4 Best Commercial Toilet Reviews – To Consider in 2018

by Andy

4 Best Commercial Toilet Reviews – To Consider in 2018

by Andy

by Andy
Best commercial toilet

Commercial toilets also called flushometer valve toilets are specifically located in institutional, commercial or organizational restrooms in places like theaters, schools, stadiums, office buildings, and airports.

The unique feature in this toilets is the flushometer valve and the toilet bowl.

Mostly with the lack of a holding tank, some of the best commercial toilet receive water for flushing through the water pipeline.

The pipeline features valve for flushing and fits into the commercial toilet’s back at the place where the tank commonly occupies. Direct waterline use does away with the check and float valve in the commercial type of toilets. This unique characteristic renders the commercial type toilet less inclined to overflow or be sabotaged.

A lot of commercial toilets mechanisms utilize the mechanical eye to prompt flushing action. There is an infrared eye which initiates the mechanism of flushing as the subject moves from the place at toilet’s front. This becomes a sanitary alternative in places of high use where the toilet is flushed rarely and frequently used.

In case you have a shop or restaurant that you own, for instance, you could require some of the Top commercial toilets to put in place instead of the usual toilets. if you want to purchase from an online platform a commercial toilet, you will realize that a lot of them are unavailable. However, we have listed some that are greatly recommended for consideration. The following four have been tagged as the top rated commercial toilets.

What is a Commercial Toilet

Commercial toilets are the ones used in public places and also in office washrooms and the manufacturing settings. The toilet usually has a bowl and the flushometer valve. A commercial toilet at times is made for the handicapped people and is reasonably cheap.

Most of the commercial toilets are elongated since it used by both males and females. A feature of the commercial toilet is the flush valve and you can see it entering the back of the toilet at the holding tank position. An important feature of the commercial toilet is the height, which is the same as the sitting height, therefore in the case of a person using a wheelchair, it is easy to shift.

Best Commercial Toilet - Comparison Chart

4 Best Commercial Toilet - To Consider

1. American Standard Madera 2234.001.020, White Toilet Bowl

This American Standard Madera 15- inch toilet bowl is ideal for office outfit or any other commercial place. The height of the rim is 15 inches and consumes water at a less rate of 1.6 GPF and merges with a lot of plumbers requirements. Supported by the vast knowledge of the American standard assures that the toilet will complete the job appropriately.

The American standard has a jet-powered siphon powered directly. The siphon first sets out with a push from the jet as the siphon pull draws the contents of the bowl. This siphon jet process maintains water level as it flushes, thus a more clean flush and bowl.


  • It has an elegant finish and design.
  • It is completely glazed with 2-1/8 inches of the trap way.
  • Has a 15-inch height of the rim to allow the accessible applications.
  • check
    Features the powerful siphon jet action which is directly fed.


  • You have to change the valve body location from that that set by the factory.

2. American Standard Madera 3461.001.020 Commercial Toilet Bowl, White

This commercial type toilet is the one picked from the products of American Standard. Although the brand is reliable, the American Standard Madera 3461.001.020 is the one with the highest sales. The toilet has a good design comprising of the tank as well as the pressure-aided aspect as expected.

Contains the universal bowl with an ever clean characteristic to aid keep the cleanliness better of the toilet and avoid the forming of bacteria and mold. The toilet is created from the ceramic vitreous china and its durability is guaranteed. The sitting comfort is featured because it is built in the standard height.


  • The toilet is of good quality.
  • It is very affordable and the price is reasonable.
  • Meets the ADA standards.


  • The seat may be difficult to replace.

3. TOTO Floor-mounted, CT705EN#01

This is also another amazing toilet.it has rated highly by customers and it is a guaranteed top satisfying toilet. One of its best qualities is that it is affordable. It also has a nice design and its amazing features are the low water consumption and its strong flush. This toilet has to be mounted on the floor and includes a front bowl that is elongated and a looks great and allows comfort in sitting.

