Best Compact Garbage Disposal Reviews 2018

by Andy

Best Compact Garbage Disposal Reviews 2018

by Andy

by Andy
Best Compact Garbage Disposal

When you think about it, we are spoiled in the kitchen. Unlike other parts of the world that have to deal with food waste by throwing it in the garbage or composting it, we can throw excess leftovers into our sinks with impunity, as is the American way. Why are we so complacent about our food? It’s because we rely so heavily on Best Compact Garbage Disposal to handle it for us.

But what happens if it breaks down? What if you want to get a new one? Chances are that you haven’t paid much thought to your disposal that you currently own, unless, of course, it’s not working. That’s the way these things go; we don’t care about our appliances until they break.

Nonetheless, you should be thinking about your disposal, most notably when the last time you checked it out. While these handy devices can last for up to a decade or more, most of us don’t replace them that often, which can lead to trouble. So, in the spirit of making sure that you can continue to dispose of your food with impunity, let’s dive into the world of compact garbage disposals to see what options you have for upgrading.

Top 5 Compact Garbage Disposal comparison chart

Product Picture

Product Name

Editor Rating


Waste King L-2600

garbage disposal

4.3 out of 5

Emerson Evergrind e202

4.5 out of 5

InSinkErator Evolution Compact Garbage Disposal

4.7 out of 5

InSinkErator Evolution PRO Compact

4.8 out of 5

Whirlaway 291 Garbage Disposal

4.5 out of 5

How to Choose The Best Compact Garbage Disposal


Today we’ll be talking about compact units, which means that they shouldn’t have a hard time fitting under your sink. For some households, space limitations mean that you have to worry about the size of your disposal, lest you get a device that is too big and won’t fit. To make sure that you don’t encounter this problem, measure the area beneath your sink, as well as your current unit (if you have one).

If you don’t already have a disposal, then be sure that you are adding a few extra inches for the mounting bracket, which will cause the whole thing to sit down further beneath your sink, rather than being flush against it.


When looking at garbage disposals, you’ll notice that they will be labeled by horsepower. While it seems a bit silly to measure such a device this way, it’s a good indication of how powerful the motor is, especially when compared to other disposals of similar size and stature. For the most part, these machines will be around ½ horsepower, with some going up to ¾ or one full horsepower if you’re into that kind of thing.

At first, you might think that getting a beefier model will be a great idea because it is objectively better than a smaller one, but that’s not always the case. Sure, a ¾ HP model will be faster than a ½ HP one, but other factors such as flow rate and rotations per minute will ultimately tell you how well it can process your leftovers. Overall, use horsepower as a guideline, but don’t automatically assume that it will be a defining feature.

Flow Rate and RPM

For most disposals, they will tell you how big the grinding chamber is, as well as how much water can flow through it at any given time. The flow rate is called CFM, or cubic feet per minute, and it will tell you how well it can process waste at any given time. Thus, a disposal with a CFM rating of 30 is better than 20, and so on.

Rotations per minute are also known as orbits per minute, and that will tell you how fast the impellers are spinning when you turn the unit on. Having a high rpm rate along with a decent CFM means that you shouldn’t experience many issues with clogging or backups in your line.


Finally, another important feature to look at with your garbage disposal is the material of which it’s made. Two primary types of metal are used in these machines; galvanized and stainless steel. If you have an option, always choose stainless, as it is less prone to rusting over time. In fact, if you treat stainless well, it will last as long as you want it to.

Galvanized steel is another viable material, but it will rust over time, no matter what you do. Because it’s not treated the same way as stainless, it will break down eventually, meaning that you have to replace it more often. The benefit of using this steel is that it’s usually cheaper.

Best Compact Garbage Disposal - Reviews

InSinkErator Evolution Compact Garbage Disposal

As far as garbage disposal brands go, none are quite like InSinkErator. This company has become synonymous with these machines, going so far as to almost be interchangeable, such as Kleenex or Oreo. With that in mind, getting an InSinkErator unit means that you are buying high-quality parts and materials along with peace of mind.

When compared to other devices that the company makes, the Evolution Compact has everything you could possibly need. The only thing that it is missing is a power cord, which, unfortunately, is always the case with these machines.

Nonetheless, the power and performance of the Evolution are second to none. First of all, it comes with a robust ¾ horsepower Dura-Drive Induction Motor.

That means that you get more torque, more spin, and better results every time. Also, this unit uses SoundSeal Technology to make it quieter than usual so that you don’t have to cover your ears every time you turn it on.

The other thing that makes the Evolution a valuable disposal is that it comes with a dual-stage grinding chamber. This means that you can toss more food into the unit without having to make sure that it’s soft or pre-processed. The grinding chambers combined are 36.4 ounces, which is much larger than the competition, and also helps prevent clogs.

Finally, all InSinkErator disposals come with an E-Z mounting system. What I like about this is that if you stick with the brand, swapping out newer models is a breeze as you simply twist on and off. Along with the quick installation, this model comes with a four-year in-home warranty against defects or leaks, meaning that you don’t have to lift a finger if anything goes wrong.


  • Powerful ¾ horsepower motor
  • Dura-drive induction technology
  • SoundSeal tech to reduce noise
  • Dual grinding chamber for better results
  • Extra-large 36.4-ounce chamber
  • Lower vibrations for longevity
  • Stainless steel impellers
  • EZ mounting system
  • Four-year in-home service warranty


  • No power cord included
  • In rare cases, leaks may occur over time
  • Can still be loud
  • Bulkier than other models

Waste King L 2600 Compact Garbage Disposal

Next, we have another high-quality disposal brand that rivals InSinkErator. While Waste King is not quite as synonymous with garbage disposals, the company does make a lot of top-notch machines that will provide years of robust performance.

