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Best Little Giant Sump Pumps Reviewed

Little Giant has become the leading manufacturer of sump pumps and wastewater removal motors. Find a top-rated model below.

by Matt Moran

We have reviewed and rated the best Little Giant sump pumps on the market. Find a high-quality model for light commercial and residential use. A flooded basement can be a huge problem for some homeowners, so how do you remove the water? The perfect device for this is called a sump pump. These devices sit in a basin in your basement. Once the basin starts to fill up with water, the sump pump’s sensors detect and remove the water out of your basement to a designated drainage system.

In this article, I will review the Little Giant range of sump pumps. Little Giant was created in 1944 under the parent company of Franklin Electric. The founders, Kehoe and Schaffer, created the first submersible electric motor in 1954. From there, Little Giant has become the leading manufacturer of sump pumps and wastewater removal motors. They still manufacture their sump pumps in Fort Wayne, IN. Check out this buyer’s guide to find a Little Giant sump pump to help you remove stillwater from storm shelters and basements.



Gallons Per Hour


NPT Discharge

Check Price

No products found.

Little Giant GIDDS-521252 12393


⅓ HP

1 ½  Inches

Little Giant WE20G05P4-21 115 Volt, 1/2 HP,...

Little Giant WE20G05P4-21


½ HP

1 ¼ Inches

Little Giant 508158 8-CIA 2700 GPH Automatic...

Little Giant 508158


2/5 HP

1 ½  Inches

Little Giant 506160, 6-CIA-ML 115 Volt, 1/3...

Little Giant 506160 51979


⅓ HP

1 ½  Inches

Little Giant 5-MSP 115-Volt 1/6 HP, 1200 GPH...

Little Giant 505025


⅙ HP

1 Inch

Little Giant 6-CIM-R 115-Volt, 1/3 HP, 2750...

Little Giant 506274


⅓ HP

1 ½  Inches

Little Giant 505700 5.5 ASP Submersible Sump...

Little Giant 505700


¼ HP

1 ¼ Inches

Why Choose Little Giant?

When choosing a sump pump that will protect your basement from flooding, you expect the best in the business. Little Giant provides its customers with the best customer service and warranty available. Little Giant offers a 2-year warranty on all of their sump pumps. They offer the best customer service, so if you ever have any issues, you can place a call to them for assistance. 

Another helpful feature that Little Giant offers is its internal diaphragm float switch. It allows or automatic control of sump pumps in water. It is designed to operate in small spaces and sump pump chambers. It detects when the water level is excessive and automatically turns the pump on to remove it.

Little Giant also offers many different accessories that other companies don’t provide. They offer float switches, pressure switches, and check valves so that you can get the most out of your sump pump. You can find a detailed list of accessories in the buyer’s guide below.

Little Giant Sump Pump Styles and Material Types


  • Submersible
    Little Giant first designed these models. They can be fully submerged underwater and are designed to work even if the sump pit is full of water. They feature a motor that is housed in a waterproof casing so that they are quiet and efficient. They come with a waterproof sensor that detects when the water level is too high. Once activated, an impeller pumps water out of the sump.
  • Pedestal
    These models are designed to sit above the floor level and out of the water. They feature a long hose that extends down into the sump pit. They usually are cheaper and easier to maintain. They are often louder than submersible sump pumps, so if you are searching for a quiet solution, you will want to go with a submersible.
  • Automatic
    Little Giant offers automatic sump pumps in both pedestal and submersible styles. Automatic models, as opposed to manual ones, feature a float switch that activates the pump when the water level reaches a certain point. Once the water is drained, the pump will switch off.
submersible and pedestal

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  • Cast Iron
    Most experts would agree that this material type is superior to plastic. While generally more expensive, they feature heavy cast iron parts that are more durable than plastic.
  • Thermoplastic
    These models are less expensive than cast iron, but may not last as long. They are lighter and easier to install. The plastic materials are treated with a heat resistant coating to extend their life as much as possible.

7 Best Little Giant Sump Pumps Reviewed

1. Little Giant GIDDS-521252 12393

Some customers may be on the hunt for the absolute best model available. I chose the GIDDS model as the best Little Giant sump pump on the market. It performed extremely well, and it sits nicely at that midrange in terms of power and price.

This model is fully submersible, which makes it quiet. You won’t be able to hear it once it clicks on to dispel wastewater. It features an automatic pump so that you will never have to worry about manually switching it on. It will protect your basement from flooding without you ever being aware of it. The ⅓ HP motor is capable of moving 2760 GPH of water. This motor size is ideal for light to moderate basement flooding. The ½ inch NPT discharge will allow small debris to pass through.

I thought that this Little Giant model would satisfy most user’s plumbing needs. It is a great mid-range product for people who only experience moderate flooding. It may be underpowered for extreme flooding, so keep that in mind.

