The 6 Best Elongated Toilets Reviews – In The Market Today

by Andy

The 6 Best Elongated Toilets Reviews – In The Market Today

by Andy

by Andy
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If you are in such for a new toilet and have enough bathroom space, then you should strongly consider choosing one with the elongated factor in form. It is known that bowls that are egg-shaped offer more comfort than the traditional ones, because of the additional real estate provided in their oval shape.Best Elongated toilet seats occupy more space and are more comfortable.

It has a plumbing mechanism that can last long without much maintenance and is reliable even in if your household is large. No one calls a house a home without a fantastic bathroom included. With research and care, you will find great designs that will stay for decades, and blend with the environment that you live in.

What is an Elongated Toilet?

An elongated toilet is a toilet which is about 18 1/2 inches long. Most of the toilets used commercially are elongated, also men like this toilet because of the extra inches at the front. The elongated bowl is a bit longer than the round bowl by two inches.

Just In case you have to measure to be certain, you can start by measuring from the bowl’s center front to the middle of the holes in the hinge post. The standard distance in America between holes in the hinge post is five and a half inches.

The 6 Best Elongated Toilets – In The Market Today

1. KOHLER Cimarron K-3589-0 Comfort Height Elongated Toilet

The Kohler toilet includes a versatile model with a study flush performance. 

A simple two-piece model coherent with the contemporary or traditional decor, while the elongated bowl provides more comfort space.

The seating is also put at a standard height of the chair for usage that is easy.

Inclusive of the level five technology of flushing, the remodeled Cimarron Comfortable Height toilet that is elongated offers unique heavy flushing.


  • It is a toilet that is two piece.
  • The bowl is elongated providing comfort and room.
  • Its combination includes the K-4309 the K-44 tank and bowl.
  • check
    Promotes easy standing up and sitting down with a lot of adults because it has a comfortable height trait which provides seating that is chair high.


  • The bowl and tank installation system may become poor after a while.

2. EAGO TB351 Dual Flush Eco-Friendly Ceramic Toilet

Working on a highly envied double flush mechanism, EAGO has the simplicity and model to guarantee a comfort throne experience.It is branded as friendly to the environment and is manufactured from ceramic, and is available in a white one-piece. It adds to the bright and light appearance and feeling in the floor and tiles.

Available in a flushing valve that is three inch, working on a double flush as stated above. This solves most of the challenges that users may encounter prior [past with chain and ball alternatives.It has a soft close seat, thus doing away with the loud at washroom as you sleep at night. The lid and the seat itself are given as an extra bonus.


  • It has a double flush, top for the solid wastes at 1.6 GPF and another button for wastes that are liquid and uses o.8 GPF.
  • It includes a soft close toilet with a lid.
  • Effective and sturdy valves for flushing that are three inches.
  • check
    Has a water distribution system that is balanced.


  • May leave urine residuals underneath.

3. TOTO Ultramax II Het Dual Cyclone Elongated Toilet

The toilet is made in a single piece, making it simpler when installing and offers a much seamless and finished look at the tank’s base and at bottom back.

There is an elongated area from the tank’s bottom to the lid top that allows easier excess and cleaning it up. The Ultra Max II characterizes a cyclone double flushing mechanism.

With the use of two nozzles that are strong and a centrifugal action that is forceful and cleans the bowl and the rim efficiently with every flush.

The Ultra Max is manufactured at the height commonly universal that is a bit taller for extra comfort. The inches of additional height allows it to be simpler for joints that are achy to sit. More comfort-ability is also guaranteed with an elongated bowl and the coordinating seat.

Both features render the unit compliant to the ADA. At about 100 pounds, this toilet is durable and strong however not heavy. You might require a pair of other hands to move it, its installation is easy.


  • Construction that is one-piece allowing easy cleaning and giving a sleeker appearance.
  • Efficient on the water at just 1.28 GPF.
  • Double nozzles making a twin cyclone flush for optimum power that avoids clogging.
  • check
    Sana-glaze makes it hard for bacteria and debris to stick to the toilet and bowl, which implies fewer germs and cleaning.


