How to Install a Tankless Hot Water Heater

by Andy

How to Install a Tankless Hot Water Heater

by Andy

by Andy
How to Install a Tankless Hot Water Heater

Having a constant supply of hot water in your home comes with some unexplainable peace of mind. Fortunately, tankless hot water heaters are in place to save the day as they provide instant hot water. Unlike the traditional water heaters that relied on tanks to store hot water, tankless hot water systems are in place to ensure that you save some energy and allow you to maximize on the space in your home that would have otherwise been consumed by big water tanks. The fact that tankless hot water heaters only heat water when you need shows that you do not have to worry about your bills even when you are out on vacation. 

Installing a tankless hot water heater is not as tricky as it may appear on paper. Given the benefits that come with it, it is only wise to install a tankless hot water heater in your home if you do not have one already.


Just like any other DIY procedure, you will need the following tools and materials to install a tankless hot water heater successfully: 

  • Copper pipe
  • Flux
  • Polish
  • check
    Source of heat
  • check
    Disconnect switches

After gathering the above requirements, proceed to following the steps below:
1. Remove the Old Heating System
More often than not, you will need to remove the old heating system in your home before you can install a new one. However, if you did not have one before, worry not because it makes the task easier. At this stage, you can also determine where you want to set up your tankless hot water heater.

2. Measuring and Cutting
Start by measuring and cutting your copper pipe according to your desired size. After cutting, burr and polish the pipe, then carefully apply flux and make a tight fitting. To ensure that the copper pipes do not become loose, dry fit them.

3. Drill the Holes
Depending on your type of wall, pre drill the holes where you are going to fix the expansion anchors and fit the pipe clip tightly in place. Once done, sweat the plumbing joints by using your source of heat (such as a gas burner) to heat the ends of your pipe to make way for a tighter soldering together.

4. Install Your Hot Water System
This is where it becomes a little bit tricky, but manageable. Start by using a shut-off valve to install your iron gas piping then proceeded placing a dirt leg on your system. To cover the pipe’s threads, use a Teflon tape.

The next step is to install the piping of the vent while at the same time seeing to it that the outlet faces away from the windows, ventilations or doors of your house. You might also need to install disconnect switches besides the water heater. It is important to note that before powering the system, first run the water to make sure that it runs smoothly.


It is my hope that you find this procedure of installing a tankless hot water heater useful. As you may have noticed, installing this water heater will save you a lot of energy, it takes up less space, it is easy to install and saves on water as well. Every home needs one of these.
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