As Greg noted, “The best pump out there. I love this pump because in all the years of needing a sump pump for my home I never had to worry about the float being hung up on debris in the tank.”

2. Little Giant WE20G05P4-21

Currently On Sale
Little Giant WE20G05P4-21 115 Volt, 1/2 HP,...
  • APPLICATIONS: ideal for filtered effluent...
  • BUILT TO LAST: Franklin Electric submersible...
  • Hex rubber bearing has extra-large surface...
  • Stainless steel up thrust washer prevents...

If you are searching for a more powerful model than the previous one, then this is a good place to start. I chose the WE series unit as the best ½ HP Little Giant sump pump. It also differs in that it is a high head device. They are designed for deeper water applications up to 160 ft.

The WE series model is submersible like many other Little Giant sump pumps, but it is designed for deeper submersion. This model can be used as a sump pump for your basement. It can also be used for ornamental fountains, sprinkler systems, and other deep water systems.

It is not an automatic sump pump but is switched on by a manual switch. It comes with a 1 ¼ inch NPT discharge, which is slightly smaller than other models. It will allow only minor debris to pass through. The ½ HP engine will dispel 1200 GPH when submerged at 100 ft. I was impressed that the pump could still move water at great depths without taking forever.

According to Michel, who purchased due to septic issues, “It didn't take long before this workhorse of a water pump had pumped out all the water to the sprinklers in my pasture!”

3. Little Giant 508158

Little Giant 508158 8-CIA 2700 GPH Automatic...
  • Applications include basement pumps,...
  • Oil-filled motor housing for lifetime...
  • 4/10 HP shaded pole motor
  • Protective epoxy coating for corrosion...

Many people that are reading this buyer’s guide may need a unit that is designed for heavier flooding or business use. I chose the Little Giant 508158 model as the best for light commercial use. It is ideal for plumber’s or water irrigation specialists that need a high powered pump for water transfer applications.

The 8-series model features a 0.4 HP motor that can move water quickly and efficiently at 2700 GPH. While the motor is smaller than the previously reviewed models, it still delivers the transfer speed that many users need. The epoxy coated cast iron casing is designed for continuous use even at high temperatures. It features an automatic float switch design that will run without interference.

The 1 ½ inch NPT discharge is capable of moving small to medium size debris through. Like the models above, it is also submersible. It can be used in sump pits, pools, or water fountains. One feature that I liked about the 8-series units was that it could run continuously for years without any mishaps. Many users reported continuous use for more than 10 years.

One purchaser used this for commercial use and stated, “I use this product to pump the water out in a water fountain at the metro-link in the City of Montebello California. Works great!”

4. Little Giant 506160 51979

Little Giant 506160, 6-CIA-ML 115 Volt, 1/3...
  • BUILT TO LAST: Epoxy-coated cast iron...
  • CONTINUOUS DUTY MOTOR: 1/3 HP shaded pole...
  • APPLICATIONS: designed for compact under sink...

This model, like the GIDDS model above, comes with a slightly smaller motor than other products. I chose the 56160 unit as the best ⅓ HP Little Giant sump pump. At this amount of horsepower, you will be able to move water quickly and effectively. It is not a high head model like product 2 on our list, so it should not be used for deep water situations.

This model is able to continuously move 1740 GPH with ease. It has the same cast iron body as the products above, so it should last for many years without replacement. It is submersible up to 18 feet, which makes it ideal for sump pits to move water out of your crawl space.

The integrated float switch will turn on the pump at 7 to 10 inches, then switch it off at 1 to 4 inches. If you need a sump pump for basement flooding, then this model will suit your needs perfectly. It moves water from the sump pit to the drainage system without me even being aware of it. The operation was very quiet.

One customer in New York noted, "Easy to install. My last Little Giant lasted over 13 years. Pumps very quiet.”

5. Little Giant 505025

Little Giant 5-MSP 115-Volt 1/6 HP, 1200 GPH...
  • MANUAL UTILITY PUMP: For submersible use...
  • SUBMERSIBLE PUMP: Typical applications for...
  • BUILT TO LAST: constructed of epoxy coated...
  • Portable and compact weighing 8.25 lbs. and...

You may want to avoid the heavy and bulky pumps that are sometimes offered by manufacturers. The 505025 model is the most compact Little Giant model available. It is made of lightweight aluminum so that it can be easily submerged. It is small enough to fit easily into any size sump basin.

This utility pump comes with a 1-inch NPT discharge, which is smaller than the other models I reviewed. If you expect to encounter a lot of debris during water transfer, then you will need a model with a larger diameter. While the aluminum housing is lightweight, it may not be as durable as the cast-iron models.

For such a compact device, it is still capable of moving 1200 GPH. One unique feature that I liked was the removable mesh screen. It was so easy to clean and maintain. The compact size also made it easier to install and maneuver.