While this particular unit is a little smaller than the Evolution, it still can process a lot of food in a little amount of time. A ½ horsepower motor operates at 2600 rpm, meaning that it will shred most leftovers without any problems. The impellers are also stainless steel so that they won’t break down or corrode over time. In fact, Waste King is so committed to providing rust-free components that they offer a lifetime guarantee against corrosion.

The other thing that I like about this disposal is that it’s insulated to reduce noise, and it comes with a removable splash guard for easier cleaning. One thing that sets Waste King apart from InSinkErator is the inclusion of a power cord, which is always a nice touch.

Finally, this particular model comes with a five-year service plan against defects or breakage, which means that you can enjoy it worry-free. You can always tell a high-quality company by how well they treat their customers, and Waste King is one of the best.


  • Powerful ½ horsepower motor
  • Operates at 2600 rpm
  • Stainless steel components
  • Rust and corrosion proof
  • Insulated to reduce noise
  • Three-foot power cord included
  • Quick mounting system
  • Removable splash guard for easier cleaning
  • Five-year in-home service warranty
  • Lifetime corrosion warranty


  • Not as powerful as other models
  • May develop leaks if installed improperly

Emerson Evergrind e202 Compact Garbage Disposal

So far, we’ve seen disposal units that were built with high-capacity operation in mind. However, what if you don’t use your disposal very often? Why pay more for a device that can chew through more food if you don’t toss that much to begin with? So, with that in mind, we have the Emerson Evergrind e202. This is not quite as robust or powerful as the ones we’ve seen, but it’s cost-effective and can do an excellent job for you.

One thing that I appreciate about the Emerson Evergrind is that it too comes with a Dura-Drive Induction Motor. That means that you will get better torque and performance overall as the ½ horsepower powers through your leftovers.

As far as materials go, this particular model uses galvanized steel components, which means that it won’t cost as much up front, but it also won’t last quite as long due to rust and other effects that will wear it down over time. As I said, this disposal is made for low-capacity households that don’t need a ton of waste disposal.

Finally, this model comes with an easy mounting system and a one-year warranty on parts and labor. It even has a power cord to help you get started.


  • Powerful ½ horsepower motor
  • Durable galvanized steel components
  • Dura-drive induction motor for better performance
  • Compact 26-ounce grinding chamber
  • Power cord included
  • Quick mounting system
  • One-year limited warranty


  • Will rust over time
  • Mounting bracket can be tricky for DIY installation
  • Might vibrate more than other units

InSinkErator Evolution PRO Compact Garbage Disposal

At first, you might think that we’re repeating ourselves, but here we have the PRO edition of the Evolution, meaning that it is a bit more powerful and reliable than the standard version we saw above. In fact, this model is so high-end that you have to be a plumbing contractor to buy it, as it is not available for regular consumers. So, assuming that you have that kind of connection, here is what you can expect from the Evolution PRO.

First of all, the performance of this model is top-notch. While it still comes with a ¾ horsepower Dura-Drive Induction Motor, it spins a bit faster than the regular version and has a higher flow rate (35 compared to

30) so that it can process more food in less time. Again, it comes with a dual-stage grinding system and a high-capacity chamber, which all adds up to professional-quality disposing all the time.

While the performance is a bit more advanced, everything else about the PRO comes standard. You get SoundSeal Technology to reduce the amount of noise, stainless steel impellers that will last a lifetime, and InSinkErator’s E-Z mounting system for quick installation and replacement. To help eliminate even more noise, this model comes with a quiet collar sink baffle for added insulation.

Finally, this disposal comes with the standard four-year in-home warranty, in which technicians will get out to you if anything breaks down or is faulty upon installation.


  • Powerful ¾ horsepower motor
  • Extra-large 34.6-ounce grinding chamber
  • Dual stage grinding for better results
  • Stainless steel impellers
  • EZ mounting system
  • SoundSeal Plus technology for quieter operation
  • Dura-Drive induction motor
  • Quiet collar sink baffle for further noise reduction
  • Four-year in-home service warranty


  • No power cord provided
  • Only available to plumbing contractors
  • Bulkier than other models

Whirlaway 291 Compact Garbage Disposal

Finally, we come to the Whirlaway 291. This is similar to the Emerson disposal, in that it’s designed more for low-use families and people who want a quick and cost-effective replacement. While the 291 won’t blow you away with its features, it’s more than capable to handle most sinks.

The motor on the 291 uses ½ horsepower and is built to be both compact and reliable. While I would prefer it to come with stainless steel components, this particular model has galvanized steel which will do just fine in the short term.

The size of this disposal is another selling point, as it is much more compact than anything else we’ve seen.

In fact, if you have limited space under your sink this might be your best option as it will squeeze almost anywhere. Mounting is relatively straightforward, although you will have to replace any current bracket that you have already.

Finally, this disposal comes with a two-year limited warranty.


  • Powerful ½ horsepower motor
  • Galvanized steel components
  • Rust resistant parts
  • Compact design
  • Easy installation
  • Removable splash guard for easier cleaning
  • Reset button on the side
  • Two-year limited warranty


  • No power cord provided
  • Can be louder than other models
  • Galvanized steel will rust over time
  • May vibrate more than other units

Final Verdict

After comparing these different machines to each other Best Compact Garbage Disposal, the clear winner in my book is the InSinkErator Evolution. While it can be a bit bulkier and noisier than other models (even with the insulation), you get the best power and results you could ask for. If you want something a bit more compact, however, then the Waste King L-2600 is another excellent model for your kitchen.

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