Product Review

Insinkerator Evolution Septic Assist: Garbage Disposal Review

by Andy

Product Review

Insinkerator Evolution Septic Assist: Garbage Disposal Review

by Andy

by Andy

​Are you sick of having to separate the food from the dishes that you use for meals?

Do you wish there was a better way to help make your cleanup go by even faster?

If your answer was yes to one or both of these questions, then you could benefit from the use of a garbage disposal in your home! More specifically, you could benefit from this disposer produced by Insinkerator.

While a lot of the garbage disposals you will find may do the job for most people, this particular garbage disposal is going to do the job for everyone! Whether you’re looking for the quiet SoundSeal Technology, the MultiGrind feature, the stainless steel components or the four-year in-home warranty, you will not be disappointed if you choose to buy this particular disposer. Read  Insinkerator Evolution Septic Assist Review here....

Features of the Insinkerator Evolution Septic Assist 

SoundSeal Technology

When it comes to garbage disposals, the last thing you want to deal with is a noisy one.

It can be a total nuisance to use in the kitchen and you may find that you can’t use it when you would like to because it can wake up members of your family.

With the SoundSeal technology on this garbage disposal, you’ll have a quiet experience every time you use the disposal.

MultiGrind Technology

The main purpose of a garbage disposal is to make sure that all of the waste you put into the sink is being removed and grinded finely enough to go into the sewage system or the septic tank for your house.

With this one, the multigrind technology has a two-stage grind process to quickly grind virtually any food waste that goes in so you get the performance you want.

​Stainless Steel

​Since a garbage disposal can be a relatively expensive cost, especially if you buy this one, you want to make sure that it is going to last you for a long time and you don’t want to have to replace it. This particular unit has a 40 ounce stainless steel grind chamber and grind components to help improve the durability and longevity of this disposer.

​3/4 Horsepower Motor

​The motor of your garbage disposal is going to be one of the most important part of your unit because you want to make sure you have enough power to grind all of the food you put into it. When it comes to this unit, you’re going to get a 3/4 horsepower motor that will handle just about anything you happen to put into it.

​Four-Year Warranty

​Since it is a bigger purchase for your house, it’s nice to know that you’re going to be covered and you won’t have to worry about it breaking or malfunctioning on you. With this particular unit, you’re going to get a four-year warranty to protect against anything that might go wrong. If there is a problem, they will come to your house and fix it for you.


  • Technology works to give the quietest performance of most garbage disposals.
  • Two-stage grind that quickly grinds almost any food waste.
  • Stainless steel components provide longevity.
  • 3/4 horsepower.
  • Induction motor for great power.
  • Four-year warranty included with purchase.


  • No power cord included, have to buy your own.
  • Unit is pretty large and takes up a lot of room under the sink.
  • Motor could be more powerful as it takes a while to accomplish some tasks.

Extra Features

  • SoundSeal Technology.
  • MultiGrind Technology.
  • 40 ounce stainless steel grind chamber.
  • Stainless steel grind components.
  • ¾ horsepower dura-drive induction motor.
  • Four-year in-home warranty included.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hook up a dishwasher to this particular garbage disposal? If so, are the parts included to do it?

Yes this garbage disposal can be hooked up to a dishwasher! If you wish to do so, you will need to purchase the dishwasher connection kit on your own.

I saw that this doesn’t include a power cord. Does that mean there is an option for it to be hard-wired?

Yes it can be hard-wired if you want it to be. The screw terminals are easily accessible so installing it should be no problem.

Can this be used with a septic tank?

Yes! This garbage disposal is completely safe for use with your septic system so you will not have to worry about that!

​Final Verdict

​You may have already noticed this by now, but when it comes to finding a garbage disposal system that is going to do just about everything you could want it to, you’re going to have a really hard time finding a better deal than this particular unit.

While a lot of the disposers you’ll find offer some great features, this is one of the only ones that offers excellent features such as quiet technology, grinding technology, stainless steel parts, and a motor with a great warranty. If you decide to go with this garbage disposal, you will not be disappointed.

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