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Best Kitchen Faucets Reviewed

Whether you’re looking for pull-down or pull out, touchless, or touch, this review will help you find the best faucet for your kitchen!

by Holly Curell

According to the USDA, in 2014, the average American only spent 37 minutes daily in their kitchen preparing food and cleaning up. Since then, in a nationwide trend to eat out less and create healthy habits, one of the fastest growing industries is kitchen appliances.

When it comes to kitchen faucets, gone are the days of a simple on/off – today's kitchen faucets have many features that can completely customize your kitchen experience. Read our thorough review here for choosing the best faucets on the market today.

We aim to cover all the latest styles and trends so that you can confidently shop for and purchase the ideal kitchen faucet for your home and lifestyle.



No. Of Handles

Hose Length

Check Price

Moen Arbor Spot Resist Stainless Motionsense...



Single Touchless


Delta Faucet Leland Brushed Nickel Kitchen...

Delta 9178-AR-DST Leland 



Delta Faucet Windemere 2-Handle Kitchen Sink...

Delta Windemere 




Delta Faucet Leland Touch Kitchen Faucet...

Delta 9178T-AR-DST


Single / Touch


WEWE Single Handle High Arc Brushed Nickel...


High Arc



Moen Brantford Oil Rubbed Bronze One-Handle...

Moen 7185ORB Brantford



KOHLER 99259-VS Artifacts Kitchen Faucet,...

Kohler K-99259-VS Artifacts



Kraus KPF-1673SFS Nolen Kitchen Faucet, Spot...

Kraus KPF-1673SFS Nolen



Kraus KPF-1650SS Modern Nola Kitchen Faucet,...

Kraus KPF-1650SS Nola



Pfister Marielle Single-Handle Pull-Out Sprayer Kitchen Faucet





Kitchen Faucet Types

Pull Down Vs. Pull Out

Both pull down and pull out kitchen faucet styles have attached sprayers that can be manipulated per their namesakes. Pull down faucets are taller and can be pulled straight down, a move that is both ergonomically correct and great for filling large pots or pitchers.

Pull out faucets usually have a lower profile and generally, offer longer hoses – a feature that some people prefer to fill pots that are sitting on the counter.

Moen Faucet Brand

Touchless Vs. Touch

Both touchless and touch faucets were developed to eliminate the transfer of germs and bacteria from your hands to the faucet handles. A motion sensor usually operates touchless kitchen faucets. They are becoming increasingly popular in public restrooms. Place your hands in front of the sensor, and the water will begin.

This feature can also be a considerable water saver if you're the type of person who likes to pre-wash your dishes while loading the dishwasher. Touch faucets, then, are those that begin working with a simple touch. If you have messy hands, a nudge with your elbow will gently start the water.

Single Vs. Dual Handle

Traditionally, most sinks were created with dual handles, meaning separate handles to operate the hot and cold water functions. Some sinks are still made this way, but more recently single handle faucets have become more popular.

Single handle faucets work by having both the hot and cold water lines run into the same valve, and the water temperature that outputs will be based on the position of the handle, which works like a lever to adjust the temperature accordingly.

Commercial or Industrial Style

Glacier Bay Brenner Commercial Style Kitchen Faucet

Commercial faucets are typically the types of faucets that you will find in a home, and the style can be simple or dramatic to create the look of a chef's kitchen.

When we say industrial style faucet, we are focusing on the style itself and not the function.

Industrial style kitchen faucets usually have a very high profile with a large pull-down sprayer hose and can be moved around very quickly.

These faucets have been made famous by reality cooking shows, and come standard in most new-builds.

Our List of the Best Kitchen Faucets

Benefits of a High-Quality Kitchen Faucet

Aesthetically Pleasing & Return on Investment

A high-quality kitchen faucet will not only be pleasing to the eye but will also go a long way if you are planning to resell your home. Today’s buyers are looking for chef’s kitchens, with high-quality appliances and user-friendly kitchen faucets.

Ease of Use

Today's kitchen faucets are made with the home chef in mind. Their built-in features are not only pleasing to the eye but are practical as well. Many of the faucets we reviewed are made to be economically effcient, as well as provide functions such as a long sprayer hose. 

Germ & Bacteria Control

Many high-quality kitchen faucets have built-in sensors to start your water with a simple touch or just the wave of a hand. These faucets will help block the transfer of germs and bacteria, while also saving you time during clean-up. 

Long Lasting

Your kitchen faucet is not something that you'd plan on replacing often, and once installed, you should be able to enjoy it for a long time to come. The old saying goes, "you get what you pay for," and we can attest that is the case with the quality of faucet you purchase.

