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Lemon In A Garbage Disposal? (Will It Clean Or Clog)

Can lemon peels go in the garbage disposal? Read this review to find out more about how lemon peels can make your life easier.

by Ian Haynes

Garbage disposals are an innovative cleaning tool found in kitchens across the globe. They can make cleaning up after dinner an easy task but can be tough to clean.

However, some foods can help make cleaning less of a chore.

Can lemon peels go in the garbage disposal? Read this review to find out more about how lemon peels can make your life easier.

Putting lemon in the garbage disposal can be highly beneficial for your system. 

Both the rind and the fruit can work together to clean the pipes' blades and sides; the essential oils cut through any grime and particles with ease. Another benefit of using lemons in the garbage disposal is the fresh lemon smell that freshens your kitchen in moments.

Lemon peels are a natural and eco-friendly option to bolster your garbage disposal cleaning routine.

However, using them every day can cause the citrus acid to damage your system. Use lemons with ice and cold water for effective cleaning anytime. Another option is oranges!


How To Clean Garbage Disposals With Lemons?

Want to know how to clean garbage disposals with lemons? Simply:

  • Cut an old or partially used lemon into wedges.
  • Squeeze some old lemon juice into the system and let it sit for a few minutes.
  • Run cold water through your system.
  • Please turn on the disposal and add one lemon wedge at a time until it's gone.
  • If necessary, run cold water through the system again.

To clean the opening:

  • Mash and rub a lemon ride over the metal opening and flaps to remove grime.
  • Dispose of the rind through the disposal as described above.

The ice and lemon peel method:

  • Pour a cup of ice cubes and chopped lemon peels into the disposal.
  • Run cold water through the on disposal for 30 seconds.
  • Turn off the disposal.
  • Rinse your disposal system with hot water for around 15 seconds.
lemon with ice

Other Refreshers to Get Rid Of Foul Odor & Clean Garbage Disposals

Baking Soda Garbage Disposal Refreshers

Baking soda has long been a housewife staple for alternative cleaning. You can create your own homemade tablets to remove foul odors from the disposal. If you need a recipe, we recommend trying something like this.

Vinegar Garbage Disposal Refreshers

Out of baking soda but need to remove some nasty odors fast? There are white vinegar cleaning solutions and recipes that can help. We recommend giving something like this a try.


What are other alternatives to dispose of lemons?

Suppose you do not wish to put your old lemons through the disposal. In that case, we recommend composting, drying or soaking them for fragrance, or putting them in a regular waste bin or trash compactor.

Do lemons kill odors?

Lemons cover rather than kill or absorb garbage disposal odors.


Are lemons good for your garbage disposal? They are suitable for occasional use, as the juice can erode or damage your system with overuse. Regardless, lemon peels can be a great way to help clean your garbage disposal system.

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