Best Garbage Disposal for Deep Sinks Reviews 2018

Best Garbage Disposal for Deep Sinks

If you are a big fan of cooking and eating at home, you probably use your sink to clean and prep your food on a regular basis. With that sink, you need a quality garbage disposal to get rid of all of the food-based waste without any trouble. Look for certain things in a garbage disposal so that it suits all of your needs in the kitchen, especially if you have a really Best Garbage Disposal for Deep Sinks.

Right now, we are going through some of the top criteria that you need when considering the right garbage disposal for your deep sink. Then, we jump into quick reviews of the best deep sink garbage disposals on the market today.

How to Select The Right Garbage Disposal for Deep Sinks

To choose the best deep sink garbage disposal for you, take into account some key factors to consider. Read some of the top criteria to help you select the perfect deep sink garbage disposal.


​What kind of power are you going to be needing out of the garbage disposal that you are getting? Most of that has to do with what kinds of food or food waste you are going to be dumping into your garbage disposal and how often you are using it.

If you are only using your deep sink garbage disposal occasionally and don’t have a lot of rough or tough waste going down it, you may not need as much power out of your disposal. On the other hand, if you are using your garbage disposal frequently and may or may not have a lot of tough food or gritty food waste that you need to grind up, you may want to opt for a more powerful disposal.


How big of a garbage disposal do you need for your sink?

​If you have a big family that you are prepping and cooking for or you cook large meals fairly frequently, you may want a larger garbage disposal tank so that you don’t have to constantly load food waste into your disposal, flip the switch to grind that waste, load more waste, and grind again. With a bigger disposal chamber you are going to be able to load a lot more food in it than a smaller one, so that you don’t have to worry about grinding food waste intermittently, throughout your meal prep.

Conversely, if you are cooking for yourself or smaller groups less frequently, you may not need or want as large of a chamber in your garbage disposal. Another consideration that you will want to think about is how much space you have below your sink and the size of garbage disposal that that space can accommodate.


One thing that we all know and recognize garbage disposals for is that they can be really loud. Have you ever had the experience where you’ve reached to turn on the kitchen lights, only to accidentally hit the garbage disposal switch and scare yourself, because of the abrupt noise?

​So have we. Garbage disposals can be really loud. Depending on the layout of your house and kitchen and how sound travels, garbage disposals can be louder or more muffled. If you need a quieter garbage disposal, make sure it contains sound suppression technology so it doesn’t make such a loud ruckus in your house.


Another important thing that you may want to keep in mind when you are shopping around for your deep sink garbage disposal is that it comes with a warranty. Now, in most industries, warranties may mean very little or nothing at the end of the day, but some of the companies in the garbage disposal industry swear by their products and back that up with a reliable warranty.

If you use your garbage disposal enough that it might experience some problems, or if you just need added peace of mind that your garbage disposal is covered for repair or replacement, we would highly recommend a warranty. If you go with a cheaper deep sink disposal that you would be okay replacing, you may not want a warranty. Most of that just depends on your budget and personal preference.


The final and most important thing to consider before buying a deep sink garbage disposal is how often you plan to use it and for what you want to use it. If you are not that much of a cook at home and tend to eat out or bring food home as opposed to cooking in your own kitchen, you may not need or want a high-end deep sink disposal with all of the features. You probably just need a solid disposal that works fine every day with small amounts of food.

In case you are cooking and prepping food in your kitchen every day and you use your disposal on a regular basis, that’s when you should examine higher-end garbage disposals that are higher in wattage, bigger, and even quieter.

Other considerations when you are shopping for the a deep sink disposal include:​

  • How easy is it to install?
  • How easy is it to clean?
  • Does it come with a power cable?
  • How does one model match up to others in the same class or price range?

These are all great pieces of criteria to think about before you purchase your garbage disposal.

6 Best Garbage Disposal for Deep Sinks Comparison chart

Product Picture

Product Name

Editor Rating


Waste King L-2600

4.3 out of 5

Moen GXS75C GX Series

4.5 out of 5

InSinkErator Badger 5

4.5 out of 5

Waste King L-3200

4.2 out of 5

InSinkErator Evolution Excel Garbage Disposal

4.5 out of 5

Best Garbage Disposal for Deep Sinks (Top Picks)

Waste King L-2600

The Waste King L-2600 is a solid deep sink garbage disposal that is made by one of the oldest, most recognizable and most reliable companies that makes disposals. This powerful disposal has 0.5 horsepower and runs at 2700 rotations per minute. It has insulated, stainless steel grinding components that make this disposal super quiet and almost unnoticeable. This disposal is made of corrosion proof stainless steel and rust free grinding components, so it is built to last.


  • Insulated technology that makes this disposal quieter in your kitchen
  • High horse power and power output
  • Stainless steel components that make this model built to last
  • Comes with a 36 inch power cord
  • Comes with a 5 year in home service warranty.