The taps we review here are manufactured by trusted brands, and most of them have extended warranties so that once installed, you should be worry-free. 

Modern Kitchen Faucet

Unique Designs

Twenty years ago, the kitchen faucet in most American homes was virtually the same; a two-handled basic faucet (maybe with a sprayer, if you were posh). Now kitchen faucets come in as many varieties as there are flavors, and adding a new high-quality kitchen faucet can help you customize your kitchen's overall look. From elegant to vintage styled, to smart – there’s a high-quality kitchen faucet for your tastes.

Choosing the Right Kitchen Faucet


Perhaps the most essential feature of your kitchen faucet will be the intended operation or function you would like it to have. There are so many options to choose from in this aspect: single handle vs. dual handles, hands-free/touchless, different spray-mode abilities, sprayer head docking, etc.

Flow Rate

Most faucets are listed with a GPM, or gallons per minute flow rate. A standard kitchen faucet will have a GPM of about 2.2, however many faucets on the market today are manufactured with a WaterSense label.

These faucets use a maximum of 1.5 gallons per minute and will save you money on your water bill while also being environmentally friendly.

Material & Finish

It's essential to choose a durable material and finish for your faucet if you want to see it last. Fortunately, with kitchen faucets having both durability and a highly aesthetic design is very achievable. Many of the kitchen faucets we review in this article come in these standard four finishes: chrome, stainless, oil-rubbed bronze, and matte black.

Plumbing Hook-up

Grohe Faucet

Before purchasing a kitchen faucet, you will need to seek out your kitchen sink's requirements. Sinks are built with holes meant for faucet installation, and it is standard to have either one hole or three holes. Many of the faucets we look at can be universally installed, using a base plate to cover up the extra holes.

You will also want to measure the sink itself and make sure you have enough clearance between the sink and any existing walls.  

Abacus Solutions states that some one of the most common questions people ask is -

Where did my leak come from?

A leaky faucet may originate from below the sink so if you cannot easily fix the problem, we advise organising a qualified plumber.

Thermostatic Mixing Valve

Thermostatic mixing valves are the valves that control a setpoint temperature. They blend the hot and cold water to provide a consistent, safe water temperature while you are using the faucet.

The reason that you want to purchase a product with a thermostatic mixing valve is that the valve works to sense a temperature that is safe for contact with human skin. Even when run on the hottest setting, you will not have to worry about reaching a scalding temperature.

This feature is especially crucial if you are using touchless sinks around young children.

Installation & Convenience

If you plan on installing your kitchen faucet yourself, you'll want to make sure that you have a solid understanding of how it functions and that you have the right tools.

And even if you have the faucet professionally installed, you'll want to make sure that the plumber leaves any instructional material with you, and goes over how you can clean and maintain your new appliance. For instance, many faucets are installed with faucet cartridges.

These cartridges are made to last 20 to 30 years easily, but if you're finding that your faucet is leaking, it could be as smooth of a fix as cleaning the cartridge.  

Hose Length

Most faucet sprayers will come with a hose that is at least 2.5 feet long so that you can easily use the sprayer to target areas within your sink. Some faucets come with much longer hoses (up to 6 feet!)

These are a great option if you want to be able to fill up pots that are on the stove, or if you have houseplants around your kitchen that need to be watered.

Spray Head Features

The two main functions of a sprayer head are whether it pulls-down or pulls-out. The tasks are very similar. Some sprayer heads have only one spraying function while others have several different pressure settings.

Some Delta faucets come with a patented Shield Spray technology that is designed to target an area with high pressure while creating a soft water “shield” around the spray to avoid splashing.

Spout Arc Height & Spout Reach

The height of a kitchen faucet arc is how far it sits above counter height, and this is mostly based on personal preference and style. Some faucet spouts are very tall and dramatic while others are modest and reasonably low. Spout reach refers to the distance from the installed faucet into the sink.

The standard for spout reach is about 8 inches. 


It is relatively standard for kitchen faucets to come with some assurance, and I would be cautious of purchasing any faucet that did not. Make sure to read all the warranty information upon purchase. Some warranties cover a product entirely, whereas others will over cover parts or labor.

Also, make sure that you do everything you can to make sure you don't void your warranty and keep a paper trail of your transactions with professionals. Installing a faucet with parts from another faucet is an example of something that could void your warranty.