As Mo stated, “Great little pump - we use it to pump water out of the pool when it overflows with rainwater.” I thought this Little Giant pump was perfect for pool applications.

6. Little Giant 506274

Currently On Sale
Little Giant 6-CIM-R 115-Volt, 1/3 HP, 2750...
  • BUILT TO LAST: continuous duty motor with...
  • CONTINUOUS DUTY MOTOR: shaded pole 1/3HP...
  • MULTIPLE FITTINGS: 1-1/2-inch FNPT discharge;...
  • MANUAL PUMP: ideal for sump pump systems with...

Every user wants to get the most for their money. Even if you are on a budget, this model would be great for you. I chose the Little Giant 506274 as the best value for money model available. It will serve your needs and also not break the bank.

This unit, like the other models I reviewed, is submersible up to 18 feet. It is perfect for shallow applications, but should not be submerged in deep water. Just like the second product on my list, it is a manual switch pump. It is ideal for ornamental fountains and decorative fish ponds.

It comes with a 1 ½ inch NPT discharge that will allow most small solid materials to pass through. The ⅓ HP motor can move an impressive 2760 GPH. This product impressed me with its power and affordability. The amount of water it could move through my high-pressure sprinkler system was unmatched. The manual switch operation was more suitable for fountains than sump basins.

Bob from Supply House exclaimed, “Great pump for my pond. Love it.”

7. Little Giant 505700

Little Giant 505700 5.5 ASP Submersible Sump...
  • For use in basement sumps and other general...
  • 1/4-horsepower, UL listed,10-foot cord
  • 1-1/4-inch FNPT discharge
  • Includes garden hose adapter and removable...

Many people reading this buyer’s guide are likely searching for a new pump for their basement sump basin. If you fall into this category, then this unit is ideal for you. The 505700 model is the best Little Giant submersible sump pump. It can be submerged into any sump basin to remove floodwater.

This model features an automatic pump. The sump pump will turn on at 7 to 10 inches and turn off at 2 to 5 inches. The integral diaphragm switch is not adjustable. It features a 1 ¼ inch NPT discharge that will allow solid materials of ⅜ inches to pass through with ease.

The thermoplastic housing will dissipate heat, but it may not be as durable as cast iron models. I thought that this model was ideal for submersion into sump basins. The automatic shut switch will ensure that your basin is free of water at all times. During a heavy rainstorm, the pump came on to dispel excess water, and it was really quiet.

As Kevin noted, “This pump has been working flawlessly for 9 years! It has been cycling on and off everyday in every season of the year.”

Comparing Little Giant to Other Brands

Now that you’ve seen all of the options from this particular brand, what makes them stand out from the competition? There are many popular sump pump manufacturers, such as Zoeller, Barracuda, and Everbilt. This buyer’s guide focuses on the Little Giant range and how they compare to others.

While Little Giant doesn't offer the cheapest models, it does offer the most durable and efficient models. People have relied on their sump pumps for more than 75 years. For example, if you were to compare Little Giant vs. Barracuda sump pumps, you would find that the prices and warranty are similar.

One feature that makes Little Giant stand out is its integral diaphragm float switch and customer service. Little Giant was also the first manufacturer to patent the submersible pump in the 1950s, which means they are the true sump pump pioneers.

Essential Little Giant Sump Pump Parts

Sump Pump Float Switch

This part of your sump pump is vital for automatic units. It detects the water level and automatically starts the pump to transfer the water. Once the water level has reached normal again, the switch will activate and turn off the pump. Little Giant is known for its integral diaphragm switch.

Pressure Switch

This product will detect the amount of pressure that your sump pump is underwater. It recognizes that the water pressure is too high, and it will activate the pump. Some Little Giant models are rated for maximum water pressures, so check the spec sheet before purchasing.

Check Valve

This part ensures that the sump pump will only allow water one way through the pipe. It ensures that no water flows back into the sump basin. It is sometimes referred to as a one-way valve.

Battery Backup System

If there is a power failure in a heavy storm, then you want your sump pump to eliminate flooding via a battery backup. This device will ensure that your sump pump will work even if the power is out. The battery can be installed separately.

We've reviewed and rated the best battery backup sump pumps here.

Pump Stand

This allows the sump pump to sit in the basin more securely. You don’t want to put your Little Giant sump pump directly down into the basin. It can cause the motor to overheat. These stands provide a secure platform with more ventilation.

Water Level Alarm

This device is ideal for manual sump pumps. If the alarm sounds, then you know that you should turn on your pump immediately. You can also install it on automatic sump pumps to monitor the status of rising water.

Sump Pump Installation

Now that you have picked out your new pump, you need to get it installed so that you can keep your basement free from excessive water. If you have some knowledge of plumbing and are pretty handy, then you can install the Little Giant sump pump on your own. Follow the instructions below to have your sump pump up and running.

