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Igloo Ice Maker Troubleshooting Guide

In this Igloo ice maker troubleshooting guide we look at various problems, resetting & cleaning.

by Ian Haynes

In the world of ice makers, Igloo is a brand that has your back. However, all ice makers will need fixing or replacing eventually; whether old age or an accident happens, parts may need to be replaced or repaired.

We have plenty of tips to help you fix your Igloo ice maker by troubleshooting.  

  • Water is put into the reservoir. 
  • This water passed through the molds. 
  • Cooling prongs freeze the water. 
  • Spikes heat up to let the newly formed ice cubes into the bucket. 

Igloo takes this a step further in their portable ice makers by using metal rods that cool to freeze the water and heat to let the ice fall into the bucket. 

These cylindrical ice cubes stand out in the market, and Igloo makes their machines highly easy to use 

Ice With Glass Of Coke

What Do Igloo Ice Maker Light Indicators Mean? 

Igloo ice machines come with handy light systems that can help it tell you what it needs. However, these lights can sometimes be confusing, especially if you no longer have the manual. We break down what they mean down below. 

  • Power On LED Indicator 
    Most Igloo power on LED lights will light up red when on standby and white when the machine is on and ready to make ice. 
  • Add Water Light 
    The water reservoir in the back is vital to the ice-making process. The light indicator will come on when the water needs to be refilled. 
  • Ice Full Light 
    Ice makers are only so large; the ice full light typically means that the ice bucket is full and needs to be emptied or have some ice removed.  
  • S (Small Ice Cube Indicator) 
    Igloo ice makers have a variety of sizes or shapes of ice cubes to choose from. The small ice cube indicator lights up to let you know that you have selected the small ice cube function. 
  • L (Large Ice Cube Indicator) 
    As with above, the large ice cube indicator is designed to let you know that the ice maker is currently in large ice cube mode rather than small. 

Igloo Ice Maker Troubleshooting Guide: Most Common Problems 

As amazing as ice makers can be, they can have functionality issues just like any other tech. We have some Igloo portable ice maker troubleshooting tips to help you fix your machine at home. 

1. Does Not Eject/Make Ice 

If your Igloo ice maker is not ejecting or making ice, there are a couple of issues that may be causing it. It may be that the ambient temperature inside the ice maker or the water temperature is too high. Most ice makers need to be 90 degrees or less internally to function well.

We recommend replacing the water with very cold water and seeing if that helps. 

If replacing the water does not help, you may have a refrigerant leak or blockage. You will find a lot of a liquid or sticky substance around your ice maker if this is the case. If there is a leak, we recommend taking your ice maker to a qualified professional to help repair it. 

2. No Power & Not Working  

If you find that your ice maker is not turning on, we recommend: 

  • Checking that the ice maker is plugged in 
  • Inspecting the cord to see if it is damaged 
  • Trying a different power outlet 
  • Check if the LED light indicator is broken 

It is possible to replace the LED light indicator yourself, but we recommend either replacing your ice maker or taking it to a professional for a proper repair.  

3. Says Add Water  

If you add water indicator is going off, we recommend trying to: 

  • Turn the unit off and on again 
  • Filling the reservoir to the line 
  • Pressing the power button 

If this does not work: 

  • Turn off the machine 
  • Remove some ice 
  • Turn the machine on 

If these two options do not work, it may be that the sensor is damaged or broken. In this case, we recommend taking your machine to a professional for repair.  

4. Says Ice Basket Is Full 

Some potential fixes for an ice bucket full indicator include: 

  • Removing some ice 
  • Emptying the bucket entirely 
  • Turning off the machine and removing some ice 
  • Inspecting the sensor to see if it is broken 

If the sensor is the source of the issues, we recommend taking it to a professional for repair. It is possible to find a new sensor replacement and repairing it yourself but contacting customer support if your product is under warranty is often easier and cheaper. 

5. Tray Is Stuck 

It is sometimes possible for your ice bucket tray to become stuck or jammed in the ice maker during use. If this occurs, try checking for ice at the bottom or broken parts. Ice can be chipped away gently with a blunt thin object which may free your ice tray. 