10 Best Kitchen Faucets Reviewed

1. Moen 7594ESRS

Best Touchless Kitchen Faucet

No. of Handles


Height / Spout Reach

15.5” / 7.88”

Installation Holes

1 or 3 Hole Installation

Material Finishes / Colors

Chrome, Matte Black, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Spot Resistant Stainless

Hose Length (Inches)



Yes – Lifetime Limited / 5 Years on Digital Components

When it comes to the best touchless kitchen faucet, the Moen Arbor Motionsense Two-Sensor Touchless is the best on the market. There is so much to love about this faucet, beginning with just how versatile it is. The Moen Arbor can be installed in any sink that has 1 or 3 holes and comes in four gorgeous finishes that will look great in any kitchen. 

I highly recommend touchless faucets for homes with children – it just makes life easier! They don't have to turn on the water with grubby little hands, and you don't have to worry about them leaving the water running while they brush their teeth or walk away.

In my own home anyway, the time saved cleaning up makes this purchase it worth it in itself. Another benefit is that you can set the temperature on the control box to ensure that it’s never “too hot” for little hands. The Moen Arbor Motionsense has two sensors – one at the base of the faucet and one on top of the spout.

This makes it great for instances when you’re cooking with messy hands and need to wash up without making more of a mess. Moen also offers the same faucet with one-sensor, but trust us – it’s worth the upgrade to get two sensors.

The sensors themselves run flawlessly on 6 AA batteries and come with a 5-year warranty so you will be enjoying your touchless kitchen faucet for a long time to come. 

Our full guide to Moen faucets can be found here.

On the Moen website, user jdrewf raves about his Moen Arbor Motionsense, saying “This is the best kitchen faucet we have used. We highly recommend it, and once you have Motionsense, you'll never want to own a regular faucet again.”

  • The touchless design has two sensors for easy access
  • Control box quickly sets water temperature to your liking
  • Uses AA batteries / easy to change out
  • A long hose will help you reach pots/plants on the counter with ease
  • Must keep sensors completely clean to avoid water turning on randomly
  • Users have had issues when placing the faucet in front of a window/lights randomly trigger sensors

2. Delta 9178-AR-DST Leland

Best Touch Kitchen Faucet

No. of Handles


Height / Spout Reach

14.88” / 9.2”

Installation Holes

1 or 3 Hole Installation

Material Finishes / Colors

Arctic Stainless, Chrome, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Spotshield Stainless

Hose Length (Inches)



Yes – Lifetime Limited

The Delta Faucet company was founded in 1954 and has been one of the leaders of the industry worldwide since that time. They are continuously on the top of their game with the latest innovations, and consumers can purchase their products, knowing that Delta is a trustworthy brand.

The Delta Faucet Leland Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet is no exception. This sleek faucet design is very understated and will fit well in any kitchen. The faucet itself doesn't look particularly special, but I promise that you will love its unique features.

The pull-down handle on this faucet has a magnetic attachment that makes it incredibly easy to put back into place. One of the significant complaints of competitor models is that over time, the pull-down handle loses its "grip" and ends up dropping down an inch or two. This magnetic attachment will make sure you have a perfect fit every single time.

Another great feature is the Shield Spray Technology. Delta states that “A concentrated jet within a protective sphere of water powers away stubborn messes with an average of 90% less splatter than a standard spray, so you can spend less time soaking, scrubbing and shirt swapping.” 

A 5-Star review on the Delta Faucet's webpage says, "We recently replaced our countertops and needed a new faucet in the kitchen. Love the features and the sleek look of this one. Haven’t had it a very long time but am very pleased so far!"

  • Patented Shield Spray technology helps you target a jet stream where you need it, without splattering anywhere else
  • Delta promises that their Diamond Seal Technology will last twice as long as the industry standard
  • Additional protection plans and expert installation available
  • Comes in four finishes
  • Side mounted handle requires a few inches of clearance from the wall to work properly. 
  • The hose on this model is much shorter and slimmer/flimsier than that of other models

3. Delta Windemere 21996LF-OB

Best Dual Handle Kitchen Faucet

No. of Handles


Height / Spout Reach


Installation Holes


Material Finishes / Colors

Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Chrome, Stainless

Hose Length (Inches)



Yes – Lifetime Limited Warranty

If you’re replacing a traditional kitchen faucet and looking for something with a similar build and look, this model by Delta is a great choice. It has dual handles for hot and cold water and a separate sprayer.

The sprayer can be installed on either side of the main faucet, which can be worth the purchase alone if you have a strong preference or are left-handed like me. 

