is a potential for the mechanical issues to be doubled when compared to a single ice maker.

However, with a dual ice maker, the two components work individually, so if one of them fails, you still have the other one until you can get it fixed.  

On the other hand, a single ice maker has fewer components that could potentially fail. But, if that one component fails, you do not have a backup.  

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Finally, one of the biggest things to consider when deciding between a dual ice maker and a single ice maker is the price you are willing to pay. While you may like the convenience of a large quantity of ice, the price may not be ideal.  

For a single ice maker, you can expect to pay around $1500. A fridge with a dual ice maker from the same manufacturer will cost you closer to $2500. Additionally, the dual ice maker will use more water which can raise water bill prices.  

When it comes to the cost, the single ice maker is going to be a cheaper option both in your initial purchase and in your water bill.  

dual ice maker refrigerator vs single

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Which refrigerators produce the most ice? 

You will get the most ice from a dual ice maker. A dual ice maker can make about 6 pounds of ice per day. However, different brands can produce more ice than others.

Do LG refrigerators have 2 ice makers? 

Yes, some LG refrigerators do have 2 ice makers. The LG 3-Door French Door Refrigerator has one ice maker in the door and another in the freezer.  

How much do dual ice makers typically cost? 

A dual ice maker refrigerator typically costs anywhere from $1500 to $3400. This depends on the brand you want.  


Picking out new appliances can be a daunting task, but when you are chucking out a good amount of money, you want to be sure you are getting exactly what you need. Use this guide to help you determine the best ice maker refrigerator for your needs.  

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