Be careful not to damage or crack the tray if you do try to release it this way. If parts are broken, we recommend taking your Igloo ice maker to a professional for repairs.  

6. Ice Is Cloudy, smelly, or tastes weird 

If you find that your ice is cloud, smells odd, or has a strange taste, it may be due to a variety of reasons. The most common reason will be that the filter needs cleaning or replacing. If you live in a hard water area, your water will have calcium and magnesium deposits that can affect the look and taste of your water. 

If changing the filter does not work, we recommend cleaning your ice maker thoroughly and using only bottled or high-quality water for your ice cubes.  

7. Ice Has Plastic Bits Inside 

Plastic pieces can enter your ice when there is damage or breakage on the internal parts. This damage can come from a manufacturing issue, an issue during transport, or user accidents. 

If your ice maker is over five years old, it would be best to replace it immediately. If your ice maker is relatively new, we recommend cleaning it out and contacting the manufacturer if it remains under warranty. Depending on the warranty, you may get a professional to repair it or a new model for free. 

Learn How To Reset Portable Igloo Ice Makers 

Running into issues with any piece of tech is likely. Do Igloo ice makers have a reset button? While turning your machine on and off is integral to the troubleshooting process, it is worth noting that some Igloo models have reset buttons.  

As a rule, the following three methods can help you reset your Igloo ice maker: 

Method one: 

  • 1
    Unplug from the wall or power source. 
  • 2
    Drain the water reservoir completely. 
  • 3
    Open the lid and empty the ice basket. 
  • 4
    Clean the metal tubes with a soft, clean cloth. 
  • 5
    Close the ice maker lid. 
  • 6
    Plug in the ice maker to an outlet. 
  • 7
    Turn the machine back on. 
  • 8
    Press and hold the power button on the ice makers for 10-12 seconds. 
  • 9
    Let it rest for 30 minutes. 
  • 10
    Turn on and test it out for any issues. 

Method two: 

  • 1
    Unplug the Igloo for a few hours. 
  • 2
    Turn it on and check it works. 

Method three: 

  • 1
    Unplug the Igloo from a power source. 
  • 2
    Adjust the ice shovel and pusher by pushing it back and forth a few times, according to the manual. 

How To Clean Igloo Ice Makers: Easy Step By Step Guide 

Part of caring for your Igloo ice maker involved regular cleaning and maintenance. How do you clean an Igloo ice maker? We cover the basics below. 

  • 1
    Unplug the unit. 
  • 2
    Remove the ice basket and scoop. Wash them carefully in warm soapy water and dry them with a towel. 
  • 3
    Use the same cloth and soapy water, then carefully scrub the internal and external parts of the ice maker. You may need a cleaning toothbrush to get at the nooks and crannies or internal parts. 
  • 4
    If you have not used your ice maker for a while, we recommend removing any water in the reservoir and removing the water drain plug and any water inside. 
  • 5
    Dry everything off with a towel and reassemble. 
  • 6
    Plug the ice machine back in and use it as normal. 

We recommend cleaning your ice maker at least 2-4 times a year, or every three months. When you encounter any issues, cleaning your ice maker is a good starting point to helping fix it. 

Soapy Water In Sink

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Do Igloo ice makers keep ice frozen? 

Some Igloo ice maker models do have the ability to keep ice frozen, but not all do. We recommend reading the product descriptions carefully to ensure that you have the right one before purchasing.  

Should you turn off your Igloo ice maker once finished with it? 

It is possible to always keep your ice maker on. However, if you are going away for more than a few days, we recommend cleaning it out and turning it off. 

How do you get mold out of an Igloo ice maker? 

Removing mold from an ice maker requires thorough disinfecting and sanitization. We recommend finding a manufacturer-approved cleaner and following your manual instructions carefully to clean it properly.  

How long do Igloo ice makers last? 

Igloo ice makers typically last between three to five years. However, the exact length of time depends on a variety of factors, including how regular and thorough the maintenance and cleaning is, how well you handle it, how well built it is, and more.  


An Igloo ice maker is essential for refreshing summertime drinks or your morning cold brew. Knowing how to reset Igloo ice makers and how to perform regular Igloo ice maker cleaning is key to taking care of it. 

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