One of the unique features of this Delta faucet is that the spout effortlessly swivels 360 degrees. This is ideal if you have the faucet installed on a kitchen island where you can turn the spout to fill pots on the countertop.

This model looks especially good when paired with a farm-house style sink, but will work for any kitchen sink with its easy-to-move spout.

"We did not realize how outdated our kitchen faucet was until we replaced the 20-year-old with this faucet in chrome and sprayer. I look for reasons to turn it on!" - Delta customer jwreedjr

  • The sleek design can easily replace old kitchen faucets
  • Backed by Delta’s Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • A sprayer can be installed on either side
  • The spout can swivel full 360 degrees
  • Some users have complained that the hose to the sprayer is stiff and awkward to manipulate
  • Flow rate is lower than similar style faucets

4. Delta 9178T-AR-DST Leland 

Best Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

No. of Handles

Single / Touch

Height / Spout Reach


Installation Holes

1 or 3

Material Finishes / Colors

Arctic Stainless, Chrome, Spotshield Stainless, Venetian Bronze

Hose Length (Inches)



Yes – Lifetime Limited Warranty

The Delta Leland Kitchen Faucet is another excellent option from Delta. This kitchen faucet has a pull-down sprayer that has magnetic docking to keep the spout in place when not in use. It can be used either manually using the single handle, or with the Touch2O sensors.

These sensors allow you to touch the spout anywhere with the back of your hand, arm or elbow to start water flow so that you'll never have to turn on the faucet with messy hands again.

Another great feature of the Delta Leland faucet is that it has an automatic shut-off when the water has been running for four minutes. This is a feature meant to both conserve water (perhaps teach us how long we're letting the water run) and as a safety feature, should you accidentally walk away from running water.

While we do recommend the Touch2O model of this Delta Leland faucet, if this feature isn’t something that you’re into, the faucet does come in a standard style (our number 2 pick above) for around $100 less that will still give you all the benefits of having a high-quality pull-down faucet.

On the Lowe's website, reviewer Judy writes, "I love this faucet! Touch anywhere on the neck or the lever and the water goes on and off. The sprayer head does not turn it on or off, which is wonderful."

  • Touch2O Technology allows you to turn on/off the water with a simple touch
  • LED “Tempsense” light changes to indicate the water temperature
  • Automatic shut-off after running for 4 minutes
  • Includes Delta’s Shield Spray Technology
  • Comes in four beautiful finishes
  • Hose length is only 24."
  • Touch2O sensors can be sensitive and become activated when you do not intend them to

5. WEWE High Arc

Best Budget Pull-Down Faucet

No. of Handles


Height / Spout Reach


Installation Holes

1 or 3

Material Finishes / Colors

Stainless Steel

Hose Length (Inches)



Yes – 5 Year Warranty

If you require a good kitchen faucet and you're on a tight budget, the WEWE Single Handle High Arc Faucet is a great place to start. With its modern design and stainless-steel finish, nobody will know that this faucet comes in at just under $80 on average. 

As a bonus, if you're on a budget, you probably don't want to spend the money on a plumber for installation. WEWE promises an easy DIY installation in under 30 minutes. The faucet works well on sinks with one hole or 3 holes and comes with an option baseplate.

  • Affordable kitchen faucet with a modern design
  • Easy to install
  • Three spray settings for natural function
  • 360-degree swivel spout
  • Only comes in 1 finish
  • Some customers report that the sprayer sprays too hard and creates a splash.

6. Moen 7185ORB Brantford 

Best Oil Rubbed Bronze Kitchen Faucet

No. of Handles


Height / Spout Reach


Installation Holes

One hole or 3 holes

Material Finishes / Colors

Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Chrome, Spot Resistant Stainless

Hose Length (Inches)



Yes – Lifetime Limited Warranty

Oil-rubbed bronze is probably the most sought-after finish on the market today, thanks to designers on HGTV and recent trends. But don't let the name fool you – oil-rubbed bronze is usually not bronze or oil-rubbed at all. It is a finish that is chemically engineered to look like aged bronze, generally with copper undertones. This is why oil-rubbed bronze can look so different between brands and products – there are no universal rules to how it should look.

That being said, we too love the oil-rubbed bronze look and find that this Moen Brantford Kitchen Faucet is as functional as its classy design. It has one handle for easy use, and one of the unique features of this faucet is the PowerBoost sprayer.

The PowerBoost button increases water flow so that you can clean dishes and fill pots 50% faster than Moen faucets without the feature. For an additional cost, you can purchase the same Moen Brantford design with a touchless sensor for hands-free washing.