  • Slightly costly.

4. American Standard Concealed 2988.101.020

Manufactured by the American Standard, Cadet 3 loo provides a performance that is high with fewer clogs.

The two-piece cadet 3 flushing toilet can handle a thousand grams of solid waste in a flush.

The rim is pressurized and is made to give a powerful wash every time that you flush.

It also includes an ever clean area can be cleaned easily and is highly resistant to mildew and mold.


  • Has a tank and bowl combination with a seat.
  • A broad flush valve that is 3 inches and is a plated chrome trip lever.
  • Has a smooth side trap-way that is concealed and a bowl that has siphon action push.
  • check
    Has an always clean surface inhibits stain growth and bacteria that causes odor.


  • The seat may be difficult to replace.

5. American Standard 2889216.020 H2Option Siphonic Dual Flush Round Front Toilet

This toilet is available in bone, white, and linen array of colors. 

It is instrumental in water conservation thus saving on costs.

The American standard has a jet-powered siphon that has the alternative of H2O option mechanism.

The siphon starts with a jet push as the siphon pull siphons the bowl's contents.

This action of the siphon jet maintains the level of water in throughout the flush, thus a more clean flush and bowl.


  • Has a 12 inch rough in.
  • Includes a plated chrome top mounted with an actuator on a push button
  • It is highly efficient, consumes less water and is certified by WaterSense.
  • check
    Includes a two-piece front that is round.


  • You have to change the valve body location from that that set by the factory.

6. KOHLER MemoirsK-3817-0 Stately Elongated Toilet

The Memoirs made by Kohler is a two-piece toilet which characterizes interesting features.

For instance, a flush Aqua-piston innovation which saves over twenty percent more than the traditional designs and it meets the flushing standards of EPA.

It is ideal for use in homes because it has several things make it stand out from the competition.

The bowl is elongated giving more space and comfort for the user. There is also the fantastic flush made from the trip lever which is on the left.


  • This is a two-piece toilet with a bow that is elongated offering comfort and extra space.
  • Promotes easy standing up and sitting down to a lot of adults because it has a comfortable height trait which provides a seating that is chair high.
  • It is affordable.
  • check
    It meets standards of flushing of EPA


  • The bowl and tank installation system may become poor after a while.

How to Get the Right Toilet Elongated Toilets

Rough Measurements
Prior to the purchase of a new toilet is ensuring that it will fit the intended space of the bathroom. A vital calculation is “rough-in”, that is the distance from the wall of the toilet to the middle of either the bolts or drain pipes that fit the toilet towards the floor.

Style of the Toilet
Elongated toilets are designed in as one kind. Although some people may prefer Two-piece toilets mostly since they are cheaper than the one piece ones and can be easier to get parts or repair for in case the need comes up. Both of the toilets function in the same way, however, individuals may like the one- piece alternative so some reasons. First, it has no seam from the bowl to the tank and gives a sleeker look. Another reason is with the lack of space in the two parts, the one-pieces have fewer places where bacteria can stick and therefore simpler to clean.

Seats of the Toilet
Toilets are bought in various pieces and may not take into account a seat. In most cases, you may decide to pick a seat that augurs with the style and color of both the bathroom and the toilet.

Water Usage
It is important to check on the consumption of water so as to ascertain which one augurs well with your needs. The federal law demands that new toilets cannot consume over 1.6 water gallons in every flush. Most of the efficiency toilets may use little water then and will help you reduce the water bill.


The above-mentioned models are the best elongated toilet at large, in regard to the whole market. We’ve chosen them to help the average homeowner or buyer. Also, the people with problems in the joint may use some of the toilets with additional height. The quality and design of these toilets are remarkable and most of them are reasonably affordable.

Before going to a purchase of the toilet, do some background digging to ensure you get exactly precisely what you want. The most important factor when selecting a toilet is its flush mechanism.

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