How to Remove a Glass from a Garbage Disposal

by Andy

How to Remove a Glass from a Garbage Disposal

by Andy

by Andy
How to Remove a Glass from a Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal is a useful tool for any household kitchen. It is designed to easily dispose of soft and degradable food items, which makes clean-up a breeze. Coffee grounds, bits of fruits or vegetables from meal prep, and small amounts of meat are easy to grind up and wash down the drain.

However, sometimes food items that should not be ground by the garbage disposal end up in the sink, like bits of bone. At other times, odd and more dangerous things can end up in the garbage disposal, like shards of glass from a broken cup. It is important to know how to take these items out, not only for your own safety but to ensure the longevity of your garbage disposal. This guide will tell you what to do, How to Remove a Glass from a Garbage Disposal and what to watch out for during the process.

How to Remove a Glass from a Garbage Disposal (Steps)

Turn Off the Power to the Disposal:

Before you start any task involving the maintenance of your garbage disposal, it is important to make sure it is turned off and unplugged. Safety is key and trying to fix your disposal while it is still powered may end with a trip to the hospital or even lost fingers in severe cases. Making sure your work environment is safe is always of the utmost importance. Before you start any task, make sure you are safe.

Put on Safety Goggles:

You may need to take your disposal apart to remove the glass that is stuck inside. While doing this, lodged pieces may be propelled out of the device as it is dislodged. A piece of glass into your eye is not an ideal way to start your day and it can cause serious injury. Wearing safety glasses will prevent this from happening and protect your eyes from anything that may cause harm.

Take Out Any Pieces You Can See First:

Using a pair of tweezers or pliers is best for this, but should you not be able to find any carefully remove the pieces of glass you can see with your hands. Getting rid of the bulk of the glass first will be helpful when it comes to removing the smaller pieces. Once you have gotten out what you can, dispose of those pieces of glass.

Manually Turn the Disposal to Dislodge More Glass:

Use the appropriate wrench to manually turn the blades of the disposal. The port to use the wrench in is usually found underneath of the sink. Move the blades back and forth to further dislodge any glass. You will most likely need to use a hex key to manually operate your disposal. Sometimes, it is also called an Allen Wrench.

Use a Vacuum:

Bring a wet-dry vacuum cleaner, that is equipped with intense suction power, to your sink and use it to suck shards of glass out from the disposal. Alternate between manually turning the blades and using the vacuum, as the different positions may aid in sucking the glass out. Once you hear no more sound, it is likely all of the glass has been removed.

Remove the Garbage Disposal:

In extreme cases, there may still be tiny bits of glass in the disposal. If this is the case, you will need to remove the garbage disposal and further clean it. If damage has been done to the disposal because of the glass, consider replacing it all together.

Other Considerations to Take:

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    Wear gloves. This will protect your fingers from glass shards.
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    Turn off all power to the kitchen while you work. Switching the breaker will make sure that no freak accidents happen.
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    Make sure to thoroughly clean your vacuum after use as it was used to remove shards of glass.

In conclusion

Removing glass that has been caught inside of a garbage disposal is not an immediate reason to call a professional. As long as safety is kept at the forefront of your mind and you do the task carefully, cleaning glass out of the disposal is easy. Simply have all of the correct tools with you, remember to turn off the power, and get started. The task can be finished in a couple of hours.

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