Moen is known for their outstanding customer service, and you can expect the same top-quality service with this faucet that includes their Lifetime Limited Warranty. 

On the Moen website, user ELM81 states “I have had Moen products in my two houses over the last 33yrs, and if and when I may have an issue Moen has always been there to fix it. Thanks for the great products and support over these last 33yrs!”

  • Comes with Moen PowerBoost feature
  • Can be purchased with a manual handle or touchless sensor
  • Beautiful pull-down design
  • Comes with Moen Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • PowerBoost can cause splashing in sinks that aren’t very deep
  • Customers have shared that constant use of the pull-down sprayer nozzle has made it lose its docking grip

7. Kohler K-99259-VS Artifacts 

Best Kitchen Faucet for Hard Water

No. of Handles


Height / Spout Reach


Installation Holes


Material Finishes / Colors

Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Polished Chrome, Vibrant Polished Nickel, Vibrant Stainless

Hose Length (Inches)



Yes – Lifetime Limited Warranty

Hard water is an issue for many homeowners, but having a kitchen faucet that is made for use with hard water doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style in the least. The Kohler Artifacts Faucet is a gorgeous, turn-of-the-century style kitchen faucet that comes in four brilliant finishes, and it is the best kitchen faucet for hard water.

What is hard water? The term sounds a little harsh, but basically what it means is that your water has more mineral deposits than regular water.

If you don't use a faucet that is compliant with hard water, you might find stains and residue on your sink and dishes, and over time it can also clog up the valve itself. Kohler's MasterClean technology is made to stand up to hard water and withstand mineral build-up.

For a premium product like Kohler’s Artifacts, faucet comes a premium price, and this faucet is a couple of hundred dollars than most of the taps that we've reviewed. That being said, we have found that most customers love the faucet so much that cost is not even a factor in their choosing. 

"This Artifacts kitchen sink faucet displays vintage style with its high-arch spout and turned lever handle. The three-function pull-down sprayhead has you covered for a range of tasks: BerrySoft spray for food prep; an aerated stream for filling pots; and Sweep spray for cleaning. Kohler's DockNetik docking system secures the sprayhead to the spout using magnetic force." - Kohler

  • Beautiful vintage style
  • Great for use with hard water
  • Has several spray options, including the patented BerrySoft spray
  • Braided hose is super easy to manipulate
  • Expensive
  • Maybe too large for some kitchen sinks

8. Kraus KPF-1673SFS Nolen

Best High-End Modern Kitchen Faucet

No. of Handles


Height / Spout Reach


Installation Holes

1 or 3

Material Finishes / Colors

Spot-Free Stainless Steel, Chrome, Matte Black, Matte White/Chrome, Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel/Matte Black

Hose Length (Inches)



Yes – Lifetime Limited Warranty

Right now, in the United States, we are in a burgeoning boom of updating our kitchens from the 90s and early 2000s with more modern pieces. The Kraus Nolen faucet is an affordable way to add high-end luxury to your kitchen. It has an indulgent look and quality so high that no one will ever know it was under $200.

For those reasons, The Kraus Nolen faucet is not only our pick for best luxury kitchen faucet, but best modern kitchen faucet and best high-end kitchen faucet. If that's not enough to convince you, it is also Amazon’s Choice for stainless steel faucet.

Kraus is a newer company founded in 2007 in New York City, so they don't have a ton of street-cred with their products yet, but everything that we have found has pointed to high-quality function and design.

The Nolen faucet comes in a unique 6 finishes, so there is no doubt that you will find the perfect fit for the look and style of your home kitchen. My favorite feature is their smart-handle design, which works at a perfect 90-degree angle so that you don’t have to worry about backsplash clearance like you do with so many other models.

The Kraus Nolen faucet doesn't have as many reviews as any of the other faucets that we looked at, but the reviews it does have are consistently positive, with over 80% of users giving a full five stars. 

For more options by Kraus, click here.

  • Affordable, high-end kitchen faucet
  • Comes in 6 finishes
  • All-Brite finish resists water spots and fingerprints
  • Smart-handle works without clearance for backsplash
  • Newer company doesn’t have as much hold on the market
  • Docking is not magnetic, required manually push-in

9. Kraus KPF-1650SS Nola 

Best Industrial Kitchen Faucet

No. of Handles


Height / Spout Reach


Installation Holes

1 or 3

Material Finishes / Colors

Stainless Steel, Chrome

Hose Length (Inches)



Yes – Lifetime Limited Warranty

Another great faucet option from the Kraus company is their Nola Kitchen Faucet. This beautiful industrial designed faucet has a high arc of over 26" and is suitable for home use – make sure that you have a large enough sink to accommodate it.