The toilet uses less water of about 1.28 gpf that is enough to give a good clean up of the surface of the bowl and flush everything. In addition to the flush system, it is quite strong from the siphon jet action.

Unique from the other toilets, this one consists of porcelain material. Materials and surface utilized is the Ever Clean surface system, which is modeled to keep off the bacteria threat, maintain the cleanliness of the bathroom and is healthy for anyone to use. The material is ideal for durability also.


  • It includes a warranty.
  • It has an elongated rim thus preventing spilling.
  • Has less water consumption, 1.28 gallons in every flush.
  • check
    Has a strong siphon jet flushing push.
  • check
  • check
    Easy installation.
  • check
    Also has a great suction power.


  • The bowl and tank installation system may become poor after a while.

4. American 2034314.020 Standard Toilet One-Piece

The long selling Champion 4 is the average priced type of toilet and is among the American Standard’s best commercial toilet alternatives. The all-inclusive one-piece type toilet, the common crevices which are linked to holding bacteria are kept at bay, due to the nice design. The curves instead of the crevices take less time to clean places which are accessible always. Colors which you can find are linen, white and bone and appears to be standard of the company in regards to color amount alternatives with toilets.

The champion 4 has the ability to push a mass 70 percent more than the company standard of 1000 gram waste rating for removal, this toilet is the right commercial toilet. Its rim that is power washed because the rim is pressurized. Water is pushed into the tank’s rim chamber, concealing the air inside therefore keeping the chamber pressurized. Water ( pressurized) is released from a series configures holes on the rim to power scour the bowl.

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  • 1.The ever clean surface ensures the toilet stays cleaner for longer.
  • 2.Also includes a slow close seat.
  • 3.It consumes less water of 1.28 gallons in every flush.
  • check
    4.Has an elongated precise height jet siphon action bowl.
  • check
    5.The toilet is one-piece with a completely glazed trap way.


  • You can get wet if you flush when seating

How to choose the Right commercial toilet

Seats of the toilet
Toilets are bought in various pieces and may not take into account a seat. In most cases, you may decide to pick a seat that augurs with the style and color of both the bathroom and the toilet.

Style of the toilet
Toilets are designed in one piece and two piece kinds. Two-piece type toilets are more affordable than one piece ones and its parts are easier to find or repair. Both toilets work in a similar way, nonetheless, people may prefer one- piece choice a reason or two. First, lacks seam from bowl to tank and has the sleeker appearance. The second reason is with no space between both parts, the one-pieces feature fewer areas where bacteria sticks and hence simple in cleaning.

Water usage
It is essential to confirm the water consumption in order to determine the one that is coherent with your desires. The law at the federal wants new toilets not to consume above 1.6 water gallons per flush. Most efficient toilets use less water and assist you to decrease that bill for water.

Rough measurements
Prior to buying a new toilet is making sure it fits the bathroom space intended . An essential calculation is the“ rough-in”, which occupies the area between the toilet’s wall to the mid of either drain pipes or bolts, which hold the fitted toilet on the floor.


The stated models above include the best commercial toilets generally, considering the entire market. We ’ve selected them to assist the average business owner or organization. Also, the people with problems in the joint may use some of the toilets with additional height. The quality and design of these commercial toilets are remarkable and most of them are reasonably affordable. For the two-piece privy, it is appropriately important to have multiple units which need supplanting.

The market is vast changing and is shining brightly on the users who are prepared to do toilet upgrades. A lot of organizations have identified themselves and availed their products, hence you should make the ideal choice. The thought of sticking with a particular brand is fine only after you perform your homework on the organizations and produced a strong decision. No matter what you decide, as long as it is on this list, means it is an international grade toilet.

With the vast amount of water used long ago, things have changed and anyone looking for a commercial toilet should get one that has the industry standard rate of 1.6 gallons in every flush. Although most people would prefer the two-piece commercial toilets, the one-piece one is increasingly becoming popular. Also before buying a toilet, check on whether you would like the one with a tank-less top, its water usage, round or elongated and also whether it is two or one piece.

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