  • You may need to get a piping adapter for under your sink for it to fit properly

Moen GXS75C GX Series Garbage Disposal

The Moen GXS75C is another reliable choice for a quality garbage disposal. This model has a ¾ horsepower motor that also puts out at about 2700 rotations per minute. It uses a permanent magnet motor that is designed to reduce the likelihood of jamming, while in use. This disposal is super easy to install, and comes with a 3 bolt mounting assembly and a pre-installed power cord, so all you have to do is plug it in. It also has trademarked sound shield technology to insulate and deaden the sound of the motor.


  • Super easy to install and plug in, especially since the power cord comes pre-installed
  • Uses sound shield technology to greatly dampen the loud sound of the motor, for quieter grinding
  • Permanent magnet motors that reduce the chances of your disposal jamming
  • A powerful motor with ¾ horsepower that runs at 2700 rotations per minute


  • Pricier than other disposals that are in its class
  • Smaller than other garbage disposals that you can pay less for

InSinkErator Evolution Excel

The Insinkerator Evolution Excel is a top tier garbage disposal that seems to be able to take on just about anything. It is equipped with soundseal technology for quiet disposing at every use. This model uses a 3 stage grind technology so that it can grind up virtually any food waste, no matter how tough. It has a massive 40 ounce, stainless steel grind chamber with all stainless steel components so that this disposal can last the test of time. It has a one horsepower motor and comes with a 7 year in home limited warranty.


  • Super powerful motor at one whole horsepower
  • Massive 40 ounce grind chamber
  • All stainless steel components with 3 stage grind technology
  • 7 year warranty
  • Sound dampening technology for a much quieter disposal


  • This is one of the most expensive models that we are going to look at today
  • The disposal can be kind of slow to drain, so the sink can fill up with water easily

InSinkErator Badger 5

The InSinkErator Badger 5 represents the next stop on our reviews of the best deep sink garbage disposals. It has a large 26-ounce grind chamber,a galvanized stainless steel grind system, and a ½-horsepower induction motor. This model has a two-year limited warranty and is completely made in the US.


  • Easy on the wallet in comparison to other models
  • Fairly large grind chamber
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Made in the US
  • 2 year warranty included


  • No sign of any kind of sound dampening or deadening technology, so this could be loud
  • Power cord is not included

Waste King L-3200

The Waste King L-3200 is another powerful and reliable garage disposal system, with ¾ horsepower motor that delivers 2700 rpms. The insulated stainless steel grinding components dramatically reduce noise generated by the disposal. This model is made from corrosion-proof stainless steel and includes rust-free grinding components. You don’t have to worry about this model wearing out quickly. This model includes a 36-inch power cord along with a removable splash guard that makes it easy to clean.


  • Removable splash guard
  • Power cord included
  • Powerful motor with rust free grinding components
  • Sound dampening technology so that the disposal isn’t loud


  • The opening to the drain is pretty small, which doesn’t make this disposal as easy to use
  • There are some plastic components on the model, not steel, so it may not hold up as well over time

Waste King A1SPC Knight

Finally, we come to the last stop on our review of the best deep sink garbage disposals with The Waste King A1SPC Knight. This is another higher tier model that includes some pretty awesome features, including silencer technology, which is the same kind of technology that is used to soundproof music studios. It has an easy to install snap and lock mount, that you can use to replace just about any previous disposal. It has a powerful motor that puts out 2700 rpms, and does not use multi stage grind technology, because it can shred all of your food waste in one, easy pass.


  • Silencer technology that makes your disposal really quiet
  • Powerful motor with serious grinding technology that can handle the toughest of food waste
  • Jam free and mess free disposal feeds
  • Stainless steel components for a long-lasting disposal
  • Really easy to install and start using


  • This model is on the pricier side
  • Loses rpm’s when processing large masses of food.

Who needs this particular product?

If you have a deep sink and are in the market for a quality garbage disposal, you now have the ultimate guide for selecting a quality garbage disposal unit. You already have a good start with six of the best deep sink garbage disposals on the market, but in case you decide to venture away from these specific models, you have a list of criteria which gives you all you need for selecting the perfect garbage disposal for you.

Final Verdict

In the end, there was one particular model of deep sink garbage disposal that stood out to us. That model was the first that we looked at, The Waste King L-2600. Reason being, this is virtually everything that you need in a Best Garbage Disposal for Deep Sinks, at one low price. It

  • Is quiet
  • Has a powerful motor
  • Comes with a 5 year in home warranty
  • Is super easy to clean and install
  • Comes with a power cord
  • Is composed of super powerful and durable stainless steel components.

If this particular model fits your parameters, we would highly encourage you to purchase the The Waste King L-2600.


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