It is slightly smaller than the type of pre-rinse faucet that you would find in a large restaurant kitchen, but the style and function are all there. For a better picture of what the Kraus Nola looks like in a home, check out this video review on YouTube by user JJCoolStuff.

They write, "Because of all metal materials, commercial design, and simplicity, it's a fantastic faucet.”

The one issue that has bothered many folks with this faucet is the water pressure. The Kraus Nola was designed with water conservation in mind, and that being said, it is built to have an output of 1.8 gallons per minute. There is a large group of people online who have found a way around this, by removing the built-in water restrictor.

If you've already purchased the faucet and the water pressure is too low for you, this is an option, but be forewarned that doing so will likely void your warranty. We stand behind the Kraus design and find that this faucet is excellent just the way it is.

  • Beautiful commercial design, made for home use
  • Easy to use the single handled faucet
  • Completely metal design for the longevity of the product
  • Magnetic docking
  • Some customers do not appreciate the eco-friendly water flow
  • Too large for some standard kitchen sinks

10. Pfister Marielle 

Best Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet

No. of Handles


Height / Spout Reach


Installation Holes

1 or 3

Material Finishes / Colors

Tuscan Bronze, Stainless, Polished

Hose Length (Inches)



Yes – Lifetime Limited Warranty

The Pfister Marielle Single-Handle Kitchen Faucet is described on the Home Depot website as “vintage French country design.” In the last decade or so, the farmhouse-style sink has become wildly popular, and we couldn’t find a better match for these sinks than the Pfister Marielle.

Unlike many of the other faucets that we've looked at, the Marielle has a rather low clearance at only 8", and might even appear as more of a bathroom vanity sink. But its power comes in its excellent pull-out sprayer.

The design on the Marielle model is so seamless, that if you weren't looking for the sprayer, you wouldn't even know it's there. So, what it lacks in height is undoubtedly made up for in style and spraying power. We love that the Pfister company has taken the traditional pull-out sprayer to a whole new level in this handy spout attachment.

The Pfister brand was the first to be certified by EPA WaterSense, and their products come with a Lifetime Limited Warranty. But if you ever do have an issue with your faucet, you can rest assured that their customer service staff will remedy it for you. 

On the Pfister website, user Sera shares her experience with Pfister products. She says, "I have all Pfister products, I register them online, I maintain all copies of information, receipts, serial numbers, etc. They have the best customer service and stand behind their products.

Never a problem when I had a problem, they resolved my issues in a quick and professional manner. I will continue to buy nothing but Pfister products and continue to tell everyone I know that they stand behind their products. 10-star rating for customer service!!!”

  • Lower profile faucet can be installed under cabinets
  • Beautiful vintage design
  • Discreet sprayer attachment
  • Many customers on the Home Depot website recommend this faucet
  • The sprayer can be a little awkward to get used to
  • Expensive for a smaller faucet

Pull Down vs. Pull Out Explained

Both the pull-down faucets and pull-out faucets provide sprayers to help you fill pots, clean your sink, and rinse your dishes. Pull-down kitchen faucets have sprayer nozzles that pull-down directly from the faucet spout.

These faucets are generally considered to be ergonomically friendly, and they look great on the high arched faucets that are so popular in today's market. , you will see these pull-down faucets described as "Pre-Rinse Faucets."

This is the type of faucet usually used in commercial places (restaurants, etc.), and they are known for their pull-down sprayers with their high-powered rinse to wash away any food residue.

Pull-out faucets are usually separate sprayers that are installed next to the faucet. As their name suggests, they pull-out for you to use this way. Some people consider pull-out faucets a little more challenging to use.

Both pull-down and pull-out functions usually come with sprayers that offer several different pressure functions for filling pots, washing fruit, or rinsing away food residue.

Touchless vs. Touch-Activated Explained

Moen Touchless Faucet

Touchless kitchen faucets are entirely hands-free and work with motion technology (see the section below) to ensure a germ-free/mess-free water experience, whereas touch-activated faucets require your physical touch to start water flow.

For touch-activated, this includes both the faucets that you have to turn on manually with a handle and the faucets that have touch technology that allows water to flow with the simple bump of the back of your hand.

Touchless faucets are great for keeping germs and mess at bay, but their sensors can be somewhat sensitive, especially if you install them near a window where light can confuse the sensor.

