How to replace a garbage disposal

by Andy

How to replace a garbage disposal

by Andy

by Andy
How to replace a garbage disposal

A proper and efficient garbage disposal helps give the environment a clean smell and clean look. What do you do when your garbage disposal is broken or jammed? I am sure you know as well as I do that it needs to be fixed or changed. So you go down to the store and buy all the tools and probably a new disposal unit, do you know that you could handle most repairs yourself with just a few tools other than the screwdrivers. Read the full tutorial bellow about How to replace a garbage disposal?

The replacement process is quite easy to carry out; you just need to know the steps and procedures. So in this article, all you have are carefully listed these steps so you can comfortably replace your broken garbage disposal unit.

First, you need your tools, just as a surgeon needs his gloves, scissors, e.t.c to carry out surgery, you too need to get the necessary tools in place before you begin.

Tools required to replace a Garage Disposal

  • Garbage Disposal to be replaced
  • A screwdriver
  • A wire stripper
  • Hammer
  • A plumbers putty
  • Wire nuts
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Tape measure and hacksaw

How to replace a garbage disposal - steps

So right before you commence, be sure that all the tools above mentioned are handy With all these being set now the first step to replacing your garbage disposal is:

Turn off the power supply to the garbage disposal:​

Be sure that you disconnect the power supply to the garbage disposal; now get the pliers so you can lose the spring clamp that holds the dishwasher drain tube into position. Doing this makes the removal of the dishwasher drain tube easy, safe and convenient.

Take Out the Disposal Unit:​

At this stage, you are to carefully remove the disposal unit, twisting it off its mounting nut. Be sure to drain out water that may have settled on it, now turn the disposal unit upside down and take out the plate that covers its electrical connections.

To pull out the cable from the unit you need to take out the grounding screws and wire nuts. After you have done this, remove the present drain, and mount assembly unscrew. The mounting ring then pushes the drain flange through the drain hole and do a little clean up to take out any old putty left. However, if the new disposal unit you intend replacing is still same as the old, there would be no need to replace the old mounting hardware.

​New Hardware Installation

Before you start up on this stage, glance through the owners’ manual if there are any specific installation instructions or steps because most units use metallic mounting hardware. Now, make a check on the new unit you intend changing. The next stage is where you have to place a rubber seal under the drain flange. However, if it doesn’t have a rubber seal, this is where you get to use the plumber’s putty. Next, the drain flange should be pushed into place inside the drain hole.

Another rubber seal on the top of the drain flange under the sink should be placed under the sink Push the drain flange into place in the drain hole; the backup metal ring should be attached or placed flat side up.

Attaching the mounting ring​

​Push the mounting ring upward and loosely screw it with approximately 3 screws depending on the type of unit you purchased, now use a snap ring to secure its position, when you are sure you have done this, you can now tighten the loosely placed mounting screws.

Attaching the mounting ring​

Getting the new disposal ready​

Shake the newly purchased disposal unit to let out anything that may be inside it. While shaking, be careful so as not to damage the unit. Use a hammer and screwdriver to take out the knockout plug that is if the new disposal is to be connected to the dishwasher drain. Take off the electrical plate, pull away carefully the electrical wires from the unit. Finally, for this stage, the strain relief should be screwed into proper position and before you tighten the sleeve, be sure to push the electrical cable through sleeve inside the disposal unit.

Completing the Installation process​

How garbage disposals work

Remember you had disconnected the electrical wires; it’s time to reconnect them carefully matching each color with the same (black to black, red to red) your wire nuts should help in securing the connections. Next, the ground wire should be connected to the green screw on the disposal, then replace the electric plate.

Hang the disposal unit placing it on the mounting nut rotating it and twisting it into place until it aligns properly in the right position, set up the dishwasher drain pipe and attach the drain arm, now just to confirm if there are any leaks if none, then you can safely turn the power back on.

​You may watch the following video for step-by-step installation guides.


Waste management is a critical aspect of staying healthy because a dirty environment could make you sick and put you in a pretty bad health situation, and your waste disposal is one machine that helps to make sure that you have good comfort and fresh ventilation all through your environment. If you are tired of having to bring people to fix them for you and not getting satisfied with their services, this article should help you do it yourself for yourself.​

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