How To Guide

How to Install a Garbage Disposal Correctly & Efficiently

Learn how to add a food waste system quickly and easily

by Andy

How To Guide

How to Install a Garbage Disposal Correctly & Efficiently

Learn how to add a food waste system quickly and easily

by Andy

by Andy

A garbage disposal is also known as a garburator; it is a useful appliance in the kitchen that grinds food waste so it could easily pass through the pipes. Having a garbage disposal unit has become a necessity for every kitchen. Its primary function is to turn unwanted food remnants into smaller forms, to help flush it down the drain pipe to reduce the unpleasant smell in the kitchen and to also reduce waste. 

It also saves you from methane gas which comes from the accumulation of unwanted food waste. Installing a garbage disposal is not much of a task if you have the right pieces of equipment and follow the basic instructions.

There are two types of garbage disposals; the batch feed and the continuous feed. The batch feed is different from the continuous feed because it comes with a lid. Some garbage disposals require an electrical switch.

​Steps on How to Install a Garbage Disposal

1. Getting the right type of garbage disposal

Try to find out the type of waste disposal you need. You should consider the noise level if noise is an issue in your environment. Also, if you have kids at home, then you may take into account getting the batch feed. The batch feed garbage disposal is quite pricey because it requires a stopper due to the operation which will help in avoiding accidents in homes with kids.

2. Gather the right tools and supplies

In the hope of getting a proper garbage disposal, you’ll have to acquire the following tools to get a complete installation.

  • A disposer wrench
  • Plumber’s putty
  • A screwdriver
  • An electrical cord
  • Safety devices, including goggles and dust mask

3. Turn off the power supply

To avoid being electrocuted while installing the disposal.

4. Removing an old disposal

​If there was an old disposal, then get rid of it. Detach the dishwasher if yours comes with one; although not all disposals come with a dishwasher.

  • Take off the disposal
  • Separate what’s left of the mounting parts, you can do this by taking off the sink sleeve and the ring on it, the flange, etc.

5. Installing a new disposal

  • • Wire the garbage disposal: some garbage disposals will come with electrical cables attached, and some do not, but if yours doesn't, then just follow the producer’s instructions by studying the consumer’s manual book.
  • Install the drain flange: Apply the plumber’s putty to the bottom of the drain flange which is located under the sink, then bring in the flange and into the drain tool and push and press into it vigorously. Then turn on the backup ring, fiber gasket, and mounting ring.
  • Working from under the sink: here you’ll make use of a driver to tighten the mounting ring sharply against the sink. It aids in alternating the sides, repeat the screwing Make use of a knife, in case you're screwing with the drive isn’t as high as you think, so the plumber’s putty would not have to fall out during use.

Check out this video for step-by-step installation guide:

6. Put up the garbage disposal

Place the waste disposal unit into the ring and be certain the disposal is in the right position to face the connection of the drain pipe. Squeeze the unit placement firmly so that it stays in place.

7. Connecting the disposal

Try to measure the drainage pipe of the disposal.

8. Confirm your disposal

Now you can turn on the power, test it by running water into the sink to prove that your work is perfect or not.

​Final Verdict​

Using a garbage disposal will help rid your kitchen of bad smells, thus giving you a better smelling kitchen. It will save you from heavy trash cans, and it makes cleaning up easier and faster. Finally, it would save you a lot of money that would've been spent paying plumbers. If you choose to install the disposal yourself, then you need to follow the basic steps listed above, or you could employ the service of a professional.​

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