The same can be said about touch-activated faucets, like the Delta Leland Faucet. It is excellent for when you have messy hands, but may also turn on at times by accident because you bumped it. If these features bother you over time, most of these faucets also have manual functions.

Motion Technology (Hands-Free)

  • AC-powered
    These faucets plug into a standard outlet under your kitchen sink. They are a special grounded plug and are meant to ensure the safe use of your kitchen faucet technology, like the Delta Touch2O function.
  • Battery-powered
    Many of the faucets we looked at with hands-free sensors are battery powered. These faucets use standard batteries (often AA) and are meant to last up to 2 years.
  • Hybrid Faucets
    Some hybrid faucets can be used with either the AC adapter or with batteries. You will only have to choose one option to run your faucet on. These faucets are ideal for running on AC adapters, and switching over to batteries when you have lost power to your home.

Kitchen Faucet Valves

  • Cartridge Valves
    A faucet cartridge is a special valve that mixes both hot and cold water, and makes sure that your water is completely turned off. If your sink is starting to drip and become leaky, it could be because you need to replace your faucet cartridge. In general, a cartridge should be expected to last 20-30 years.
  • Compression Valves
    Compression valves are what two-handled faucets use. When a handle on these faucets is turned, it raises or lowers the seal that allows the water to function. The seals or washers on compression valves can break down over time and be responsible for why your dual handled faucet might be leaking.

Water Filters & Faucets

Faucet mounted water filters are becoming increasingly popular as we are learning in the United States that our water is not as pure as we once thought it was. If you’re interested in a faucet mounted water filter, it’s best to make sure that a filter will properly fit on your kitchen faucet. (These will not work for most faucets with pull-down sprayers.)

Some of the benefits of water filters are:

  • They reduce contaminants in the water for healthier consumption.
  • They improve the taste and smell of the tap water.
  • Filtering water at home is cheaper than purchasing filtered bottled water.
  • Filtering your water is more environmentally friendly than purchasing water.

Flow Rate Measurement

The flow rate for kitchen faucets is measured by gallons per minute, and most new kitchen faucets will tell you right on their packaging how many GPM they output. The average for kitchen faucets is 2.2 GPM.

To measure the flow rate of a modern faucet, follow these simple instructions from FireHoseDirect:

"Get a one-gallon container and time how long it takes to fill it with water. For the best accuracy measure the flow 3 or 4 times and average the times together. The formula to find GPM is 60 divided by the seconds it takes to fill a one-gallon container (60 / seconds = GPM).

Example: The one-gallon container fills in 5 seconds.

60 / 5 = 12 GPM.

(60 divided by 5 equals 12 gallons per minute.)”

There is a program that many newer models of kitchen faucets follow that is called WaterSense. It was developed by the EPA to conserve the flow of water. WaterSense labeled products use on average 20% less water than standard kitchen faucets. (Many of the WaterSense products we’ve reviewed have a maximum water flow of 1.5 GPM.)

Installation Guide for Kitchen Faucets

As long as your water hook-ups are in place and all of your water valves are correctly functioning, it is possible to hook-up your new kitchen faucet without the help of a plumber as long as you're capable of following directions. One of the main reasons that plumbers are called to fix newer faucets is because they were improperly installed in the first place.

One of the core complaints in all the reviews we've read on kitchen faucets is that the faucet itself did not come with the tools needed for installation. This should never be assumed, and you can see everything that is included with your new faucet on the packaging or product page.

To install a new faucet, you will need a basin wrench, adjustable wrenches, and a small bowl or bucket to catch any drips.

This video from Lowe’s shows how to change out of installing a kitchen faucet easily. The most crucial step is to turn off all water and electricity to the area that you're working in.

It would also be useful to have an extra set of hands so that one person can hold the faucet in place while the other person tightens the valve into place from underneath. Should any questions arise, we recommend consulting the customer service department for your brand's faucet.

They are often able to walk you through the process before you have to phone a plumber!

If you do not wish to do this job yourself then we recommend getting a local plumber to do the job. You can find free quotes from your area by filling in the form below.

Foolproof Method of Cleaning Faucets

Cleaning and maintaining your kitchen faucet will help increase the life of your product. The number one thing to remember is not to use abrasive products on your faucet. Products like steel wool, which are famous for cleaning pots and pans, can severely scratch your faucet and leave permanent marks. We recommend using soft sponges and brushes and your choice of gentle cleanser.

This method can also be used to clean your sprayer head. Over time, you may see a white scaly looking residue on your sprayer head, and this is due to mineral build-up (especially pertinent if you have hard water). An easy way to remove this residue without any scrubbing is to fill a plastic baggie with distilled white vinegar and use a hair elastic to hold the baggie over your sprayer. Leave it for an hour or so and your sprayer will be as good as new!

