How to fix a garbage disposal that is humming

by Andy

How to fix a garbage disposal that is humming

by Andy

by Andy
How To Fix a Garbage Disposal That Is Humming

The most economical way of taking care of maintenance work in your house is by tackling such tasks on your own. Fixing a broken garbage disposal is not any different. Some of the most common problems that occur in disposers that can be easily fixed include: jamming, clogging, humming, and leakages. We will focus on how to take care of a humming disposer. A humming/buzzing disposer simply signifies that in-as-much-as it is receiving power, it is jammed and as such it cannot churn/spin. The good thing is that all this is fixable and I am going to tell you how to do it.
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Basically, it is a small task that can be done by anyone. The Allen wrench is the only tool needed for the job and in most cases it comes with the disposer. However, if your disposal did not come with this tool, it can be obtained both on online shops and local hardware stores.

Please note that safety is paramount when dealing with any form of repairs. Considering the fact that you will be dealing with a waste disposal container you should be well protected against any form of contaminations or even physical injuries. Use gloves, goggles, overall, masks and/or any other safety kit that may be deemed appropriate as regards to the task at hand.

The steps below will be very instrumental in both troubleshooting and solving How to fix a garbage disposal that is humming:

  • Not humming could mean that you forgot to reset the disposer. This can be fixed by pressing the button under the cylinder of your disposer. Always check this button to ensure that it has not been accidentally tripped.
  • The unit may not hum at all despite receiving power. This mostly means that is has jammed.
How To Fix a Garbage Disposal

Still on safety

Always remember to disconnect the disposer from the power source before working you try to remove the jam. This can be done by either unplugging it or by switching off its circuit breaker.

  • Assuming that you have already confirmed that it is a jam, assess the severity of the same. Stick an object that can into the disposer and try to turn it. if it turns, that means it should be able to work. If it does not turn, do not force it. Just give it a gentle nudge.
install a garbage disposal
  • Reconnect the disposer to a power source to see if the unjamming attempt was successful.
  • If the attempt failed, remove the debris from the unit by using tools such as shop vacs, needle-nose-pliers, and flashlights. Hot water can be used to clear unseen obstructions.
  • Plug the unit again to see if the unjamming attempt paid off.
  • If the attempts so far have failed; using a socket at the bottom of the unit, try to turn it manually. The socket has been fitted for this purpose. Insert the Allen wrench into the bottom of the disposer and turn it. Wriggle the back and forth to get the junk that could not be removed moving. Since the motor has more power than you, try to use much force. If possible get a lever arm to increase the torque. Keep nudging it back and forth till it budges. At this point it will be moving freely when turned by hand.
  • Plug it once more and check to see if your hard work paid off.
  • If it is still not jammed you can pull off its drain pipe to remove the obstructions causing it to get stuck or you could get a professional to do it for you.
  • In some cases, there is a chance that it may be buzzing but not jammed. That will mean that the problem is with your motor and you will need to acquire a new one.


Did the remedies above work? Did you find them helpful? If not, then here is a chance that your garbage disposal life span has come to an end and you may need to get a new one. The list above is a result of extensive research and contains highly recommended solutions for humming disposers. Would you like to share this information with friends?

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