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Hanging Icicle Christmas Lights On Gutter Guards

As we near the merry season, we have compiled a guide to help you learn how to hang icicle Christmas lights with gutter guards safely.

by Josh Mitchell

During the Christmas season, Christmas lights are all the rage and create a beautiful atmosphere for homeowners. 

Icicle Christmas lights are one of the most popular light choices because they add more "light" to the home, with each dangling icicle piece holding several little light bulbs.  

As we near the merry season, we have compiled a guide to help you learn how to hang icicle Christmas lights with gutter guards safely.  

When you think of hanging Christmas lights in gutter guard areas, you might wonder what type of light would make the most sense.

We prefer using icicle Christmas lights in gutter guard areas because they help to disguise the guard and draw the eye towards the light.  

We also recommend using lights that can be hung with an S hook or shingle hook. These lights are easiest to hang up with gutter guards for a stress-free holiday season.  

What Type Of Christmas Lights Are Perfect To Hang In Gutters Guards

Things to Keep in Mind Before Hanging Christmas Lights to Gutter Guards  

Always untangle and check the lights 

Before you begin to hang your Christmas lights, we always recommend untangling the lights first. Too many tangles are frustrating to deal with outdoors, and it's more comfortable to untangle indoors (particularly in inclement weather). 

We also recommend checking to make sure that the lights work. If the lights do not work or if specific light bulbs on the strand will not turn on, we recommend buying new lights.  

It’s best to not do this alone if possible 

Always try to hang your lights with another person. Someone should ideally be holding the ladder so that you can focus on hanging your lights.  

Ladder safety is very important 

Too many people are careless when using ladders, and this leads to injuries every year. Make sure that you use your ladder carefully. Check for steady, even ground before using the ladder and get someone to hold your ladder for you.  

Seasonal considerations  

Remember that it can be expensive to run Christmas lights, so only hang what you can afford to run each night. You may also want to add additional Christmas decorations that require power, so make sure your home can power each decor piece before using them.  

Steps On How To Hang Icicle Christmas Lights With Gutter Guards  

The first step for hanging icicle Christmas lights is to gather your lights and make sure that they are untangled and that they work. Next, it’s time to get out your light hook clips. We recommend choosing light hook clips that can be used with a mesh gutter guard. If you do not have a mesh gutter guard, we recommend using a shingle hook.  

The second step is choosing a partner to help you hang your lights and acquiring a ladder to help hang them. Your partner needs to hold the ladder and keep it steady, so you can focus on threading the hooks and lights across the roof.  

For mesh gutter guards, place a small gutter clip under each individual light bulb. Then, position the extension cord (if you have one) or the end of the light cord near the outlet. Ascend the ladder and start to move bulb by bulb along the gutter. Clip each bulb in as you go. Keep going until you have hung your icicle lights across the entire roofline.  

For shingle hooks, follow the same pattern as the mesh gutter guards but instead of clipping onto the gutter guard, hook each bulb onto the shingle. The flat piece on the hook is what you slide underneath the shingle. For more information, watch this video from the Christmas Light Installation Pros Association. 

Other Ways to Hang Christmas Lights on Your Roof  

Roof Shingles 

Using roof shingles is a great way to bypass gutter guards and hang your Christmas lights on your roof. We recommend attaching the gutter clip for your lights to the last row of shingles on your roof.

However, this method only works if your shingles do not fall into the gutter. If this happens, the gutter clip will create an excess backlog of debris.  

Fascia Board  

Another option for hanging Christmas lights is using gutter clips that attach to a fascia board. Most homes come with a metal fascia board beneath the gutter, which makes them a perfect place for lights. You can attach Christmas lights to the fascia board by using a light hanger and stringing them along.  

Ways To Hang Christmas Lights On Your Roof

People also Ask (FAQs)

Can you hang Christmas lights on LeafGuard gutters? 

Yes! You can hang Christmas lights on Leaf Guard gutters. We recommend using an S hook or a shingle hook to keep the Christmas lights securely connected to the gutter.  

Can you use gutter hooks with gutter guards? 

Yes, you can use gutter hooks with gutter guards. Make sure that you purchase a gutter hook specifically designed for your gutter guard type (wire mesh or stainless steel covering).  

How do I measure my roof line for Christmas lights? 

We recommend measuring your roofline for Christmas lights using a measuring tape. This is an accurate method and will help you choose the best Christmas lights for your roof.  


Christmas lights help brighten up your home during the holiday season and make everyone feel the holiday spirit. Protecting your roof by using gutter guards is a great way to maintain your roof and doesn’t mean that you have to skip the lights. 

Pick up a pack of icicle Christmas lights today and transform your roof into a magical Christmas experience.  

Josh enjoys researching, testing and diving into home improvement & DIY products. He has a passion for tools, learning new skills and fixing the everyday problems that arise around the house.