How to Deal with Leaky Kitchen Faucets

Fear not! If your kitchen faucet is leaking or drips even when it’s shut-off, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the entire faucet is broken, or that it's going to cost you an arm and a leg to fix it. If you have a compression faucet (dual handled faucet), the problem could be an O-ring seal that needs replacing.

For single handled faucets, the problem often lies within the faucet cartridges as we mentioned above. When your faucet leaks, a good place to start is this article with diagrams by This Old House, and this step-by-step how-to from Home Depot.

Popular Kitchen Faucet Brands

  • Delta
    Delta has been known as a leading brand in the kitchen faucet industry since 1954. Their patented Shield Spray Technology is currently keeping them at the top of their game.
  • Moen
    After burning his hand on hot water using a two-handled faucet in 1937, Al Moen got the idea to create a single handled faucet. His invention, and the Moen company were born shortly after in 1939, and the Moen company has been a leader in functional and stylish kitchen faucets ever since. 
  • Kohler
    Kohler is a company that specializes in kitchen and bathrooms. Beyond faucets, the Kohler company also designs and sells toilets, showers, tubs, vanities, medicine cabinets, and even lighting.
  • Grohe
    GROHE is a company based in Germany that makes bathroom and kitchen fittings. According to their website, GROHE pursues the brand values of technology, quality, design, and sustainability, seeking to offer the "Pure joy of water."
  • American Standard
    The American Standard Company has been a staple of manufacturing in the United States for the last 140 years. They describe their company as “a leading North American plumbing and building products manufacturer. The Company produces high performing fixtures, stylish faucets, and sinks, plus whirlpool tubs and other wellness products for the bath and kitchen.”
  • Pfister
    The Pfister company is a company wholly devoted to faucets. It has been their sole focus for over 100 years. Pfister was the first company to be certified by EPA WaterSense.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

What is a ceramic disc, and is it worth the additional costs?

Kitchen faucets with ceramic disc valves are known for being nearly maintenance free and for lasting a long time. It is a control valve that uses two fire-hardened ceramic discs to move back and forth to create an airtight seal and prevent leaks. We believe that they are worth the additional cost. To learn more about how ceramic discs work, visit the American Standard website.

What is a faucet escutcheon?

A faucet escutcheon is the base plate that goes around the pipe and covers the hole in your sink or wall. It’s a necessary part of a kitchen sink and will help make sure that the faucet doesn’t move around too much or leak.

How many holes will I need in my counter to mount a kitchen faucet?

Each faucet comes with a specified number of holes required for installation. Many faucets need either 1 or 3 holes, and some need up to 4. If you're building a new home, you can likely choose any style faucet, and the sink can be made to fit the design properly. If you're replacing a kitchen faucet, you will probably want to choose a faucet that matches the number of holes your sink already has.

What is a faucet cartridge?

A faucet cartridge is a special valve that mixes both hot and cold water and makes sure that your water is completely turned off. If your sink is starting to drip and become leaky, it could be because you need to replace your faucet cartridge. This YouTube video shares what a faucet cartridge looks like, and how you can easily replace one at home in around 15 minutes.

What is a faucet aerator?

A faucet aerator is a piece directly on the tip of a faucet spout. The aerator is there to help control water flow, as well as to "shape" the water or spray that comes out. 

How long can I expect my kitchen faucet to last?

High-quality kitchen faucets should last around 15-20 years.

Who makes the best kitchen faucets?

Our favorite brands for high-quality kitchen faucets are Moen and Delta.


Purchasing a kitchen faucet can be an intimidating task, especially if you're paring it with a house build or renovation in which it is only one of the many significant decisions that you need to make.

Our research has hopefully taken out some of the guess-work with choosing the right faucet for your home and needs, in a manner in which you won’t have to sacrifice either quality or design. Our overall favorite kitchen faucet from our list above is the Moen Arbor MotionSense Faucet.

It provides the best of faucets as we know them and the technology that will be standard shortly in the future.

Holly Curell is the editor extraordinaire for Plumbing Lab. Having grown up in Michigan, Holly has spent time living in New York, Virginia, & currently North Carolina, where she lives with her husband & family. Holly loves DIY & has years of experience with at-home plumbing problems that arise from having 3 kids & living in colder climates. When she's not writing about her plumbing knowledge, Holly enjoys reading, hiking & relaxing with family.