  • Step 1
    Place the gasket tape around the inside of the basin and around the bolt threads.
  • Step 2
    Connect the discharge pipe to the discharge connection of the sump pump and place the pump in the basin.
pump placing

image source:

  • Step 3
    Install the float switch 4 inches above the discharge pipe. Use a 3 ½ inch tether, and ensure that the float switch is not touching the pump or basin.

image source:

  • Step 4
    Run the power cord and the discharge pipe through the basin to their designated locations. Ensure that the power cord and pipe are run through using the provided rubber grommets for a tight fit
  • Step 5
    Check all of the bolts and openings for any leaks or failures.

If you are unsure of how to install your Little Giant sump pump or don’t want to take a risk, then I recommend calling a plumber for installation. The average cost is around $550 to $1,000, depending on location and type. You can find free quotes from your area by filling in the form below.

Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Little Giant sump pump won’t shut off

One of the reasons that the pump will continue to run is that the pressure switch will get stuck in the "up" position. A straightforward solution is to move the pump until the switch goes back down into the “down” position. Another cause could be that the voltage of your sump pump doesn’t match that of the power supply. If it doesn’t match, then the pump may not produce enough pressure to turn off the pump.

Failed Little Giant sump pump pressure switch

The first thing you should check is that the pressure switch is securely connected to the pump. You should also check that the power cord is connected, and the breaker is switched on. If all of these connections are secure, then you should remove the screen above the impeller. Check that the area is free of debris. If anything is blocking the impeller, then remove the debris.

Sump pump clogging

If you encounter this problem with your Little Giant sump pump, then you should follow the guidelines below for declogging.

  • Step 1
    Check the discharge pipe. If there is any debris blocking the exit, then remove it and try to start the sump pump again.
  • Step 2
    Unplug the Little Giant sump pump, and remove the inlet screen. Check that the screen is clear of obtrusive materials. If you cannot clearly see the pump intake, then remove any surrounding materials..
  • Step 3
    Clean out the sump basin. Ensure that nothing will enter the intake as the water is pumped.
  • Step 4
    Fill up the sump pit with about 5 gallons of water. Turn the pump on and monitor its progress.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

How long do Little Giant sump pumps last?

They should last around 10 years without having to replace any parts. Little Giant offers a 2 or 3-year warranty on all sump pumps, but most customers have not experienced any problems within that time frame.

How do I know what size sump pump to buy?

You will need to assess the amount of flooding that you experience each year. Under normal circumstances, most customers can invest in a ⅓ HP sump pump. This will eliminate most wastewater from your basement without any issues. If you plan to use the sump pump for an ornamental fountain or other systems, then you should invest in a larger model.

Do Little Giant sump pumps make noise?

The submersible units will not make as much noise as the pedestal models. Since they are submerged underwater, the water masks most of the sound. If you plan to place it in your basement, then you will not hear much sound from either type of pump. If you are going to use it for a fountain or decorative fish pond, then you may hear some ambient noise outside.

Are pedestal sump pumps better?

Pedestal pumps are easier to work on and maintain than the submersible pumps since they are above water. They are generally louder, but they operate in a similar fashion. Pedestal pumps are often manual, while submersible pumps are usually automatic.

Is it ok for a sump pump to run constantly?

Yes. Little Giant makes many sump pumps that are designed to run continuously. Pumps that are designed for automatic use can be run constantly. They are perfect for pools, fish ponds, or fountains.

Should I unplug my sump pump in winter?

You do not need to unplug your Little Giant sump pump unless you experience a problem with the unit.

What is the Little Giant sump pump warranty policy?

Every Little Giant sump pump comes with either a 2 or 3-year warranty. It covers all manufacturer defects within that period. Any user malfunction or installation defect will not be covered under this policy.

Can I add a Little Giant battery backup sump pump system to an existing sump pump?

Yes. Little Giant offers numerous battery backup options for its existing sump pump units. 

Where is the best place to buy Little Giant sump pumps?

I recommend shopping on Amazon for all of your Little Giant sump pumps and parts.


In this article, I have reviewed the full range of Little Giant sump pump units. As you can tell, there are a lot of products to choose from. Make sure that you follow this guide to select the model that suits you best. If you are searching for the best of the best product, then I highly recommend the Little Giant GIDDS-521252 12393.

It comes with everything that you need to keep your basement free of water. You can even use it in a decorative fountain or fish pond since it is fully submersible and automatic. The powerful ⅓ HP motor can move 2760 GPH anywhere at any time. 

Matt is a freelance writer, English graduate, & keen traveler from the UK. As a specialist plumbing expert, he enjoys writing about everything there has to do with at-home plumbing products & related problems. When he isn’t writing, he’s usually drinking coffee or planning his next adventure. In his spare time, he also runs his own blog all about digital nomad life.