Product Review

InSinkErator Evolution: Garbage Disposal Review

by Andy

Product Review

InSinkErator Evolution: Garbage Disposal Review

by Andy

by Andy

Is your old garbage disposal functioning as it should?

Did you move into a house with a damaged garbage disposal unit? 

You don’t have to put up with an inferior brand, with the InSinkErator Evolution; you can be assured of proper food waste disposal at all times. According to InSinkErator Evolution review, the unit comes with powerful induction motors fitted with cutting edge grind technology.

They are designed to reduce the amount of noise generated allowing silent operation at all times. It delivers exceptional performance by disposing off more volume, more food waste and tackling more challenges than any other brand.

Features of the InSinkErator Evolution

Multigrind technology

The InSinkErator Evolution is fitted with powerful induction motors which allow for multigrind stages.

Majority of food waste thrown into the garbage disposal can be difficult to grind but thanks to the multi grind technology, the InSinkErator Evolution garbage disposal can handle it. It has a 3 grind stage which ensures all food waste is ground to the smallest pieces with ease.

It eliminates the existence of large pieces of food chunks that would clog the drain pipe during disposal.

Stainless-steel grind chamber and grind components

Today, it is common to find inferior garbage disposal units in the market. They are made with plastic parts and a few metallic components. This is the reason why they do not last.

With the InSinkErator Evolution, it is made with stainless steel both the body and metallic grinding parts. Stainless steel is known to be a tough and long lasting metal. It does not rust thus assuring one of longevity. This makes InSinkErator Evolution not only a reputable brand but also a long lasting garbage disposal.

SoundSeal technology

According to InSinkErator Evolution, the unit comes with the SoundSeal technology. It ensures an ultra quite performance when compared to a standard disposer. The state of art technology integrated with the InSinkErator Evolution makes it possible for home owners to hold conversations in their normal voices.

This can happen in the same room where the garbage disposal is located. The SoundSeal technology has superior insulation around the induction motors plus an anti vibration sink mount and an anti vibration tail pipe. All this helps to ensure that no sound vibrations exist. Furthermore, the sink baffle helps to prevent sound from escaping the throat of the garbage disposal.

Easy to install

The InSinkErator Evolution is designed to be easy to install. The model has the popular stainless steel Quick lock sink unit mount. All you have to do in order to install the garbage disposal is to twist off the old disposal unit. Place it aside and twist in the InSinkErator Evolution garbage disposal. Connect the unit to the power socket allowing it to function. Before starting the unit, you need to ensure it is tightly locked.

Parts and labor warranty

According to the InSinkErator Evolution the manufacture provides the “we come to you parts and labor warranty.” This is an exclusive 7 year limited warranty that includes free house calls for parts and labor during the entire warranty period. This is offered through a network of 1500 professional service agents who are trained and certified to install, repair and replace the InSinkErator Evolution model.


  • Features the multi grind technology which grinds tough foods like celery, apple cores and small bones.
  • Made with stainless steel for the body and grinding blades.
  • ​Easy to install.
  • ​Comes with a limited parts and labor warranty that features free house calls.
  • ​Has the SoundSeal technology that ensures ultra quite performance.


  • The power cord is not included.
  • The unit is quite heavy and can be difficult to maneuver under the sink.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can it fit with my existing mounting assembly?

Yes, it should since they are a standard connection.

Do I need to purchase a power cord?

You don’t have to if you are replacing an older garbage disposal. You can use the power cord of the old garbage disposal unit.

Can I attach it to my toilet?

It is designed for the kitchen plus if you are looking for a garbage disposal unit for your toilet, you need to change your diet.

Final Verdict

The InSinkErator Evolution is designed to be an excellent garbage disposal for home owners. It has the SoundSeal technology that ensures ultra quite performance. With the multigrind technology, you are assured of complete grinding especially difficult foods like apple cores and small bones.

The manufacturer provides a 7 year limited warranty that includes free house calls, free parts and labor. It is easy to install as all you need is to twist off the old unit and twist on the new unit. Make the connection with a power cord before starting the unit. All in all, I highly recommend home owners to purchase the InSinkErator Evolution review for their kitchen.

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